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Natural Stone Tiles for Bathroom Bliss!

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Natural stone tiles offer an unparalleled sense of character in any design scheme, creating a rich and sophisticated vibe that is simply next to none! Using natural stone tiles for bathroom design will allow you to completely explore your creative side when curating your interior design scheme as there are many exciting different options available to choose from. From lush natural bathroom floor tiles to elegant natural tiles for use as a wall finish, we explore the many different options available when choosing the perfect natural stone tiles for your new bathroom!

Natural Stone Tiles for Bathroom Floors

Natural stone tiles for bathroom floors can be used to create an endless variety of luscious looks. There are many elegant and timeless options available to choose from with one of the most popular being marble tiles. Marble tiles can be sourced in a wide selection of lush colours and patterns, each more luxurious and dynamic than the next! Thanks to this material’s endless appeal and the many different varieties of marble available, you will find an immense selection of elegant styles to choose from. Marble tiles can be sourced in classic square shapes or subway tile formats as well as more modern options that include bold geometric shaped tiles that will allow you to experiment with different patterns in your new bathroom’s design scheme.

Marmo II Marble Tiles_Tiles for Bathroom

Combining various varieties of natural marble, the Marmo II collection is designed by world renowned designer Greg Natale. This stunning marble tile collection is available in an impressive selection of bold and playful patterns that will add a strong sense of character in your new bathroom’s design scheme.

Ceppo stone is another popular option for use in the bathroom as a floor tile. This luxurious natural stone features a dynamic pebbled look with larger and smaller chunks of stone appearing in its organic patterns, offering a similar aesthetic to man-made terrazzo tiles. Available in a selection of stylish neutral tones, authentic Ceppo stone can be used in modern and traditional styled interior design schemes to create a luxurious and sophisticated look.

Ceppo Stone Tiles

Featuring naturally occurring variations in tone, colour and pattern, Ceppo stone can be sourced in a selection of rich neutral options that will effortlessly complement contemporary and traditionally styled homes. This lush natural stone tile option offers a similar look to terrazzo in the home, offering a natural stone solution that can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Natural Stone Tiles for Bathroom Walls

Unlike floor tiles, your selection of bathroom wall tiles is not restricted by needing to consider tripping hazards. As such, you will notice an immense range of more elaborate and ornate options available when selecting your new wall tiles. Natural stone wall tiles can be sourced in dynamic 3D patterns that make use of raised and lowered surfaces, accentuating light and shadows to create a bold and charismatic look. Other options include luxurious curved tiles (also referred to as ribbed tiles or fluted tiles) that can be used to create sophisticated features. These lush tiles draw heavily from the Art Deco and Art Nouveau periods of design and architecture, making use of the structured patterns and high end materials made popular for residential use during this time.

Armani 3D Tiles_Tiles for Bathroom

Timeless, elegant and dynamic, the lush Armani collection includes two stylish 3D tile patterns in a selection of rich and sophisticated natural marble options. Armani can be used in the bathroom to create irresistible feature walls, making for a popular choice along the bathroom vanity.

Feature tiles for the bathroom can be included in key areas of the space for maximum impact while also allowing you the opportunity to mix and match different materials, textures and finishes in your colour scheme to create that perfectly balanced look. Feature tiles for bathroom use include stylish mosaic tiles that are laid in bold geometric patterns or used to create luxurious murals, lush 3D tiles that will add a strong element of texture and pattern in the space or striking contrasting coloured natural stone tiles that will add a vibrant finishing touch to the space’s overall colour palette.

Caring for Natural Stone Tiles

When choosing natural stone bathroom tiles, it is important to note that each different tile material will require a different level of care and maintenance in order to ensure they are best protected over time and in order to ensure their longevity in the home. Unless otherwise specified in the product description of your selected tiles, all natural stone tiles are porous and as such, will require sealing in order to be protected from staining.

Travertine Tiles_Tiles for Bathroom

Displaying a striking variation in tone and colour, the lush Red Travertine collection is available in an array of classic shapes and sizes. This stunning natural travertine tile series can be used as both a floor or wall tile solution in the bathroom, offering a rich and rustic element of texture and colour.

It is often recommended that natural stone tiles for bathroom use be sealed prior to installation so they are not damaged by any tile adhesives or grout when laying. After the tiles are laid and dried, they can be sealed again to ensure a high quality installation. You can then re-seal your tiles every couple of years or so (depending on their wear) thereafter to keep them properly protected. Specialised cleaning products that are specific to natural stone products should also be incorporated in your bathroom cleaning routine; these types of products as specially designed to be gentle enough for a natural material while still ensuring a complete and thorough clean. You will find more detailed information (including recommended cleaning solutions) for different types of tile materials in our Resources page.

Natural stone tiles for bathroom use are available in an endless array of luxurious and timeless styles ranging from classic mosaic feature tiles, lush bathroom floor tiles and many more. When choosing natural stone, it is important to note that these types of tiles will require a certain level of care and maintenance in order to ensure their longevity and integrity in the home. If you are shopping for bathroom tiles in Melbourne, our Richmond tile store houses in immense collection of luxurious pieces sourced from all around the world! Each of our tile collections has been carefully selected to ensure a high quality finish while our knowledgeable and experienced team is always on hand to offer expert advice during your design and build journey.