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Natural Stone Tile Options for your Home

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The unparalleled beauty and timeless appeal of natural stone adds a luxe and warm look in the home. Each piece is unique from the next, allowing you to create a distinctive look that is individual to your own home’s style. There are many stunning natural stone tile options available to choose from with a stunning array of Marble colour options, Basalt, Ceppo and more!

Natural Stone Tile Options: Marble Tiles

Marble tiles offer a luxurious and classic touch to any interior design scheme. These tiles are available in an enormous range of naturally occurring colour options from traditional black and white marble varieties to soft blush tones, mint green options, creamy marbles and many more! Marble tiles can often be used as both a flooring and wall tile option throughout your entire home. You will find many creative solution available including stunning mosaic tiles, curved tile options, penny round tiles and plenty more that will help you create a designer look in your new design scheme.

Marble Tiles_Natural Stone Tile

Luxurious and sophisticated, our Dorado marble tiles are available in a range of different formats allowing you to experiment with pattern in texture in your next interior design project.

Natural Stone Tile Options: Travertine Tiles

Travertine stone is available in a selection of colours with the most popular being creamy yellows and soft white or grey tones. Warmer colours in travertine are often used to create a rustic, farmhouse look as the material’s specific colour creates a rich and warm earthy atmosphere. Softer white and grey tones are best suited to modern or contemporary styled homes, adding a luscious textured look to your design scheme. Travertine can be used in a variety of different ways around your home with the most popular application being as a floor tile in interior spaces. Some of these tiles can be used in outdoor applications as well.

Tumbler Travertine Tile

Our Tumbler Travertine tiles combine two different formats (square and rectangle) to create a stylish and contemporary pattern in your home. Tumbler can be used for floor and wall applications throughout your home’s interior spaces and is available in a selection of rich, earthy colour options.

Ceppo & Terrazzo Tiles

Timeless and classic, Ceppo stone tiles are often used as an alternative option to traditional terrazzo tiles. Although these two elegant tile options show some similarities in their pattern and texture they are two very different materials. Terrazzo tiles are actually a combination on natural and man-made materials with assorted chips of stones such as marble or granite being embedded in a concrete tile surface. Ceppo on the other hand, is a natural stone that features a striking and vivid pattern with naturally occurring flecks and chips throughout its body. Both options provide a strong and durable surface finish with indoor and outdoor tile options available to help you create a warm and natural look both in and around your home.

Ceppo Tiles_Natural Stone Tile

Natural Ceppo stone tiles feature luscious, intricate patterns with fragments of pebbles and a random aggregate structure. This stylish natural stone tile option is often used as an alternative to traditional terrazzo tiles as it offers a similarly varied and charismatic look in the home.

Basalt Tiles

Rich in iron and magnesium, Basalt is a fine grained natural stone. Basalt is usually a deep, rich charcoal or grey colour and has traditionally been used in construction to create foundations or bricks. This earthy natural stone tile option can usually be used for both floor and wall applications throughout your home, offering more of an industrial and modern style in comparison to more patterned natural stone tile options such as marble for example.

Magma Basalt Tile_Natural Stone Tile

Rich in texture and charm, Magma is a glazed Basalt finger tile that can be used throughout your home’s interior spaces as a decorative wall tile. Magma can also be incorporated into your interior design scheme as a flooring solution in low traffic spaces such as the powder room for example, offering a warm and tactile option.

Rich, elegant and timeless, natural stone tiles offer the perfect choice for all areas of your home with indoor and outdoor options available to help you create the perfect look in your next project. It is important to take note of the care and maintenance of your selected tile material however; you will find specific information in our Resources page to help you make an informed decision. Whichever natural stone option you choose for your home, you are sure to enjoy your new tiles for a lifetime thanks to their immense strength and durability.