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Natural Stone Bathroom Tiles: 4 Top Picks

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Natural stone bathroom tiles are the perfect solution when you are looking to create a timeless, rich and elegant aesthetic in your home. There are many exciting options available in natural stone tiles from traditional marble options to travertine tiles and many more, allowing you to fully explore your creativity when putting together that perfect colour scheme for your new bathroom!

Mosaic Natural Stone Bathroom Tiles

Mosaic tiles add a wonderfully tactile pattern to the bathroom, making for a stunning choice as a feature wall. Showing bold streaks of varying colours, natural stone mosaic tiles are one of the most popular bathroom feature tiles thanks to their unique and timeless qualities. One of the key benefits of mosaic bathroom tiles is that their smaller size and flexible format allow for simple installation in tighter areas (such as a shower niche for example) or on curved surfaces, allowing you to create luscious organic shapes in your new bathroom design scheme.

Pez collection

Our Pez Natural Stone mosaic tiles are suitable for use as both a bathroom wall or floor tile. These elegant and charming tiles are available in a wide range of natural stone options including variations of marble and travertine tile options for a classic aesthetic.

Marble Bathroom Tiles

One of the most popular natural stone bathroom tile options is marble. Marble has long been a favourite choice for use in the home thanks to its beauty and elegance as well as the many delightful colour options available in this hard wearing and durable stone. Natural marbles are available in the classic soft white options we are familiar with but can also be found in lush mint greens, soft blush tones, creamy colours and many more.

Armani marble tiles

Our luxurious Armani collection offers a stunning 3D wall tile solution that will add a glamorous finishing touch to your new bathroom’s design scheme. The Armani collection is available in two different classic marble colours and a selection of 3D patterns, perfectly complementing any range of interior design style.

Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles were first made popular in the 1920s and have since experienced many resurges in popularity, cementing their place as a timeless design choice. Traditional terrazzo tiles are made using assorted chips of marble, granite or coloured glass that are embedded into cement to create a strong, durable and hard wearing surface finish. Although these tiles combine man-made materials with natural stones, they are still porous and similar to natural stone bathroom tiles will also require sealing in order to keep them looking their best over time.

Ditto Terrazzo Tiles_Natural Stone Bathroom Tiles

The Ditto Collection uses authentic terrazzo in a trending Kit Kat tile format, creating a strong sense of pattern in the bathroom using this timeless material. Ditto is available in a selection of colour varieties from soft greys and charcoals to a luscious pistachio terrazzo tile option. These elegant tiles can be used as both a floor or wall tile solution allowing you more creative flexibility when planning your next bathroom renovation.

Crazy Paver Natural Stone Bathroom Tiles

Crazy paver tile patterns have traditionally been used as an outdoor paving option. This style is created by combining varying shapes and sizes of natural stone pieces that are placed together in a haphazard style to create a stylish pattern. Modern bathroom tile options allow you to incorporate this outdoor tile pattern in your interior design schemes, making for a playful yet timeless option for the bathroom. Crazy Paver tiles are made using a variety of different marbles in an assortment of naturally occurring colour options, allowing you to experiment with a range of design possibilities to create the ultimate feature in your new bathroom!

Crazy Paver Tiles_Natural Stone Bathroom Tiles

Available in an impressive array of natural marble options, our Crazy Paver natural stone bathroom tiles create a sense of whimsy and fun in any design scheme!

Natural stone bathroom tiles create a rich and luxurious vibe in the home. With so many exciting options available, the creative possibilities are truly endless when it comes to putting together the perfect bathroom colour scheme! Our team at Perini Tiles can assist and guide you through the process of selecting the perfect natural stone bathroom tiles that will suit your needs and style preferences while offering expert advice on their proper care and maintenance techniques for your peace of mind. For more in depth information on caring for natural stone tiles, visit our Resources section here.