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Mosaic Tiles: 6 Best Options for your new Bathroom Floor or Wall

Mosaic tiles offer an incredibly vast range of creative options for your bathroom walls and floors making them one of the most varied and versatile design solutions. These miniature tiles are available in many different materials, formats, shapes and styles offering you a world of creativity as you put together that perfect design scheme in your next bathroom design and renovation project. 

1. Penny Round Tiles

Penny round tiles create a wonderfully tactile surface finish in the bathroom while also adding a sense of pattern in the space. Given the right material choice, these timeless mosaic tiles can be used to create a spectacular feature floor or wall in the bathroom that can easily be complemented with a range of different tile shapes to achieve that perfect balance. 

It is always wise to double check how your selected mosaic tiles can be used in the bathroom; Natural stone penny round tiles for example can often be used as either a floor or wall finish, allowing for more flexibility in your design options. Other tile materials such as metal or ceramic for example are most often best suited to vertical applications only as these materials can wear much quicker as a floor finish while also not providing adequate resistance against slipping. This means that you will find more decorative options available in your choice of wall tiles as the restrictions of manufacturing a floor tile are not a concern. 

Combining varying shades of green, the Ming Marble collection layers cool white tones with emeralds, mint and forest greens to create a luscious natural stone feature. Green tiles offer a timeless and unique style element in any bathroom design, instantly creating a sense of tranquillity in the space.

penny round tiles

Houston Penny Round mosaics making a beautiful statement on this bathroom splash back

2. Natural Stone Bathroom Tiles

Natural stone bathroom tiles have long been used to create a timeless and elegant aesthetic in the home thanks to their wonderfully varied and earthy charm. These mosaic tiles will usually offer the flexibility of allowing their use as either a floor or wall tile, paving the way for a vast range of designs to be achieved. Glamorous, elegant and timeless, you simply can’t go wrong with natural stone mosaic tiles!

bathroom mosaic tile ideas

Take a step away from the traditional natural stone tile formats and create a unique and stylish bathroom feature wall using the glamorous Rosetta marble collection. This soft pink marble tile shows subtle amber tones, providing layers of depth in colour for a spectacular finish. Available in a range of different tile shapes, create a bold yet subtle and timeless statement in your next bathroom renovation with these exciting natural stone tiles.

3. Glass Mosaic Floor Tiles

A non-porous and easily maintained material, glass provides a sleek and smooth surface underfoot. Glass mosaic tiles that can be used as a floor finish are normally created using thin pieces of glass layered over each other to create an incredibly strong and hard wearing surface finish. Contrary to popular belief, grout between glass mosaic floor tiles is not an issue to maintain provided the right type of grout has been used in your new bathroom. A quality epoxy grout is often paired with glass mosaic floor tiles as it too is non-porous and resistant staining and water, making it the perfect solution. 

mosaic tile floor ideas

 Greg Natale’s Bissazza mosaic tile collection offers an impressive range of luxurious pattern options to help you create a distinct look in your next bathroom renovation product.

4. Shapes and Patterns

Pattern tiles add a dramatic touch to your bathroom’s interior while also allowing you to get creative with your choice of colour, pattern or shape. Mosaic tiles offer the perfect solution for creating patterns, shapes and textures in your bathroom design scheme as their smaller size and format allow for more creative applications. Patterns in tiles can be created using intricate designs that are printed or painted directly onto the tile’s surface or in the case of mosaic tiles specifically, using a range of interlocking shapes to create an intricate design that can be highlighted with your choice of grout colour. 

patterned mosaic tiles

A new addition to our already immense tile collection, the Star City Marble mosaic tiles can be used on both floors and walls to create a stunning feature pattern in your design.

Mosaic tiles can also be used to create patterns with colour combinations. Small, square mosaic tiles can be combined to create murals and incredible artworks for the home in a similar style as pixel art for the ultimate in creativity. These pieces can be selected from a mosaic tile brand’s collection or custom ordered to create a truly unique piece for your home or retail project.

Greg Natale Bisazza

Another exciting design from Greg Natale’s collection for world renowned mosaic tile manufacturer Bisazza, this collection uses small mosaic tiles in various shades of white, grey and black to create a sophisticated pattern.

5. Finger Tiles

Also known as Kit Kat tiles, traditional finger tiles feature a slim, elongated rectangular shape. These timeless mosaic tiles can be used to create a softly textured feature wall in your next bathroom renovation and are available in an impressive range of both colours and materials. From traditional whites and neutrals to playful pastel tones, you will also find modern finger tile designs available in natural stone options as well as terrazzo for modern take on this timeless classic. 

kitkat tiles

A modern take on the traditional finger or Kit Kat tiles, the Ditto Terrazzo collection is made using authentic terrazzo in a slim mosaic tile format for a timeless yet modern touch to your interiors. These exciting mosaic tiles are suitable for both floor and wall use, allowing for many creative options in the bathroom.

6. Metallic Mosaic Tiles

Metallic or iridescent finish mosaic tiles create a strong sense of luxury and opulence in the bathroom, reflecting and bouncing light throughout the interior for a dramatic and glamorous touch. These tiles can be effortlessly complemented with a range of more subdued neutral tones materials to create a sense of balance in the space, being especially ideal as a feature tile in the bathroom. Use metallic mosaic tiles to highlight key areas of your bathroom’s layout such as a shower wall or behind a luxurious vanity unit for that perfect finishing touch. 

Our Lumia mosaic tiles are made of recycled glass and feature a luscious, iridescent finish to create a glamorous metallic look in the bathroom.

Our tiles showroom in Richmond includes an ever growing range of both trending and timeless mosaic tiles that are suitable for your bathroom floor or walls. Our expert team of designers can assist you in the curation of the perfect bathroom colour palette, complete with paint colours, vanity stone tops and cabinetry ideas for that designer look in your next project! Visit us in store or schedule a free online design consultation to get started on your bathroom design project!