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Modern Outdoor Tile Options: The Latest Trends For 2022

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Reflecting current interior design trends, modern outdoor tile options are embracing a broader range of textures and materials to create a wonderfully tactile atmosphere in our landscaping designs. Warm, rustic timber, sleek concrete textures and timeless terrazzo tiles are all materials that are trending in indoor and outdoor design schemes thanks to each of these material’s timeless and elegant qualities that create a sense of calm in the home. These classic materials can be perfectly complemented using a range of trending decorative outdoor wall tiles such as glazed ceramic tiles or pattern tiles that will enhance your overall outdoor design scheme for an elegant and personalised touch. 

Terrazzo Outdoor Tile Options

Terrazzo tiles are traditionally made using small pieces of natural stones (such as marble and granite for example) that are embedded into a cement base. These tiles were first created as a means of using by-products of the construction, art and design industries as leftover pieces of natural stone would be used in their creation and thus, saving these valuable resources from landfill. 

Livorno_Outdoor Tile

 The stylish Livorno collection perfectly replicates the characteristic charm of an authentic terrazzo material using durable porcelain. The collection includes a range of sizes, styles and finishes, allowing you a world of options for your indoor and outdoor design schemes. 

Although traditional terrazzo tiles continue to be used in interior and exterior applications, lookalike tile solutions offer an excellent alternative option. These tiles are made of hard wearing porcelain and are specifically designed to offer the same look and feel of an authentic terrazzo material without the need for sealing. These tiles offer a wonderfully low maintenance solution that is perfectly suited for the busy home. 

Concrete Outdoor Tile Options

Concrete tiles have long been a favourite choice for exterior applications thanks to their incredible longevity and ability to withstand the elements in an outdoor setting. These tiles are often used to create paved pathways and outdoor cooking or dining spaces, offering a long lasting and durable finish. Concrete outdoor floor tiles are most often seen in varying shades of grey, making them the perfect neutral colour option that will allow your landscaping design to be the key focus of the area. 

Outdoor Tile_Platform Collection

Sleek, elegant and timeless, the Platform collection can be used in your adjoining indoor and outdoor spaces to create a modern, seamless look, effectively bringing the outdoors in. A durable Italian porcelain tile, the Platform tiles are available in two warm grey options, making for the perfect complement to your garden. 

Similar to terrazzo look tiles, you will also find many exciting options available in concrete look tile collections that are made of low maintenance porcelain. These tiles offer the unique opportunity to create a seamless look between your indoor living area and adjoining outdoor area as the same floor tile can be used throughout for a continuous and refined look. 

Timber Look Tiles for Outdoor Areas

A unique, new material that offers a wonderfully textured option for outdoor areas, timber look tiles perfectly replicate the look and feel of an authentic timber product, offering a hard wearing and long lasting alternative option to traditional timber in an outdoor setting. 

Timber Look Porcelain Tiles_Outdoor Tile

Outdoor timber look tiles make for an excellent alternative option to traditional outdoor timber finishes. These tiles show the same earthy textures and variations in colour as one would expect from an authentic timber while offering all the strength and longevity of a porcelain material. 

Decking, pool sides, pathways and alfresco spaces will be given a rustic and earthy look with the use of timber look tiles, blending in seamlessly to the natural environment of your outdoor design scheme. Unlike traditional timber products for outdoor applications, timber look tiles will never require sanding or polishing and are available in a vast range of patterns and styles that will instantly elevate your overall landscaping design scheme. 

Creating a Feature with Outdoor Tile Options for Walls 

Outdoor wall tiles can be used to add an element of colour, pattern and interest to your exterior spaces. Garden walls, covered patios and alfresco areas can all be decorated with the use of outdoor wall tiles such as glazed ceramic options, handmade terracotta tiles as well as luxurious patterned tiles. You will find a vast range of exciting options available that will allow you to create a unique and personal touch in you outdoor design plan from bold, vivid colours, sleek textures, hyper glossy tiles, vintage styled patterns and more! 

Outdoor Tile_Outdoor Tile Options

Pattern tiles such as our exciting Canaria collection will add life and character to your outdoor design scheme through the use of shapes and colours, making for the perfect statement in your outdoor design scheme. 

It is important to note that not all decorative tiles are suitable for use outdoors with many varieties only suitable for use in covered spaces that will not be completely exposed to the elements. Your Perini Tiles Consultant will recommend the very best outdoor wall tile solutions to suit your intended applications. 

Our Richmond tiles showroom is constantly updated with all the latest tile designs from around the world! Our tile experts will assist and guide you through the process of creating the perfect colour scheme using a selection of trending and timeless outdoor tile options. Visit our showroom or schedule a free online design consultation to start exploring the latest in tile designs!