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Modern Bathroom Tiles: Durable Wall Tile Solutions for your New Bathroom

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Modern bathroom tiles can be sourced in an endless variety of rich and dynamic options, allowing you to mix and match to your heart’s desire when creating that perfect colour palette in your new bathroom! When looking at bathroom wall tiles specifically, you will notice that there are many stylish options available to choose from including ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, encaustic tiles and natural stone tiles. Each of these options will provide its own unique set of benefits and characteristics to your project however, if you are on the hunt for the most durable bathroom tiles in Melbourne that will allow for a low maintenance finish in a busy home, the undeniable benefits of ceramic and porcelain tiles are especially popular.

What are the Most Versatile Bathroom Wall Tiles?

Porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles are considered to be the most popular and most versatile modern bathroom tiles. Each of these types of tiles can be used as a wall tile in this part of the home, offering an incredibly durable finish along with an extensive host of benefits. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are very similar in nature; although the blanket term for both of these tiles is usually ceramics or ceramic tile, there are certain key differences to keep in mind when making your selections. Both porcelain and ceramic tiles are made using the same raw ingredients. Each is kiln baked to remove any moisture in the product and harden their surface however, porcelain tiles are baked at a higher temperature and for a longer period of time in comparison to ceramic tiles. This process makes porcelain tiles much denser and heavier which means that depending on their texture and finish, they can often be used as a floor tile as well as a wall tile however, ceramic tiles are often restricted in their use as a wall tile solution only as they are lighter in weight and less dense. This means that they will not be able to withstand the same force and wear that other materials would when used as a flooring solution.

Greg Natale Bisazza

White bathroom tiles in a ceramic or porcelain material can be used to balance out more dynamic feature wall tiles in the bathroom to create a sense of harmony in your colour scheme. Our luscious Greg Natale Bisazza mosaic tiles are used in this stylish Art Deco inspired bathroom design scheme to create a bold feature wall within the shower area. These stunning glass tiles are effortlessly balanced out with the use of crisp white wall tiles throughout the balance of the space to create a sense of harmony in the space’s colour scheme.

The Advantages of Ceramic Wall Tiles

As ceramic tiles are most often restricted for use as a wall tile, you will find an endless array of luxurious designer tile solutions available to choose from. When designing floor tiles, tile manufacturers need to consider slip and tripping risks however, these restrictions do not apply in the design of wall tiles which in turn allows for more elaborate and detailed designs to be achieved. From hyper-glossy handmade tiles with rustic, irregular edges and textures to stylish and modern 3D tiles that feature a combination of raised and lowered surfaces to create a stunning display of light and shadow. When shopping for ceramic tiles, you will find an endless array of luxurious and creative options available to suit any style of interior design!

Render White Tiles_modern bathroom tiles

If you are looking for bathroom tile ideas, ceramic tile collections are the perfect place to start your search for wall tiles! These sleek and smooth tiles feature a baked-on glaze that is simple and straight forward to keep clean and tidy, making them one of the most durable and popular bathroom wall tile options.

As noted above, ceramic tiles are often lighter and softer than their porcelain counterparts. These qualities make ceramic tiles an excellent choice for use as bathroom wall tiles as they will be simpler to lay which in turn will allow for speedy (and often more cost effective depending on the style and shape of your chosen tiles!) installation. Ceramic tiles will also be easier to drill through which will allow for better ease of installation of wall mounted accessories in the bathroom such as robe hooks, wall shelves and towel rails.

Ceramic tiles will normally feature a lush, hardened glaze across their surface that is baked onto the tile. Unlike porous materials such as encaustic tiles or natural stone tiles, glazed ceramic tiles will not require sealing in order to be protected from staining as their baked-on glaze will act as a protective barrier. These tiles are usually quite simple to keep clean and tidy in a bathroom setting as they can easily be wiped clean, offering a wonderfully low maintenance finish in this often busy and messy part of the home!

Luxurious Features with Modern Bathroom Tiles

Modern bathroom tiles are available in an endless variety of luxurious options, allowing you to mix and match to create the perfect colour scheme in your new bathroom design. With ceramic tiles being one of the most popular and durable bathroom wall tile solutions, you can choose from an immense range of elegant options, each boasting its own sense of character and charm. The best way to narrow down your options in order to find the perfect bathroom feature wall tile for your home is to hone in on the type of interior design style you want to achieve. Different design styles will lend themselves well to a specific range of colours, shapes or patterns which in turn will allow you to eliminate tile options that do not meet your creative vision until you find the perfect match. Luxurious pattern tiles for example will lend themselves particularly well to vintage inspired design schemes while handmade tiles will create a rich and earthy quality that is ideal for Scandinavian interior design styles.

Marbella Collection_modern bathroom tiles

Ceramic tiles are considered one of the most durable tiling solutions for bathroom walls. These types of tiles are lighter in weight than other options while also being softer in nature, allowing for better ease of installation of wall mounted accessories in the bathroom as well as a speedy laying process. Our Marbella collection is pictured in this elegant bathroom design scheme, adding a glamorous finishing touch to this earthy bathroom colour palette.

Once you’ve chosen your bathroom feature wall tiles, you can have a look at how these can be used throughout the space to offer the most impact and harmony within your colour scheme. Many homeowners choose to create a dynamic feature wall within the shower area for example while others may instead opt to create a feature wall behind the vanity unit. If you are including a shower niche in your new bathroom design scheme, you may also choose to include your feature wall tile within this area to create an element of interest and balance in the space.

Ceramic tiles are considered one of the most versatile bathroom wall tile solutions as they provide an impressive array of benefits. Furthermore, you will find when selecting your new bathroom wall tiles, that there are many exciting and creative ceramic tile solutions available, with a stunning design available to suit any number of interior design styles. Our team at Perini Tiles can assist and guide you through the process of selecting the perfect bathroom wall tiles for your next home renovation project – We welcome you to visit our Melbourne tiles store and have a browse of our ever-growing selection of luxurious designer tiles!