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Modern Bathroom Tile Ideas: Trending Tile Patterns for Modern Interiors

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Trending tile patterns for the bathroom use traditional styles in modern ways to offer a fresh and unique look in the home. Modern designs are stepping away from traditional brick bond tile layouts for example and instead embracing more structured lines that minimise visual clutter by combining tile colours with complimentary grout colours rather than contrasting grout colours. This technique creates a simple and clean finish in the bathroom, allowing for the tile’s character, colour and texture to shine. We explore some of this year’s top trending tile patterns for modern bathroom designs, looking at how these tile layouts and patterns can affect the space’s overall design scheme.

Trending Tile Patterns with Subway Tiles

A staple in the world of interior design, subway tiles are a favoured choice for use as a kitchen splashback tile or as a bathroom wall tile. The simple, rectangular shape and smaller size of these classic tiles allows for a vast range of patterns to be achieved including brick bond styles, vertical or horizontally stacked and the ever popular herringbone tile layout.

metro subway tile_Trending Tile Patterns

Our luxurious Metro collection is designed to emulate the stylish look and feel of a handmade tile, complete with irresistibly tactile variations in texture, shape and colour. These modern bathroom tiles are laid in a horizontally stacked layout in the shower area, creating a contemporary feature.

This year, we are seeing a shift away from the traditional brick bond layout and instead seeing more creative tile patterns being introduced into the home. Trending tile patterns using subway tiles include herringbone tile layouts, basket weave designs and stacked layouts (both horizontally and vertically stacked).

Each of these styles offers a more contemporary aesthetic in comparison to the traditional brick bond style while allowing for more elaborate and detailed looks to be achieved, especially when the tiles are paired with a different grout colours to create luxuriously modern and dynamic colour combinations.

Modern tiles in a subway format are also shifting away from the traditional simple white design of classic subway tiles; you will notice more creative options available in subway tile collections from elegant natural stone tiles to brick inspired tiles, glossy handmade tiles and plenty more, allowing for an endless range of creative designs to be achieved. See our guide here for more inspiration on modern subway tile layouts.

Modern Flooring Ideas: Elongating a Room with Chevron Tiles

Chevron tiles are a popular solution for the home, creating a sense of movement and pattern in any space. If you are on the hunt for tile flooring ideas for the living room, bathroom or kitchen area, chevron tiles are a timeless option that will offer the perfect complement to your home’s design scheme. The pointed design created by chevron tiles will enhance the length of a space, making these a popular solution for living rooms, bathrooms, open plan kitchens and hallways in the home. The tile flooring patterns are achieved by using tiles that are in a parallelogram shape with each individual tile’s pointed end meeting with the next to create a pointed or zig-zag layout. The geometric pattern created by the shape of the tiles draws the eye in the direction your tiles are ‘pointing’ to, creating the illusion of an elongated room.

chevron floor tiles_Trending Tile Patterns

Chevron tiles can be used to create luxurious and modern floor tile patterns, creating the illusion of an elongated space in the home. Our Stoneware porcelain tiles feature a classic chevron design. Inspired by traditional slate tiles, these porcelain floor tiles will show subtle variations in texture, tone and pattern from one tile to the next to enhance their realistic look.

Trending Tile Patterns: Vertically Run Tiles

Another fresh take on traditional tile layouts, running your tiles vertically up the wall will create the illusion of a higher ceiling, making this a popular choice for smaller spaces. It should be noted however, that this style can make a space feel narrower as well. To combat this effect, using a light coloured tile with a complimentary (and not contrasting) coloured grout will help ensure that the space still feels nice and open. This tile layout is achieved using rectangular shaped tiles which are laid running up the wall. The tiles can be stacked against each other to form straight grout lines (in a grid layout) or as shown in the example below, can instead be staggered to create a bolder sense of pattern in the bathroom. Modern tiles that are most commonly used to create this tile layout include subway tiles as well as larger rectangle porcelain tiles, offering a world of wonderful colour and style options to help you create a luxurious look.

blue cloud tiles

Modern bathroom tile designs include stylish patterns and layouts that create a strong sense of pattern and colour in the space. Our luscious Cloud tiles are used in this contemporary bathroom design; these rectangular tiles are run vertically up the walls to create the illusion of a higher ceiling.

Combining Modern Bathroom Tile Ideas with Traditional Styles

Modernist tile layouts all draw inspiration from traditional looks while adding a fresh interpretation on these classic styles. Geometric tile layouts are no different! Often created using natural stones such as marble for example, geometric tile layouts combine various shapes in different shades or colours of stone to create dynamic and intricate designs. Drawing inspiration from the luxe patterns and stylings of classic design periods such as the Art Deco era, these types of tiles will often come as a mosaic tile that includes a mesh backing. Each individual piece of the pattern is attached to a mesh sheet to provide accuracy and ease of installation. Geometric pattern tiles are an exceptionally popular choice for the bathroom, especially for use as a feature floor or wall tile solution that will add a sophisticated and timeless aesthetic in a design.


Our stunning Tappeto collection combines various varieties of natural marble pieces to create an intricate geometric pattern. These lush mosaic tiles are perfect for use as a bathroom wall or floor tile in the home, adding a rich and refined look to any design scheme.

Trending tile patterns draw inspiration from traditional styles to create fresh and modern interpretations of classic designs. Using a variety of tile shapes, formats and colours, you can create stunning works of art in the bathroom that will add a luxuriously modern finishing touch to any home! Our Melbourne tiles store houses an endless collection of modern tiles sourced from all around the world. We welcome Interior Designers, Builders and Architects to visit our showroom with their clients for a walk though where our staff are always on hand to offer expert advice and tips when curating the perfect colour and materials scheme for your next project.