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Melbourne Tiles: What’s Trending in our Homes?

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What images come to mind when you think of Melbourne’s art and design scene? Some may think of the modern, structured lines of our city’s skyline while others may think of the striking and bold colours and patterns of inner Melbourne’s street art. Others may recall the soft, organic lines of our natural landscapes while others still will imagine the luxurious opulence of our famous period style architecture. The city of Melbourne offers many varied experiences in terms of art, culture and design and these trends are often reflected in the way we style and decorate our homes. Melbourne tiles are a reflection of these many different tastes and trends with options available in bold, retro patterns and colours to softer natural materials, contemporary geometric patterns and many more!

The following options each offer a different taste of Melbourne’s interior design scene, combining texture, colour and pattern to create a truly unique experience!

Inspired by Street Art: Modern Porcelain Wall Panels

Melbourne’s street art is famous for its bold colours, images and statements. Walking the streets of inner city Melbourne, you will notice many incredible murals and designs, each with its own unique artistic flair. Introduce the same vibe in your home using porcelain wall panels; these types of tiles are an oversized, ultra-thin sheet that can be used in place of traditional wall tiles to create a modern look with minimal grouting required. There are many bold and artistic options available that will help set off your interior design scheme from lush botanical themes, elegant patterns or contemporary geometric styles. Porcelain wall panels can be used throughout your home’s interior spaces, being a popular choice for entryways and living areas as well as a bathroom wall tile alternative.

Paper41 Pro_Wallpaper Tiles_Melbourne Tiles

Our Paper41 Pro collection is available in a stunning array of patterns and designs to create an artistic experience in any area of the home. These panels are only 3.5mm thick in a large 500 x 1000mm size to ensure minimal grout lines interrupting your new artwork.

Melbourne Tiles: Renovating a Period Style Home with Marble Tiles

When renovating a period style home, respecting the building’s original architecture is a must! This does not necessarily mean all of your home’s colours, materials and fittings have to strictly be in line with the home’s architecture though; there are many modern options that draw inspiration from these traditional styles while offering a modern alternative that will tie the old with the new to create a balanced look in your home renovation. Marble tiles are an excellent example of this as they offer a timeless quality in the home while offering a range of designer options that modernise their appearance. From elegant Kit Kat tiles in the kitchen to playful crazy paver bathroom wall tiles, marble collections offer many modern options that will effectively combine a traditional and modern design aesthetic.

Rosetta Pink Marble

Our Rosetta marble tile collection includes many different styles and patterns to choose from that will modernise the traditional look of marble in the home. Choose from mini brick tiles, Kit Kat tiles, swirled pattern tiles and even crazy paver tiles, each combining soft pink marble with milky whites for an elegant contrast.

Melbourne Tiles: Drawing Inspiration from the City Skyline

Melbourne’s city skyline is highlighted with a variety of different colours such as red, blue and charcoal. The bold, structured lines create a strong presence that can easily be recreated in the home using mosaic tile murals or patterns. Thanks to their small size and simple format, mosaic tiles can be designed in an endless variety of patterns (a form of pixel art) allowing you to experiment in your next interior design project. Many of our mosaic tile collections offer the ability to mix and match colours with options available that will even allow for complete customisation in terms of colour, pattern and scale!

Pixel41 Mosaic Tiles_Melbourne Tiles

The Pixel41 collection includes a wide range of colour options that can be combined to create any pattern or design you wish! These porcelain tiles can be used as either a floor or wall tile solution in any area of the home, allowing for an endless range of designer options to be achieved.

Timber Tiles in a Modern or Contemporary Home

Timber tiles continue to rise in popularity with many exciting options becoming available for any application throughout your home’s interior and exterior spaces. From herringbone tiles to chevron tiles and more, these porcelain tiles offer an incredibly durable alternative solution to traditional timber flooring or wall cladding. Porcelain tiles are famous for their immense durability, being resistant to staining, scratching, heat and moisture. These unique qualities ensure a strong and long lasting finish in any application in your home with options available to suit both interior and exterior applications. Timber has long been a favourite option for Melbourne homes as it provides an elegant and timeless finish. Timber tiles will recreate the same look without the need for sanding and polishing, making them a worthwhile option for the busy home.

Bastoni Timber Tiles_Porcelain Tiles

Our Bastoni collection of porcelain timber tiles is suitable for use as a floor or wall tile solution in your home’s interior spaces. These tiles are available in a plank style format, allowing for a realistic representation of traditional timber without the need for maintenance over time!

Melbourne’s design scene is heavily inspired by our surroundings. Vivid pops of colour, tranquil natural textures and striking geometric patterns all continue to be featured in trending interior design schemes, each creating a unique style in any application. Our Melbourne tiles store in Richmond is constantly being updated with the latest in tile designs from around the world; whether you are shopping for tiles online or visiting us in person, our team is always on hand to offer their best design advice and assist in curating the perfect colour scheme for your project!