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Mediterranean Tiles: 5 Top Picks

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Mediterranean inspired spaces are trending in the world of home design this year, with a strong focus on sustainability and nature inspired spaces. From rich and dynamic shades of blue, orange and emerald green, this colour palette will often include a variety of luxurious colours, patterns and textures to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the home. Our top picks in Mediterranean tiles include luxurious handmade tile options, earthy terracotta tiles, soft neutral tones and more!

Handmade Mediterranean Tiles: The Archaic Collection

Handmade tiles will often feature luxuriously tactile rivets and undulations as a result of the hand-making process. These qualities are exactly what make authentic handmade tiles so desirable! Our luscious Archaic collection includes an endless variety of colours, patterns and motifs that are inspired by the colourful styles seen in Mexico and Spain. A wonderfully creative option for the home, these elegant wall tile patterns can be combined together or a single option can be used to create a stunning display of colour in a Mediterranean styled interior!

Archaic Mediterranean Tiles

The classic stylings of the Archaic collection will add vibrant pops of colour and pattern in any application throughout your home’s interior spaces, adding an elegantly colourful and tactile charm in any application.

Luxurious Bejmat Tiles

A traditional form of Moroccan tile art, Bejmat tiles are most often made of terracotta and can usually be used as both a floor or wall tile. These types of tiles offer a thick and durable surface finish that can withstand the footfalls that floor tiles in the home will experience while ensuring a luxurious and traditional aesthetic in the home. Find out more about traditional Moroccan tiles in our guide here.

Bejmat Moroccan Tiles

A form of traditional Moroccan tile art, Bejmat tiles are most often used to create luxurious wall features. Our Fez Bejmat collection effortlessly replicates the rustic yet elegant textures of a traditional Bejmat tile in a striking porcelain material.

Traditional Mediterranean Tiles: Eco Terra Terracotta Tiles

The warm, rustic red tones of traditional terracotta tiles simply ooze Mediterranean charm! These types of tiles are often made by hand, resulting in luxuriously rich and tactile textured surfaces that add to their elegant sense of character and charm. Terracotta tiles can often be used in a variety of applications throughout your home’s interior and exterior spaces depending on their thickness and treatment. These tiles can be used as a floor and wall tile and even as a n outdoor tile in covered areas such as verandahs around your home.

Eco Terra Terracotta Tile

Our incredibly versatile Eco Terra collection offers an impressive selection of applications throughout your home’s interior and exterior spaces, adding a warm rustic charm to any design scheme!

Luxurious Terrazzo Tiles: The Teknika Collection

Traditional terrazzo tiles were first created in Italy where assorted chips of discarded natural stones such as march or granite would be gathered up from artisan workshops and then scattered throughout a bed of wet cement to create an incredibly strong and versatile finish. These traditional and timeless tiles continue to be made in this fashion, making use of by-products of the stone manufacturing industry to create something new. Terrazzo tiles offer a luxurious look in any style of home, tying in well with traditional and modern interior design schemes alike to add a wonderfully patterned finish.

terrazzo_teknika_Mediterranean Tiles

Our classic Teknika terrazzo tiles are made in Italy using the highest quality materials. These elegant tiles can be used as a floor or wall tile throughout your home’s interior and exterior spaces, adding a rich and timeless touch to any style of design!

Neutral Tones Mediterranean Tiles: The Malta Collection

When one thinks of classic Mediterranean tiles, bold and vivid colours, textures and patterns are our immediate go-to! However, these tiles can be quite impactful when used on their own which is where the more subtle neutral tones come into play. Neutral tones such as white, charcoal, grey and black are often used to create a level of contrast between your feature tiles and other finishes, providing comfort to the eye and creating a soothing atmosphere that is not overwhelmed by colour and pattern but rather, allows your home’s features to truly stand out. Traditional neutral tones include shades of white and black or beige however, modern colour palettes can also incorporate soft pastel tones in place of these more traditional neutrals; this technique adds a subtle element of colour while still providing the relief that traditional neutral shades would, allowing you to experiment when curating your home’s ideal colour palette.

Malta Charcoal Tiles

Our Malta collection of porcelain tiles includes a luxurious selection of rich neutral options ranging from deep charcoals to playful pastels and more.

Mediterranean tiles include a range of options from luxuriously vibrant and colourful handmade tiles to soft and earthy terracotta tiles and plenty more. Complement your selected tiles with a range of casual and beachy soft furnishings and décor to complete the look, creating your own coastal oasis at home! Be inspired by a world of colour and texture in our Richmond tiles store; visit us in person or start your tile shopping journey online here!