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Match your Paint with your new Tiles

Selecting the perfect paint colour for your home that will expertly complement your new floor or wall tiles can often be quite overwhelming; after all, there are hundreds of options and possible combinations, making it quite the task to find the perfect look. We’ve paired some of our popular tile options with a selection of paint colours to inspire your next interior design project whether it be a bathroom or kitchen renovation or a new home build. 

Colourful Tiles

Boldly coloured tiles can often pose a challenge when it comes to selecting the perfect complimenting wall paint. The best options are of course, elegant neutral tones that will allow the luscious colouring of your new tiles to be the main focal point of your overall design. It is important to select a paint colour for your walls that will not clash with the colour of your bright tiles while also not distract from their unique characteristics to create a strong sense of balance in the design. Classic and timeless whites, charcoals, greys and blacks are often the very best choices in creating a colour palette that includes colourful wall or floor tiles. 


A dramatic, bold and eclectic colour choice for the home, emerald green tiles create an elegant and luxurious atmosphere in this delightful kitchen renovation. The deep emerald tones of the Fern wall tiles used can be perfectly complemented with Dulux’s classic Lexicon ® Quarter or boldly contrasted using Dulux’s moody Domino.

Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles are surprisingly much simpler to match up with your wall paint than other options thanks to the different tones often present within the patterned designs themselves. This quality allows for a variety of options when it comes to selecting the perfect wall paint colours: You can either complement your patterned tiles using a range of classic neutral tones or instead, mirror the colours present in the tiles themselves to create a vibrant and playful design scheme in your next home renovation. 

Our soft and breezy Torquay collection can be paired with a sleek neutral tone for a classic look or a soft pastel tone instead to create a warm, playful vibe in your next design project. Using the soft dusty rose and powder blue tones present in the tile’s patterns, Dulux’s Bay Fog Quarter or Vanilla Ice Quarter each present excellent options in creating a more distinct style in your interior design project.

Terrazzo Tiles

Timeless and elegant, terrazzo tiles offer a wonderfully versatile option for all areas of the home, from the kitchen and bathroom straight through to the living and dining area. Terrazzo is traditionally made using a combination of marble, glass or granite chips that are embedded in cement to create a highly durable tile. As these sorts of tiles will often feature a range of different colours in their speckled patterning, pairing them with a range of warm, earthy tones will create a welcoming and soothing vibe in any interior design scheme while providing the perfect balance between the bold tile patterns and surrounding wall finishes. 

Warm coffee and cream tones provide the perfect complement to our timeless Arcstone terrazzo floor tiles, creating an elegant colour palette in the home. Using Dulux’s Tuft or White Polar Quarter wall paint selections, you can create a welcoming atmosphere that will never go out of style!

Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass mosaic tiles are available in an endless range of different colours and shapes, offering a world of possibilities in your next interior design project. Thanks to their ease of maintenance and durability, suitable glass mosaic tiles can be used just about anywhere around the home from kitchen splashbacks to bathroom feature walls and even as outdoor pool tiles. Glass mosaic tiles are especially effective when used as a feature in a design, bringing the entire look to life with their glimmering qualities. 

A modern Hamptons style kitchen design by Perini Renovations is brought to life using the luxurious Glacier penny round mosaic tiles. A traditional Hamptons inspired design scheme creates an elegant, coastal look in the home, pairing extremely well with soft blue tones (such as Dulux’s Ocean Surf) and crisp, pure whites (For example, Dulux’s Vivid White) to create a harmonious and tranquil look. 

Creating the perfect scheme using a range of colours and patterns will ensure your home is a true reflection of your own personal design style. Our design team at Perini Tiles can help you create the perfect colour palette for the home, including tiles, paint selections, benchtops and even cabinetry finishes for a cohesive look. Visit our Richmond Tile Showroom or book a free online consultation to get started on your next project!