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Luxury Tile Options for a Hotel Inspired Bathroom

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The hotel experience is often defined as a luxurious escape from reality. A hotel’s design scheme will often include a selection of luscious textures paired with a rich colour palette to create a feast for the senses while promoting a sense of tranquillity and relaxation. Luxury tile options that will help you create that same elegant experience in a home bathroom include natural marble tiles, unique wallpaper inspired tiles and even timeless timber tiles.

Marble Luxury Tile Options

Marble has long been used in the home to create an air of luxury and refinement. This natural stone is available in a wide variety of naturally occurring colours with each option featuring its own range of unique characteristics. From deep jade greens, soft mints, blush tones and of course, the traditional black, white or cream marble varieties, there are many luxurious marbles available to choose from. As marble is such a popular and timeless material, it can easily be paired with any number of different materials, colours and finishes such a raw timbers for a natural style, sleek, glossy surfaces for more of a modern look or deep terracotta tones for a retro inspired interior design style in your next bathroom renovation project.

Armani tiles_Luxury Tile_Marble Tiles

Our Armani marble tiles can be used in your new hotel inspired bathroom design scheme to create a stunning feature wall. This luxury tile combines raised and lowered surfaces for a stylish 3D effect that can be highlighted with the use of feature lighting for a dramatic and timeless finishing touch.

Wallpaper Inspired Luxury Tile Designs

Traditional wallpapers add texture, pattern and colour to a design, instantly creating a sense of luxury and opulence. Although there are certain specific types of wallpapers that can be used in the bathroom, porcelain tiles are of course the more reliable option, providing a water and stain resistant wall finish that will stand up well over time. The latest collections of designer tiles for the bathroom offer selections of super thin, jumbo-sized porcelain wall panels that are printed with vivid images and patterns to create a wallpaper-effect, allowing you to combine the benefits of both wallpaper and porcelain materials in the bathroom. You will find many exciting styles available from luscious marble-look patterns, botanical themes and even elegant geometric pattern tiles!

Paper41 Pro_Porcelain Wall Panels_Luxury Tile

Made in Italy, Paper41 Pro is a super thin porcelain wall panel measuring just 3.5mm thick. Each panel forms part of a distinct and unique design, offering you the opulence of a traditional wallpaper with all the benefits of a porcelain finish, perfect for creating a luxurious look in a hotel inspired bathroom design scheme.

Contemporary Bathroom Design with Timber Tiles

For those looking for more of a contemporary or modern touch in their bathroom design scheme, timber tiles can be incorporated in your colour palette for a modern yet warm and rustic style. Timbers are often avoided in the bathroom as the increased amount of humidity in this space can cause damage over time. Timber tiles can be used instead to achieve the same look while once again taking advantage of the many benefits that porcelain has to offer in the bathroom. Porcelain tiles are well known for being resistant to staining, scratching, heat and moisture, making them one of the most popular choices for use in the bathroom (and in all areas of the home in fact!) Timber tiles will feature the same variations in colour and texture that one would expect to see in natural timber, creating a warm yet modern style in the bathroom.

Huski Timber Tiles

The stylish Huski timber tile collection offers a selection of natural timber colour options in a trending chevron tile format. These tiles can be used as both a floor and wall tile, allowing you to experiment with your hotel inspired bathroom design scheme to create that perfect design look!

Luxurious Interiors with Mosaic Tiles

Another classic luxury tile option, mosaic tiles have been used in architecture and design for centuries! These tiny tiles have always been a popular choice as their size allows for more flexibility in their installation (they can be installed with ease in smaller areas such as shower niches or used to coat curved surfaces for example) and they can also be used to create show-stopping works of art. Murals, patterns and stylised motifs can all be achieved with the use of mosaic tiles, instantly creating a luxurious vibe in the bathroom.

Greg Natale Bisazza_Luxury Tile

Available in a selection of patterns and colour options, Greg Natale’s Bisazza glass mosaic tiles offer the perfect solution for creating that hotel luxury style in your next bathroom renovation project.

Creating a hotel inspired luxury look in your next bathroom renovation project will ensure a timeless and elegant style. This style of interior design offers a tranquil and opulent experience right in the comfort of your own home. By combining classic and timeless finishes, a selection of luxury tiles with bold and charismatic colour schemes or patterns, you can recreate that hotel luxury look with ease!

Our team at Perini Tiles is available to offer their expert advice and assistance throughout the tile selection process, whether you are shopping for tiles online or visiting our showroom in person.