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Luxurious White Splashback Tiles

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The timeless elegance of a classic white kitchen is undeniable. White kitchens are one of the most popular design choices for the home as they offer a luxuriously neutral backdrop for more colourful accessories and textures, allowing you to update your home’s look without the need for replacing big ticket items such as your kitchen cabinets, benchtops or splashbacks. White splashback tiles will of course, provide the perfect complement to this neutral colour scheme along with any other choice of colour palette you’d like in your kitchen. Due to their immense popularity, white wall tiles for the kitchen are available in an endless selection of textures, materials, shapes and sizes, allowing you to add a creative finishing touch in your new kitchen’s design scheme. We explore a selection of stylish white splashback tiles, each with its own unique character and charm, to help you choose your perfect match!

Handmade White Splashback Tiles

Authentically handmade tiles will create a wonderfully tactile quality in your kitchen. These rich and decadent wall tiles will show variations in their shape, texture, tone and thickness as a result of the hand crafting process. These qualities are exactly why these tiles continue to be such a popular solution in the home! White handmade tiles can be used in the kitchen as a splashback solution, adding a warm and characteristic touch to a white kitchen design scheme. Their irresistible texture will create a rich and warm aesthetic in the space, introducing a touch of character in an otherwise all-white colour scheme.

Arabian handmade tiles

Our elegant Arabian collection is handmade in Morocco, combining centuries of tradition with modern finishes to create an elegant and luxurious finish. These tactile wall tiles can be used in the kitchen to create a durable and hard wearing splashback solution with options available in an impressive selection of colours and tile sizes.

Creative & Timeless Handmade Look White Splashback Tiles

As is often the case with authentically handmade products, handmade tiles will often fall into a higher price bracket. If you are looking to incorporate this elegant handmade finish in your project at a different price point, handmade look tiles offer the next best solution! These types of tiles are machine made however, they have been specifically designed to emulate the look and feel of an authentic handmade tile complete with variations in colour, texture, tone, size, shape and thickness to enhance their realism. Handmade look tiles can be used to create stunning splashbacks and feature walls in the kitchen, offering a rustic yet sophisticated touch.

Lucida_White Splashback Tiles

The elegant Lucida handmade tile collection is available in two different sizes in an array of stylish colour options, including a crisp white tile. Lucida offers a stunningly realistic handmade look that features the tactile variations that authentic handmade tiles are so well known for.

Contemporary Styled 3D Wall Tiles

3D wall tiles combine raised and lowered patterns to create a stunning three dimensional style. These shapes and patterns can be enhanced by the use of targeted feature lighting to create a luxurious display of light vs. shadow, adding a unique touch in your home. Used as a kitchen splashback tile, white 3D tiles will add another dimension of interest in your interior design scheme, allowing you to experiment with a variety of modern shapes, patterns and designs to create a show-stopping feature element in your new kitchen.

arthouse 3d pattern tiles

The luxurious Arthouse collection includes a stunning array of contemporary 3D patterns to choose from in a crisp white tile or a classic black tile option. These stylish wall tiles can be used as a splashback solution in the kitchen, adding a sophisticated touch to your interior design scheme.

Adding Texture with Kit Kat White Splashback Tiles

Kit Kat mosaic tiles continue to be a popular solution for use as a kitchen splashback as they offer a subtle feature element that adds a layer of texture and pattern in the home. These elegant tiles are also referred to as finger mosaic tiles. Due to their slim, rectangular shape, they can be laid running horizontally or vertically on the splashback area of the kitchen, creating a dynamic yet subtle and timeless feature element in your new kitchen design scheme.

bastone kit kat tiles_White Splashback Tiles

Available in a selection soft neutral tones and earthy colour options, the elegant Bastone Kit Kat tile offers a luxurious contemporary splashback tile solution.

Create a Sense of Pattern with Lantern Tiles

A staple of traditional Moroccan tile design, lantern tiles will add a glamorous patterned touch in your kitchen. Each individual tile features a classic lantern shape that interlocks with the next to create a stylish, repeating pattern. These elegant tiles can be used to create a stunning feature wall in the kitchen, being a popular solution as a splashback tile. The lantern shape offers a timeless design choice that can easily fit into any style of interior design, offering a versatile solution for the home.

moroccan mosaic tiles_White Splashback Tiles

Our stylish Temple collection features a classic lantern shape tile pattern that will create a luxurious and timeless feature in the kitchen.

White splashback tiles can be used in the kitchen to add an elegant, neutral feature element that will complement a range of interior design styles, from classic to contemporary. A simple white splashback can also be easily paired with just about any colour scheme, allowing you to add a bright finishing touch in your overall design. Our team at Perini Tiles can assist and guide you through the process of curating the perfect colour scheme for your next kitchen renovation project, ensuring each element will perfectly complement the next; visit our Melbourne tiles showroom or shop for tiles online here to get started on your project!