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Luxurious Features of Mediterranean Interiors

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Mediterranean interiors are a strong feature of modern home design, embracing a world of texture and colour while presenting a combination of casual and luxurious design aesthetics. A Mediterranean inspired interior design scheme will offer a light and breezy vibe, making use of rich natural stones, rustic timbers and crisp neutral tones that are contrasted with a selection of richer, more vibrant hues. This style of design will create a soothing and tranquil experience in the home as it draws inspiration from nature to offer a serene look that promotes comfort and relaxation. Having a closer look at this style of interior design, we dissect its different elements and features to help you create the perfect Mediterranean inspired design scheme!

Architectural Features & Colours

Mediterranean interiors embrace a world of texture and combine the rich aesthetic of natural materials and textures with a breezy and coastal vibe. Curves are a dominant feature of this style of architecture, showing up as arched doorways, curved walls or curved cabinetry, offering a luxuriously organic feel. Slate tiles, bricks, terracotta or rocks are often used to create stunning features throughout a home’s interior spaces, being used to clad feature walls and fireplaces or as a flooring solution. You will also notice a strong emphasis on raw timbers and decorative ironwork in Mediterranean design, once again adding to the style’s charm and casual elegance.

Portsea Terrazzo Look Porcelain Tiles

A classic feature of the Mediterranean interior design style, terrazzo surfaces are traditionally made of concrete with a scattering of chipped natural stone pieces. These tiles are porous and will require sealing however, if you are after a solution that will not require the same level of care while offering the same look, porcelain terrazzo look tiles are the next best choice! Our Portsea collection offers a realistic representation of authentic terrazzo in a versatile porcelain material.

Colours that are most often associated with Mediterranean interiors include deep, ocean blues, lush greens and bright, cheerful yellows. Soft and earthy neutral tones are also a key feature of this style of interior design including crisp, warm whites and layers of beige, brown and tan. The colour palette of a Mediterranean design scheme is highlighted with the use of elegant metallics, specifically copper, gold or brass. Sleek, metallic finishes will create an elegant contrast between the rustic textures and bold colours often featured in this style of design, adding a bright finishing touch to a home’s overall colour palette.

Textures & Materials in Mediterranean Interiors

Natural textures and materials are a strong feature of this style of design and architecture, being used to create a highly tactile, soothing and tranquil experience. Rustic, distressed and raw timbers will feature prominently in a Mediterranean inspired design scheme along with natural stone finishes. Terracotta tiles and travertine tiles are an excellent choice when looking to achieve a Mediterranean inspired design scheme as their rich colouring and rustic, textured qualities add to this style’s aesthetic. As noted above, gold, brass or copper hardware and tapware will further enhance this rich and timeless styles of design, adding a glimmering highlight that will contrast the more rustic and tactile finishes and materials to create a sense of harmony and balance.

Tumbler Travertine Tiles_Mediterranean Interiors

Travertine tiles feature a tactile surface finish in a variety of colours and shapes, allowing you to mix and match different features in your home’s colour scheme. Our Tumbler collection combines square tiles and subway tiles to add a sense of pattern in the home.

Handmade Pieces in Mediterranean Interiors

Handmade pieces such as vases, furniture or tiles, are bursting with character and charm! A handmade tile for example, will show unique imperfections and variations from one tile to the next as a result of the handcrafting process. These tiles will vary in their thickness, size, shape, colour and finish, creating an irresistibly tactile quality that will add to a design’s warmth and charm, offering a welcoming vibe in the home. Using handmade tiles or other furnishings and accessories in the home will add to the earthy and rich charm of this style of interior design.

Arabian Handmade Tiles_Mediterranean Interiors

Our Arabian handmade tiles are available in an endless range of shapes, sizes and colours. Each tile is unique from the next, creating an exceptionally rich and tactile experience when combined.

A classic Mediterranean interior design scheme will feature a combination of rustic materials, textures and finishes to create a rich, tactile experience in the home. From creating the perfect colour scheme to selecting the most suitable materials and finishes, our team at Perini Tiles can assist and guide you through the process of curating a modern Mediterranean interior style; Visit us or shop for tiles online here to get started on your creative journey!