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Lush Blue Tiles: 7 New Designer Tiles

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Blue tiles are fast becoming a popular choice for the home, popping up in interior and exterior design schemes the world over. The colour blue instantly creates a sense of tranquillity in the home while complementing a range of different materials such as natural stones, concrete and timbers. A versatile colour option, blue tiles will add a luscious and colourful touch to your home’s colour palette! We’ve rounded up our top picks in modern blue tiles in a range of different options, exploring the many design possibilities of each luxurious tile selection.

Elegant Blue Tiles: The Alice Collection

A Spanish made porcelain tile collection, Alice creates a charming aesthetic, befitting of a fairy tale inspired design! This luxurious porcelain collection is available in an array of floral pattern tile options with matching solid colour tiles to help you create a consistent look in the home. Suitable for use as an interior floor and wall tile, the Alice collection can also be used as an outdoor wall tile that will add a strong sense of character in your landscaping design scheme.

Alice Blue Tiles

The new Alice collection showcases a range of lush floral patterns in elegant shades of blue, creating a charming quality in any application. These porcelain tiles will not require sealing, making them an excellent choice for interior floors and walls as well as outdoor walls.

Timeless Handmade Look Tiles: The Avanos Collection

Traditionally handmade tiles will feature luxurious and tactile variations in their colour, texture, shape and thickness. These are the characteristics that make handmade tiles so desirable in the home as a feature tile. As can be expected by a handmade product, these types of tiles tend to fetch a higher price tag; if you are looking to recreate this look, handmade look tiles are the next best option! Although machine made, handmade look tiles will still show variations in their colour, texture and shape, celebrating the aesthetic that makes these tiles such a popular option.

Avanos Blue Tiles

The stunning Avanos handmade look tiles are available in a crisp white and a luscious blue tile option. These Brazilian made tiles show an elegant variation in colour and texture, creating a vivid look in any application throughout the home’s interior spaces, being a popular choice as a bathroom wall tile or as a kitchen splashback tile.

Modern 3D Blue Tiles: The Contour Collection

A contemporary tile option, 3D tiles instantly create a strong sense of depth and character in a space. These decorative wall tiles are fast becoming a popular option for creating feature walls in the home in spaces where tiles are not traditionally used such as the living area or entryway for example. Accentuate their shape and 3D patterns with focused lighting to create a truly show-stopping look!

Contour 3D

Our dynamic Contour collection offers a stunning feature tile option that can be used in all areas throughout your home’s interior spaces. Available in a selection of neutral tones as well as denim blue tile option, Contour creates a captivating pattern in any design scheme!

Dynamic Matte Blue Tiles: The Exotic Collection

Encaustic tiles (also referred to as concrete tiles or cement tiles) are well known for their bold, saturated colours and smooth matte surface finish. Traditionally made by hand by skilled Artisans, encaustic tiles can be used to create stunning features in classic and contemporary styled homes. Our Exotic collection for example, offers a stunning array of colours to choose from to suit just about any design aesthetic, including a luscious blue tile option!

Exotic Concrete Tiles

A classic square tile, Exotic includes a wide variety of bold colours to choose from. These traditionally handmade tiles can be used as a wall or floor tile throughout your home’s interior spaces, being a popular solution as a flooring solution in living spaces, hallways and kitchens.

Classic Terrazzo Tiles: The Gelati Collection

Terrazzo tiles were first created as a means of using up by-products of the stone industry with assorted chips and pieces of natural stones being embedded into a concrete tile to create an incredibly durable and hard wearing surface finish. These tiles continue to be created in this fashion, ensuring a timeless choice for the home. Modern technology has allowed for porcelain replica tiles to also be created, making this designer tile option more accessible. Furthermore, unlike traditional concrete finishes, porcelain tiles will not require sealing making them an excellent fit for those who are after a low maintenance solution. Our Gelati porcelain terrazzo look tiles for example, are available in a selection of bright and cheerful colours including stunning blue tiles, pink tiles and more!


Create a playful yet timeless aesthetic in the home with the Gelati terrazzo look tiles! These stylish tiles are available in a variety of cheerful colours, being a popular choice as a bathroom tile.

Contemporary Kit Kat Tiles: the Stria Collection

Kit Kat tiles (also referred to as finger tiles) have become a popular solution for the home, especially for use as a bathroom wall tile or as a kitchen splashback tile.  Their simple yet elegant aesthetic creates a wonderfully tactile feature element in any design scheme without distracting from other key areas of the space. Our stylish Stria Italian made tiles are the perfect choice for those looking to add a discreet yet characteristic feature in their home; pair your mosaic finger tiles with an epoxy grout for a wonderfully low maintenance finish. Find out more about different tile grout options in our quick guide here.

Stria Finger Tiles

An Italian made tile, Stria offers a stunning yet discreet feature tile choice for the home, being a popular option as a bathroom wall tile or as a kitchen splashback tile.

Natural Stone Inspired Blue Tiles: The Villa Collection

A modern take on the traditional Sukabumi stone, Villa offers a luscious selection of denim blue tiles that can be used in wide variety of applications throughout your home’s interior and exterior spaces. A captivating and luxurious tile option, Villa can be used as an indoor and outdoor floor and wall tile as well as a pool tile, allowing you complete freedom in your home’s tiling scheme. With a variety of different finishes available to choose from, Villa offers the ultimate in luxury and versatility.

Villa Blue Tiles

Our stylish and versatile Villa collection offers a range of uses both inside and outside the home. These elegant blue tiles are available in a selection of sizes and finishes to suit any application, offering a stunning choice for your project.

Blue tiles are quickly becoming a favourite choice for any application throughout the home. As you can see, there are many exciting new options available to choose from with pattern tiles, encaustic tiles and versatile porcelain tile options to suit any style of design. Our team at Perini Tiles can guide you through the process of selecting your perfect tiles, ensuring the best solutions for your project – Visit our Melbourne tiles showroom or shop for tiles online here!