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Luscious Pools: We Review the Latest Modern Pool Tile Options

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Modern pool tile options are taking a step away from the traditional glass mosaic tile varieties and instead, embracing a variety of different colours, textures and materials. These modern pool tiles offer the perfect solution for those looking to create more of a unique touch in their outdoor spaces to create a stronger sense of character in your home’s overall design scheme.

Mediterranean Inspired Modern Pool Tile Options

A new addition to our already extensive collection of luxurious pool tiles, the Villa range is inspired by the lush colours of the Mediterranean. Offering a captivating and tactile finish for outdoor areas, Villa is a porcelain tile option that effortlessly replicates the subtle variations in colour and texture of traditional Sukabumi stone. Suitable for use in both interior and exterior floor and wall applications. Villa can also be used as a pool tile, being a popular solution as a pool surround option.

Villa Porcelain Tiles_Blue Tiles_Modern Pool Tile

Available in a selection of shapes and sizes, Villa is a luxurious porcelain tile option that will not require sealing, ensuring a low maintenance solution for your home’s outdoor spaces.

Recycled Glass Modern Pool Tile Options

With a stronger focus on sustainability in the design and construction industries, glass is fast becoming one of the most popular solutions. Most construction materials can be put through the recycling process a set number of times before they start to lose their structural integrity and need to be disposed of however, glass can be recycled an infinite number of times without its quality being compromised. Furthermore glass provides an incredibly hygienic, non-porous finish, making it an excellent choice for all areas of the home, including outdoor areas and pools. Our Omnia collection is manufactured using 98% recycled glass, offering a sustainable outdoor and pool tile. Featuring a range of luxurious shades of green, Omnia perfectly complements the outdoors!

Omnia_Recyled Glass Tiles_Modern Pool Tile

Omnia is made using 98% recycled glass, offering a sustainable pool tile solution that will perfectly tie in with lush outdoor landscape.

Luxurious Porcelain Tiles for Outdoor Spaces

Porcelain tiles offer an exceptional choice for outdoor areas  and pool applications. Similar to glass tiles, porcelain tiles are a non-porous solution that can easily withstand being exposed to water and the elements. Outdoor specific porcelain tiles can be used to create stylish features in your garden, making for an excellent choice as an outdoor flooring solution, as an outdoor wall tile and of course, as an outdoor pool tile! Our Payan collection offers an immensely durable and timeless choice that replicates the lush variations seen in natural stones. Payan can be used as an outdoor pool tile, offering a rich and modern aesthetic for the contemporary home.

Payan Outdoor Tiles

Available in a selection of luxurious neutral colour options, Payan is a luxurious outdoor porcelain tile solution that can be used in a variety of applications to create a rich and modern aesthetic.

Feature Tiles for Pool Waterlines

If you prefer to leave the interior of your pool shell untiled, you may consider including a feature tile along the pool’s waterline. Tiling the waterline will provide protection to the pool shell where it is exposed to the elements as well as sunscreens and body oils that can mark or stain this exposed area. Our elegant Murray collection is another outdoor porcelain tile option that is ideal for this type of application. Murray is designed to emulate the rich aesthetic of a traditionally handmade tile, featuring subtle variations in tone and texture to create a wonderfully tactile experience, ideal for complementing an outdoor pool.

Murray_Kitchen Tiles

Available in a selection of stylish colour options, the Murray collection offers the perfect solution for tiling an outdoor pool’s waterline, creating a rich and unique sense of character.

Patterned Modern Pool Tile Options

Pattern tiles are another unique modern pool tile solution that will add a strong sense of character to your outdoor design scheme. Offering a spectacularly versatile design choice, our Piscina collection can be used as a decorative feature along the pool’s waterline or as a tiling solution for the entirety of your pool’s shell using the smooth, gloss tile options available in the same collection. Piscina offers you the unique opportunity to mix and match different tile finishes and patterns in your outdoor design scheme to create a layered colour scheme that is distinctly your own!

Piscina Modern Pool Tile

Available in a variety of colour options as well as finishes, the Piscina collection offers the unique opportunity of allowing you to explore a range of different textures and patterns to create your own individual style in your home’s outdoor design scheme.

Modern pool tile options are taking a step away from the traditional glass mosaic tiles to embrace a variety of different patterns, textures and shapes. From elegant porcelain tiles to recycled glass tiles and more, there are many exciting modern pool tile options available to choose from that will add a unique finishing touch to your home’s outdoor design scheme! Visit us at our Melbourne tiles store or shop for tiles online here to explore our endless collection of outdoor tiles and pool tiles!