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Luscious Mosaics: All About Bisazza Mosaic Tiles

A leader in the luxury interior design industry, Bisazza was first established in 1956 by Renato Bisazza in Alte, Vincenza, Northern Italy. With several international flagship stores including locations in Barcelona, London, Milan and New York, plus over 2,800 local retailers, Bisazza has become renowned for their unparalleled quality in both modern and traditional mosaic tiles. Their product range has since expanded significantly over the years, and now includes an extensive collection and variety of different materials, from ceramic tiles to natural marbles and glass pool tiles, as well as unique selections of bespoke homewares, furniture and even bathroom fittings. 

Bissazza’s Mosaic Tile Collections

Best known for their opulent glass mosaic tiles, Bisazza’s extensive tile catalogue includes show-stopping timber pieces, cement tiles, elegant natural marbles and even ceramic tiles, allowing for the ultimate in unique creativity in your next design. 

Bisazza decorative mosaics for bathroomA combination of pure white glass mosaic tiles and elegant platinum, Bisazza’s Winter Flower mural on the bathroom floor makes for a stunning feature in this luxurious bathroom design. View more incredible bathroom design ideas using mosaic tiles here

Thanks to their smaller format, mosaic tiles have historically been used to create one-of-a-kind murals and intricate patterns, adorning the halls of ancient Roman structures. Bisazza Mosaic pays tribute to their deep Italian roots by creating exquisitely intricate murals which include a range of rich materials. Aside from glass, these murals include precious metals ranging from mother of pearl, both white and yellow golds as well as glimmering Swarovski crystals to create truly extravagant and unique designs. From distinct Art Deco inspired murals, to luscious botanicals and even limited edition portraits, Bisazza Mosaic has an immense range of designs to choose from while also providing the option of creating a completely custom pattern or image using their quality mosaic tiles for a truly one-of-a-kind statement piece.

Bisazza Mosaic Pool Tiles

A staple piece in Bisazza’s vast tile collection, glass mosaic pool tiles create a sleek, polished finish in any outdoor area, with selections ranging from traditional sky blue, aqua and pure white, to modern mossy green tones and deep midnight purple hues. 

Bisazza pools VTC 20.10Bisazza’s Vetricolour 20 collection includes an astonishing range of over 60 opaque colours and shades. Each tile measures at 20mm x 20mm with a square bevelled edge for a neat modern finish that can be used on all interior wall and floor surfaces, as well as in swimming pools.

These mosaic tiles employ a revolutionary hotmelt installation system that is exclusively available in Australia and New Zealand for selected blends and colours. Using polyurethane (PU) thermo set adhesive, the hotmelt installation system provides an incredibly strong application method that is also easy to adjust throughout the installation process and will not change its characteristics when immersed in water, leading to a long-lasting quality finish. Alongside this unique system, Bisazza recommends their range of Fillgel products which provide an excellent resistance to UV, making them the ideal fit for an outdoor application. 

Bisazza mosaics Galapagos poolPart of Bisazza’s Blends 20 collection the Galapagos mosaic tile features a harmonious blend of light iridescent blues to create the perfect, shimmering pool design.

It is important to note that the colour of your selected Bisazza pool tiles will of course be slightly altered once immersed in a swimming pool however, as demonstrated by the above examples, the final result is a truly splendid and vibrantly coloured exterior design scheme that perfectly complements the beauty of a lush green landscape. Our experienced team at Perini Tiles can advise you on the most suitable pool and outdoor tiles tile to suit your individual requirements and guide you through the colour selection process.

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Bisazza’s Designer Collaborations

Aside from Bisazza’s vast range of quality tiles, you will also find distinct homeware collections that include designer bathroom products such as vanity units, bathtubs, basins and storage cabinets, as well as designer lighting collections, bespoke household furniture and decorative accessories, all created with the same dedication to timeless style, elegance and quality as their world famous tile collections. 

Over the years, Bisazza has collaborated with many industry leading designers to create a series of unique collections. World renowned Architects, Industrial Designers and Interior Designers have all played a part in Bisazza’s extensive history, with a host of esteemed professionals such as Tom Dixon, Nendo Greg Natale and Alessandro Mendini to name a few, all collaborating with the luxury tile brand to create exclusive pieces for both residential and commercial applications. These unique collections can be specially ordered for our customers at Perini Tiles; our team will be more than happy to discuss any personal customisations that may be available, as well as any potential lead times for your order.  

Our friendly and experienced team of qualified Interior Designers can assist you in selecting the perfect mosaic tiles for your next project, whether it’s a delightful outdoor living area and swimming pool, or a stylish residential or commercial design. Visit our Richmond tile showroom to view our complete collection and chat with our team about your requirements.