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Landscape Design Ideas with Outdoor Tiles

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Outdoor tiles provide a fuss-free finish for your landscape design scheme, from the pool, poolside, alfresco areas and more. Outdoor specific tiles can be used in a variety of ways such as creating and defining zones of your outdoor landscaping plan to providing a long-lasting and durable walkway material., making them a key element of any outdoor design planning process.


You will find a vast range of outdoor tile options available, each with its own range of benefits and constraints. These qualities often dictate how and where each of these tile materials can be used in order to achieve a high quality and long lasting finish in your new outdoor design scheme. 

Concrete tiles for example are a popular choice for outdoor spaces, with outdoor specific collections often being best suited to creating walkways and paved areas. Outdoor porcelain tiles are another exciting option that can be used in a large variety of ways in your outdoor spaces from creating walkways to paving alfresco spaces. Outdoor porcelain tiles are available in an exciting range of options that simulate the look and feel of a variety of materials such as natural stone, concrete or timber, offering a sleek and stylish alternative solution for your outdoor areas. 

Legno Porcelain Tiles_Landscape Design Ideas

Our Spanish made Legno Timber Look Tiles can be used as an alternative to timber in outdoor spaces, making for a decking finish that will not require refinishing over the years. 

Other varieties of outdoor tiles such as terracotta tile for example, are best restricted to use in covered outdoor spaces as complete exposure to the elements can cause them to become brittle from sun damage or unstable as a result of water damage. When selecting your new outdoor tiles, it is important to specify your intended application and whether or not this area will be undercover; our Tile Consultants will be able to offer the most suitable materials for your specific purpose. Find out more about outdoor tile materials and applications in our Outdoor Tile Guide.  


Outdoor tiles offer the perfect solution when it comes to creating, defining and connecting the various zones or spaces in your outdoor design plan. Ensuring the right materials have been specified, you can use outdoor tiles to pave specific areas in your outdoor design such as the BBQ area, your outdoor living space, spa or pool zone. Each space can then be connected with tiled walkways to create a sense of direction in your design scheme. Using tiles to pave these areas and walkways not only ensures a neat and trim look in your outdoor area but will also assist in keeping muddy footprints out of your home, making them a practical as well as decorative solution. 

Paladino_Landscape Design Ideas

The luxurious Paladino Porcelain Tiles are available in an assortment of styles and sizes. These outdoor tiles can be used to create walkways as well as feature elements in your outdoor design scheme, offering a sleek and modern touch.


Aside from providing an excellent choice as a flooring solution for your outdoor spaces, many outdoor tile collections can be used as a decorative feature in your garden. Decorative ceramic tiles for example can often be used in covered outdoor areas to add a touch of colour, pattern and interest to an alfresco area while colourful glass mosaic pool tiles can be used to create intricate patterns and murals in your pool design or even as a decorative touch on any outdoor garden walls. These options will create bold bursts of colour and pattern, enhancing your outdoor design scheme and allowing you the opportunity to experiment with a range of creative styles and options. 

Bisazza Pool Tiles_Landscape Design Ideas

Create a stunning feature element using glass mosaic pool tiles! These versatile tiles provide a long lasting finish for your pool’s internal surfaces and can even be used as a decorative feature throughout your outdoor space on garden walls or outdoor murals for a unique and personal creative touch.


Including a selection of suitable outdoor tiles in your landscape design will provide many benefits for your home. Aside from the key points noted above such as defining outdoor spaces and providing a decorative element in your overall design scheme, outdoor tiles provide many practical benefits. 

These tiles are specifically designed to be able to withstand the elements, ensuring they are incredibly durable while also being a long-lasting material. Outdoor tiles are also designed to provide a low maintenance surface finish that will usually only require a simple clean with water. For cleaning advice and product recommendations specific to your selected tile’s material, visit our Resources page. 

Prato_Landscape Design ideas

Handmade in Mexico, our Prato Terracotta tiles can be used in outdoor spaces as warm and rustic wall and floor finish, adding a traditional charm to your outdoor design scheme.

Although some materials such as concrete, terracotta and natural stone tiles for example require sealing every few years, the process is simpler to coordinate outdoors as opposed to indoor spaces as any outdoor furniture is simple to remove and tuck away during the process. 

Outdoor tiles can be used in your landscape design scheme to add character, colour, pattern and charm to your outdoor spaces. Tiles provide a highly durable finish that will last a lifetime with the right care, while allowing you to create the perfect look in your next project. Our team at Perini Tiles can recommend the perfect outdoor tiling solutions that will be best suited to your needs. Visit our tiles showroom in Richmond or schedule a free online design consultation to start creating the perfect look in your landscape design project!