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Know your Tiles when it’s Time to Renovate

Types of Tiles

Choices for tiles these days seem to be endless. Porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, natural stone tiles are all options available but which one is suitable for your specific space? It’s important to do a little homework before going tile shopping so that you can make a better informed choice. Here’s a quick lesson.

Porcelain Tiles

1. Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are fired at very high temperatures.  Due to this manufacturing process porcelain have a very low water absorption, are scratch-resistant and easy to maintain. Porcelain is suitable for floors, walls, splash-backs, feature walls and external areas. Because of its durability porcelain is the most popular choice for all areas of the home and even commercial spaces.

Tip- ‘Rectified’ porcelain tiles can be installed with a thin grout line

Cleaning Tip- Use a soft cloth and mild non acidic house hold cleaner.

Tiles- Supreme Porcelain Tiles

ceramic tiles

2. Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are ideal for wall and light to moderate traffic floor surfaces. They are stain resistant, fire resistant, won’t fade in sunlight and are easy to clean. Generally they are a softer tile making them easier to cut and install. They are however, over time more prone to wear and chipping than porcelain tiles if used on floors.

Tip- It’s a good idea to save an extra box or two of product in case tiles need to be removed and replaced for any reason.  This will ensure correct batch and colour matching.

Cleaning Tip- Use a soft cloth, non abrasive non acidic cleaner.

Tiles- Vattacan Wall Tiles

natural stone tiles

3. Natural Tiles

Natural stone tiles are tough and can be used on floors and walls. It is unique with no two pieces being alike. Characteristics include tonal variation, veining and fossil inclusions.

Tip- Variation in colour, shade and size are inherent in all natural products. Sealing is recommended.

Cleaning Tip- Only mild non-acidic cleaners can be used

Tiles- Carrara Marble Tiles

handmade tiles

4. Handmade Tiles

Handmade tiles offer a style that is quite different to any other tile available.  The characteristics achieved during the baking process are truly amazing. Imperfect edges, glaze variation, interesting patterns and colours that contrast from tile to tile are all handmade trademarks that highlight their uniqueness and ultimate sense of beauty.

Tip- Handmade tiles are generally more costly than a factory made product and tiles are normally made to order therefore a time lead will apply.

Cleaning Tip- A mild cleaner and water should only be used when cleaning

Tiles- Arabian Handmade Clay Tiles

glass pool tiles

Glass Tiles

Glass Tiles are so versatile they can be used in swimming pools, feature walls and some can even be used on floors. Glass mosaic tiles from Italian companies Bisazza and Sicis not only offer a myriad of colours and patterns, but you can also custom design your own.

Tip- Glass mosaics have many grout joints so consider using an epoxy grout as this will protect from staining

Not all glass mosaics are suitable for pools, please check suitability before installation

Tiles- Bisazza Pools

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