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Kitchen Tiles: Selecting the Perfect Kitchen Splashback Tile Option

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Kitchen splashback tiles provide a long lasting, durable and simple to maintain solution for the home kitchen. A kitchen splashback will receive a fair amount of splashing, fingerprints, marks and more, so ensuring your splashback tile can stand up to the normal activities of this often messy area of the house is crucial in creating the perfect kitchen design scheme. The right tiles will provide a splashback option that will create a low maintenance solution in this space, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your home rather than cleaning!

Popular options in kitchen tiles that are best suited for the splashback area include natural stone tiles, porcelain tiles or ceramic wall tiles. Each of these options provide the perfect surface finish that will be forgiving when it comes to disguising fingerprints or marks while also being simple to care for and maintain.

The Benefits of Kitchen Splashback Tiles

Unlike other kitchen splashback options, kitchen tiles provide a vast range of materials, shapes, sizes, colours and finishes, allowing you to select the perfect custom option that will complement your kitchen design scheme and show off your creative flair. Kitchen tiles are specifically designed to provide a long lasting, durable and simple to clean option to ensure ease of maintenance for the home.

Cleaning grout lines is not a concern with modern kitchen tiles with the introduction of epoxy based grouts that will assist in preventing the build-up of grime. These types of grouts provide a non-porous option that will not absorb liquids and with proper cleaning practices, will not fade or discolour. It is important to note that as with all kitchen materials, harsh cleaning products such as bleach for example should best be avoided as they can damage, discolour or stain your tiles, grout, benchtops, etc. You will find cleaning and care recommendations specific to each different material in our handy Resources page.

Porcelain Kitchen Tiles

Porcelain tiles are a favourite choice for the kitchen splashback thanks to their incredibly hard wearing and long lasting qualities. Porcelain is known for its immense resistance to staining, scratching and even heat, being one of the limited materials that can be safely be used behind a gas cooktop in installations where the nearest gas burner sits within 200mm of the nearest vertical surface.

Porcelain tiles can be found in all sorts of options from classic solid colours, subway tiles, timber look tiles and even options that are designed to mimic the look and feel of a natural stone or handmade tile.

Fracture_Kitchen Tiles

Our Fracture Porcelain tiles are a large format Kit Kat tile option available in a range of elegant, neutral tones. These tiles are suitable as a splashback solution, seen here perfectly complementing a marble benchtop and upstand.

In terms of cleaning, you will find that most porcelain tiles are very simple to care for as all that is usually needed is a simple wipe with a damp cloth. Gentle cleaners can also be incorporated in daily clean ups to help remove more stubborn dirt, leaving your tiles in tip-top shape!

Ceramic Splashback Tiles

Ceramic wall tiles are another popular choice for use in the kitchen. Being a softer material than porcelain, ceramic tiles are often restricted to vertical applications only. This quality allows the creation of more elaborate and detailed tile designs such as handmade tiles with a stylish undulating surface finish, etched patterns, 3D effects and more.

Sleek glazes that would normally not be suitable as a floor finish can also be used on ceramic wall tiles, creating a bright finish that will allow for light to travel and bounce through the space.

Konya Ceramic Kitchen Tiles

Our classic and timeless Konya collection offers a wonderful alternative solution to pressed tin wall panels. These unique tiles use raised patterns to create a wonderfully tactile finish, perfect for a classic styled kitchen design scheme.

This glaze will also act as a protective barrier, preventing moisture and other liquids from entering into the body of the tile, meaning that glazed ceramic tiles specifically will not require sealing throughout their lifespan, making them a low maintenance choice for the home. You will also find that this glaze provides a surface finish that is simple to clean, often requiring nothing more than a damp, soft cloth to keep tidy and a gentle tile cleaning solution.

Natural Stone Kitchen Tiles

Natural stone tiles are an excellent choice for the kitchen, creating a luxurious and timeless look in your design scheme. From marble mosaic tiles to travertine subway tiles and more, natural stone kitchen tiles will provide a long lasting, elegant finish in the kitchen. It is always important to note that natural stone tiles will often require a different treatment than ceramic or porcelain varieties as a result of their porous nature. A quality sealant must always be applied at the time of installation and then every few years or so throughout the product’s lifespan.

Gentle cleaning products that are specific to natural stone tiles should be used for regular cleaning of the tiled surface to avoid running the risk of discolouration or damage as a result of harsh cleaning products. You will find a vast range of natural stone tile options available to choose from including elegant marbles, travertine and much more!

Rose Stone_Kitchen Tiles

The Rose Stone collection uses a blush toned natural marble in a range of different formats ro shapes to create a soft and elegant atmosphere. These tiles will add an elegant and warm touch to any style of kitchen design.

Kitchen tiles are available in an impressive range of options from durable porcelain and ceramic tiles to natural stone varieties and much more. Using tiles as a kitchen splashback allows you to easily explore your creativity as you experiment with a range of colours, materials and shapes in your design scheme. Our Richmond tile store houses a large collection of options with our team on hand to guide you through the process of creating the perfect kitchen colour scheme!