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Kitchen Tiles: Fresh Splashback Ideas for 2022

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Trending kitchen tiles include various shapes, patterns and materials that will introduce a warm and characteristic charm to your new design. These exciting new kitchen splashback tiles will add an energetic and colourful element to your home with top trending shapes, timeless materials and soothing textures all being favourite kitchen tile options that will be trending throughout 2022 and beyond!

Colourful Paddle Shaped Tiles

An emerging trend, paddle shaped tiles offer a classic and timeless touch to your kitchen design scheme with their elegant shape creating a stunning feature splashback choice. These tiles can be found in a vast range of colour and material choices, allowing you to create the perfect look in your next kitchen project.Murray_Kitchen Tiles

The Murray porcelain tile collection offers a range of bold colour choices to suit both modern and traditionally styled interiors. These elegant kitchen tiles are hard wearing and durable enough to be used throughout the home, from the kitchen or bathroom, as a flooring solution and even as a pool tile!

Natural Stone Kitchen Tiles

Natural stone tiles have always been a favourite choice for the kitchen thanks to their impressive longevity, durability and of course, their unparalleled beauty and elegance. Natural stones such as marble, granite and onyx for example have been featured in the world’s most luxurious kitchen designs, adding an earthy quality that exudes luxury and refinement. Marble mosaic tiles in particular offer a uniquely timeless charm and thanks to the range of naturally occurring colours and styles to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect match that will suit your new kitchen’s colour scheme!

Moss Green Marble Tiles_Kitchen Tiles

Our Moss Green Marble Tiles are available in three different formats, each showing the wonderfully varied shades of mint, jade, grey and white that this type of marble is known for. It is important to note that natural stone kitchen tiles should be maintained using suitable cleaning products that are gentle enough for a natural product and should also be sealed regularly to avoid any potential discolouration of the stone. For more information on caring for different types of tiles, visit our Resources page.

Japanese Kitchen Tiles

Japanese design and architecture is characterised by its use of texture and materials to create a tranquil, timeless and elegant aesthetic. These principles are present in modern Japanese tiles where earthy colours and textures are used to create a sense of warmth and tranquility in a design scheme. You will find that these tile collections will most often include traditional rectangular shapes in a selection of soft neutral tones. Matte finishes and discreetly textured surfaces are another unique characteristic often present in modern Japanese tile designs, making them an excellent choice for many different styles of design from modern rustic looks to more contemporary interiors.

Rinen Porcelain Tiles

Made in Japan, our Rinen Porcelain tiles are available in three neutral colour options that will provide the perfect complement to any style of interior design from contemporary to classic or country styled aesthetics.

From elegant shapes to timeless textures and natural materials, 2022 sees more use of colour and texture in the home to create a comforting, warm and tranquil environment. Each of these exciting new kitchen tile options can be used to add a stylish element to your new design, effortlessly adding a touch of character and charm to your home. Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you in the selection of the perfect splashback tiles for your new kitchen, guiding you through our extensive collection of both trending and timeless options.