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Kitchen Subway Tile Options: 5 Inspirational Looks

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A classic kitchen subway tile will offer a versatile and timeless design solution. Thanks to their simple rectangular shape, subway tiles can be used in any number of ways throughout your kitchen to create irresistibly tactile surfaces. You will find these tiles available in an endless range of colours and materials, allowing you to experiment with a range of options to create that perfect designer look in your new kitchen’s design scheme!

Kitchen Subway Tile Flooring

Many subway tiles can be used to create a unique flooring solution. Porcelain tiles, terracotta tiles, terrazzo tiles and even natural stone tiles are all popular flooring materials in the home kitchen, each providing an immensely strong, durable and elegant look. Subway tiles can be laid in a large range of patterns, making them a unique yet stylish choice as a kitchen flooring.

Kitchen Subway Tile Flooring_Axel

An Italian made glazed porcelain tile, Axel is available in a wide selection of modern colour options. These stylish tiles can be used as both a floor and wall tile in the kitchen, allowing for a range of designer looks to be achieved.

Tiling a Kitchen Island

A great way to add a decorative touch to your new kitchen design scheme is to tile your kitchen island. Not only will this create an elegant and tactile design feature in your kitchen but it will also provide a protective surface finish across the face of your kitchen island, a feature that is especially handy when seating is included in this area.

Green Kitchen Subway Tile_Biscuit

A smooth, matte tile option, our Biscuit subway tile collection is available in a selection of contemporary colour options and patterns. From bevelled edged tiles to ribbed tile designs, Biscuit can be used as a decorative wall tile in the kitchen to introduce elements of texture and colour in your design scheme.

Combining Tile Materials & Patterns

A great way to breathe new life into a subway tile kitchen splashback is to combine these classic tiles with another tile material or shape to create a unique look. The example below uses classic white gloss kitchen subway tiles with a bold marble finish. The combination of these two elegant wall tiles adds both elements of texture and pattern in the design while still being in perfect balance with each other.

Fracture Kitchen Splashback Tiles

The stylish Fracture kitchen subway tiles are available in a selection of neutral colour options that can easily be paired with a number of different materials and finishes to create a stunning feature.

Pressed Tin Look Kitchen Subway Tile Solutions

Offering a modern take on the traditional white subway tile look, pressed tin look tiles offer a stunning pattern tile option for the kitchen. These tiles mimic the chic characteristics of a traditional pressed tin panel while offering a low maintenance alternative option that will complement a variety of traditional styles of kitchen design.

Konya Pressed Tin Tiles

Available in a selection of colour options, our Konya kitchen subway tile collection is the perfect choice for a traditionally styled kitchen design scheme.

Creating Linear Textures with Kitchen Subway Tiles

Traditional kitchen subway tiles will feature a plain white gloss surface finish however, modern iterations are available in a variety of different colours and even textures allowing for the creation of more dynamic and unique looks. Our WigWag subway tile collection for example includes a simple, linear pattern that can be laid vertically or horizontally on your kitchen walls. These tiles can be used to increase the perception of space in your kitchen’s design scheme depending on the way they are laid: running the pattern upwards on the wall will create the illusion of a higher ceiling as the pattern draws the eye up, whereas laying the tiles horizontally across the wall will create the illusion of a wider space. Furthermore, these types of tiles will add an element of texture in your design scheme, taking a step away from the simple plain surface finish of the traditional white kitchen subway tile.

WigWag Kitchen Subway Tile

Our WigWag kitchen subway tiles are available in modern white, grey and black tile options. These elegant wall tiles can be used in the kitchen to create a sense of pattern and texture, offering a unique variation of the traditional simple white subway tiles that are often used in the kitchen.

Kitchen subway tiles are available in a wide range of exciting options that will add more colour, pattern and texture in your design scheme. These classic wall tiles can be used in many different ways in your new kitchen from being an excellent choice as a feature wall tile or splashback tile to cladding a kitchen island and more. Our Richmond tile showroom is full of luxurious subway tile options to suit every style and budget whilst our knowledgeable team is on hand to offer expert advice at every step of the tile selection process; Visit us or shop for tiles online here!