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Kitchen Lesson: Two Pac versus Laminate


The term Two Pack in this case, refers to a type of painted finish used on kitchen cabinetry. Paint and hardener are combined to create a two-part/two pack solution, which produces the same quality and characteristics of automotive paint.

Kitchen Renovation Albert Park
Kitchen Renovation Albert Park
This Albert Park Kitchen renovation uses Dulux colours ‘Black Spur’ and ‘Mount Arapiles’ in a high gloss two pack finish.

A High Pressure Laminate is a synthetic product that is made of compressed and plasticized sheets of paper, with the topmost layers coated in resins and dyes to create both colour and texture on the surface.

Kitchen Renovation Collingwood
Kitchen Renovation Collingwood
This Collingwood Kitchen renovation uses Laminex colours ‘Battalion’ and ‘Peacock’ in a smooth, Natural finish.

Colours and Finishes

Two pack allows you the freedom of selecting any colour available – our clients use Dulux’s vast selection to find the exact tint they prefer. Two pack is also available in several finishes: matt, satin, semi-gloss, full gloss, textured and metallic gloss. We recommend the semi and full gloss finishes as these are the easiest to maintain.

Laminate companies do offer an enormous range of colours, patterns and textures however you are restricted to these options and cannot customise to suit your preferences. Most brands of laminate products offer various finishes, from matt to satin, high gloss and textured finishes.  It is important to keep in mind that not all colours may be available in every finish.

Cost difference

Two pack is usually around 30-40% more expensive than laminate due to the quality of the product and the additional costs of labour involved in the manufacture and painting process. It is important to note that each laminate manufacturer has its own pricing structure, with different price tiers within their collections, meaning that different laminate finishes do cost more than the standard smooth laminate finish.


Two Pack offers a hard finish making it less prone to scratches and wear. It is also a low maintenance option that will last you for a very long time. A Two Pack finish will not peel off, nor will it show edging. Two Pack also offers you the luxury of being able to replace a single door should any damage ever occur, whereas most laminates and vinyls do not.

A good quality laminate is also highly durable and will last you a very long time. The many advances made in technology and the manufacturing process of the product, have ensured that modern laminates are much more hard wearing and resistant to damage than their original predecessors were. 

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