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Kitchen Inspiration with Geometric Wall Tiles

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Geometric wall tiles are often used to create a decorative feature in the kitchen, whether as a kitchen splashback tile, a feature wall tile or as a vertical finish on the face of a kitchen island. Geometric tiles are a popular choice for these types of applications thanks to the many varied options; you can find a range of traditional and modern styles in a range of different shapes as well as tile materials to choose from. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite geometric wall tiles that will add a dramatic and stylish touch in your new kitchen!

Dreamy Feature Kitchen Splashback Tiles

Geometric wall tiles are available in a wide selection of different patterns and shapes, even in dreamy floral patterns! These elegant mosaic tiles can be used as a unique splashback tile solution to create a romantic finishing touch in your new kitchen’s design scheme. Made using a combination of real marble tiles, each individual piece is attached to a mesh backing to allow for ease of installation.

Perini-florette collection_Flower Tiles

Our stunning Florette collection oozes elegance and charm! Available in three different colour options, Florette is made using a combination of real marble tiles that are attached to a mesh backing for better ease of installation.

Experiment with Light & Shadow using 3D Geometric Wall Tiles

A great way to add a dramatic feature element in the kitchen is to include 3D wall tiles that will create a rich sense of depth and pattern. These types of wall tiles use a combination of raised and lowered surfaces to create stunning patterns. Highlight your 3D geometric wall tiles with targeted feature lighting to accentuate their patterns, enhancing their luxurious look!

Arthouse 3D Tiles_Geometric Wall Tiles

Available in a variety of three dimensional patterns, the Arthouse collection includes a selection of neutral white tiles as well as black tiles. These stylish 3D wall tiles can be used to create an elegant vibe in the kitchen as a feature wall tile or splashback tile, especially when paired with targeted lighting.

Sophisticated Green Kitchen Tiles

Green tiles offer a timeless colour choice in the kitchen. Reflecting the brilliant green colours seen in nature, our Tempo mosaic tiles feature irregular shapes in varying shades of emerald. These stunning feature tiles will pair well with a range of timeless and trending materials such as marble, concrete and timber, being a versatile yet impactful design solution for the kitchen.

Tempo Green Tiles_Geometric Wall Tiles

A rich and sophisticated geometric wall tile option, Tempo features varying shades of emerald in its elegant irregular shapes. These mosaic tiles can be used as a dramatic finishing touch in your home’s kitchen design scheme, pairing well with a range of materials such as marble and timber.

Luxurious Marble Geometric Wall Tiles

Real marble tiles have been used architecture and design for thousands of years, ensuring their place as a timeless choice for the home. These elegant tiles are often used as a splashback tile or decorative wall tile in the kitchen, adding a luxurious and sophisticated touch in your overall design scheme. Due to their immense strength, durability and beauty, marble wall tiles are available in a wide range of elegant options from mosaic tiles, hexagon tiles, penny round tiles and plenty more. Our Rosetta marble tile collection includes a wide range of luxurious tile shapes in a soft pink marble, offering a timeless yet playful look to complement your kitchen.

rosetta marble tiles

Our elegant Rosetta marble tile collection is available in a wide selection of tile formats and styles including elegant herringbone tiles, penny round tiles, subway tiles and plenty more.

Outdoor Wall Tiles for an Alfresco Area

An outdoor kitchen or alfresco area provides a unique opportunity to decorate your home’s outdoor spaces. It is important to retain a sense of unity between your home’s indoor and outdoor design schemes which can easily be achieved by selecting a specific colour, material or pattern and carrying this element through both indoor and outdoor areas of your design scheme. In the example below, our deep charcoal toned Pueblo geometric wall tiles are used to make a feature in the outdoor cooking and meals area. The charcoal tone of these concrete look tiles is reflected in the masonry used for the facades of the home as well as in the adjoining interior space where we catch a glimpse of the same colour in the interior joinery.

Pueblo Geometric Wall Tiles

The luxurious Pueblo collection includes a selection of geometric pattern tiles as well as solid colour options that can be combined to create a unique statement in your design scheme. This concrete look tile collection can be used in indoor spaces as well as outdoor covered areas.

Geometric wall tiles can be used throughout your home’s interior and exterior spaces to create elegant features in your design scheme. These stylish tiles are available in a wide range of exciting options to suit classic and contemporary designs alike. Our Melbourne tiles store houses an immense collection of pattern tile and geometric tile options that are sourced from all around the world. Our team will provide expert advice throughout the tile selection process, ensuring your project’s cohesive colour scheme – Visit us or shop for tiles online here!