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Kitchen Flooring Options: 5 Unique Designer Tiles

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Your home’s kitchen flooring should be strong enough to endure the spills and mess of a busy home kitchen! Floor tiles offer the perfect solution for this part of the home, being a surface finish that is simple to clean and maintain while also offering the luxury of allowing for a range of different design styles to be achieved. Kitchen floor tiles are available in an endless range of luxurious options, from stylish timber look tiles to stone inspired pieces or terrazzo tiles.

Stylish & Durable Porcelain Kitchen Flooring

Porcelain tiles are renowned for their impressive qualities; these tiles are virtually non-porous, meaning that unlike other tiling options, they will not require sealing in order to be protected. Porcelain tiles offer a surface finish that is resistant to staining, scratching, heat and moisture, making them a popular kitchen flooring solution. Stone look porcelain tiles are a unique and modern solution. These types of tiles are specifically designed to mimic the nuances and varied patterns of natural stone tiles, including marble, limestone or granite tiles. Porcelain tiles will offer an excellent alternative solution for those after a natural stone look without the need for sealing; an ideal solution for busy home kitchens!

Andale Grey Tiles_Kitchen Flooring

Available in a selection of soft, neutral grey options, the Andale porcelain tiles can be used in the kitchen as a low maintenance flooring solution, being ideal for busy homes.

Retro Inspired Pattern Tile Kitchen Flooring

Retro interior design is once again trending in the home! Retro colour palettes that include creamy whites, mossy greens, warm citrus tones and lush, mustard hues, create a rich and playful experience in the home. To modernise this colour palette, each colour is slightly more muted than the traditional retro styles of the 1970s, creating a more contemporary look that draws inspiration from rather than replicates the more vivid styles of this era. Adding patterns into your kitchen design scheme will create a fun and playful experience in the home, offering you the opportunity to explore with a range of styles and colours to create a unique and personal finishing touch.

Busan Pattern Tiles_Kitchen Flooring

Our stylish Busan pattern tiles can be used as both a floor tile or splashback tile solution in the kitchen, adding a rich and warm look in the home. Busan is available in a selection of elegant and playful pattern tile options, each offering its own unique sense of style.

Classic Terrazzo Tiles in the Kitchen

Terrazzo tiles were first created as a means of using up by-products of the stone manufacturing industry. Assorted chips and pieces of natural stones such as marble or granite would be gathered up and then scattered through a bed of wet cement to create an incredibly dense and durable tiling solution. These classic tiles continue to be created in this fashion, offering a wonderfully patterned option for the home that is available in a wide variety of colours to choose from. Although terrazzo tiles do require sealing in order to be best maintained over time, they can be professionally rejuvenated when needed, ensuring a lifetime of enjoyment in the home!

New Tech Terrazzo Tiles_Kitchen Flooring

Our stylish New Tech collection includes a variety of lush, neutral colour options to choose from. These traditional yet timeless tiles can be paired with a range of different materials and finishes to create a unique look throughout your home and in the kitchen.

Timber Tiles in the Home

Timber tiles are a unique, modern tiling solution that can be used as a floor or wall tile in the home. Certain varieties can also be used in outdoor flooring applications, offering a luxurious and low maintenance alternative solution to traditional timber decking. These types of tiles are made of durable porcelain, a tile material that is popular for its many low maintenance qualities, making it one of the most popular kitchen tile options. Timber tiles can be incorporated in your new kitchen’s design scheme, providing a surface finish that can effortlessly be tied in with the rest of your home’s colour and materials palette for a strong sense of continuity between your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Dante Timber Tiles

Incredibly hard wearing and durable, the Dante collection is made up of a strong porcelain finish that will offer a low maintenance solution in the kitchen. Available in a selection of traditional timber colours, Dante effortlessly emulates the varied look and texture of traditional timbers.

Combining Textures & Finishes in the Kitchen

Create a rich and decadent experience in the kitchen by combining a selection of rich and earthy textures. Texture in the home encourages a sense of warmth, comfort and tranquillity, ensuring a welcoming vibe. Our Jumble collection combines a variety of different natural stone inspired textures, patterns and finishes to create a luxuriously tactile and elegant style. These unique porcelain tiles will once again provide a low maintenance solution for the kitchen, being a popular option for busy homes.

Jumble Porcelain Tiles

Available in a selection of sophisticated earthy colour options, the Jumble collection combines a range of different natural stone inspired patterns and textures to create a tactile and rich experience in the home.

Kitchen floor tiles offer an immensely durable and hard wearing solution. Floor tiles are available in an endless variety of colours, textures, shapes and materials, allowing you a world of creative designer solutions that will help you achieve the exact look you are after in the home! Our Melbourne tiles store is constantly being updated with all the latest designer tiles from all around the world; visit us or shop for tiles online here!