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Keeping to a Tiling Budget: How Much Should Tiling Cost?

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If you are planning a new home build or home renovation, keeping track of your project’s budget is an all important step in the process. If you are wondering how much should tiling cost, our quick guide will help you figure out not only the costs involved in tiling a project but also offer a few cost saving tips to help you keep your building budget in check!

Tiling Cost Considerations: Waterproofing, Materials & Labour

The overall cost for tiling will depend on a few key factors. These include the cost of the tiles themselves, the tile size, layout and grout, as well as waterproofing requirements, and labour costs. When planning your bathroom renovation for example, it is important to ensure you are waterproofing and tiling the areas as specified in the NCC to ensure compliance. These areas include your bathroom floor and walls to specific locations. For example, the walls above your bathtub and basin will need to be waterproofed and tile to a certain height while your shower must also meet specific requirements in order to ensure compliance. Make sure to check the most current requirements as noted in the NCC in order to ensure compliance.

Landscape Porcelain Tiles

The space behind your bathroom basin must be finished in a water resistant material up to a certain height in accordance with the NCC. Our Landscape collection is featured in this luxuriously modern bathroom design to complement the concrete vanity top. Available in three neutral colour tones, Landscape is available in two versatile sizes and can be used as a floor or wall tile throughout your home’s interior spaces.

Laying Different Types of Tiles

When selecting your new tiles, it is important to take note of their material in order to pass this information on to your Tiler as different types of tiles may incur a higher cost to lay. A tile’s pricing is often determined by a few factors which can include the material they are made of, their country of origin, their size and finish. For more detailed information on the various costs of tiles, view our guide here.

Taffee Subway Tiles_Tiling Cost

Different tile layouts can often attract a higher price tag to lay. Our elegant Taffee subway tiles are featured in this space laid in a basket weave pattern. Groups of three individual tiles are laid running horizontally followed by the next group of three running vertically to create a unique pattern.

With this information on hand, your Tiler will be able to offer you a more precise quote for the required works, ensuring there are no hiccups throughout the course of your tiling project. Large format floor tiles for example can be heavy and cumbersome to work with which in turn will often lead to a higher cost to tile floor areas and walls. Designer tiles such as traditional terrazzo tiles or classic encaustic tiles will also usually attract a higher price tag to lay as these too are quite heavy while also requiring an experienced hand to work with.

How Much Should Tiling Cost?

Tiling costs can vary greatly depending on several different factors; these include: The types of tiles used in your project, the type of grout required, patterns or unique shapes in your tile selections, as well as the weight and size of your selected tiles. In general, a Tiler will usually charge $85 – $160 per square metre of tiling. Some projects may instead incur a fixed project cost rather than an hourly charge (such as pool tiling for example) which is why passing on as much information as possible to your Tiler during the quotation stage is an all important step.

Dorado Marble tiles

Natural stone tiles offer a timeless and sophisticated vibe in any application! It is important to note that natural stone tiles such as our Dorado Stone marble tiles for example, can be sourced in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Unique tile shapes can often attract a higher labour cost when laying which is why you will notice that these types of tiles are often used selectively throughout a project as a feature tile.

Seeking Out Quotes for Tiling

When seeking out tiling quotes from Tilers, it is important to provide as much information as possible in order to receive an accurate price and ensure there are no unexpected additional costs during the course of your project.

Make sure to include:

  • Your specific tiles selections, inclusive of the tile’s size and material
  • The layout or pattern that you’d like your tiles to be laid in
  • The type of grout and grout colour you’d like to use
  • Drawings of your project where possible (These include floorplans and elevations which can be prepared by your Interior Designer or Architect). Detailed drawings should include all of the above noted information as well as the extent of your tiling and tile quantities.

terrazzo tiles_Tiling Cost

The material and weight of your chosen tiles will often impact the cost of labour in your tiling project. Terrazzo tiles for example, are usually quite heavy and will also need to be laid by someone with experience in using this type of product which in turn can add to the cost of tiling your project.

Keeping to a Budget: Reining in your Project’s Tiling Cost

If you are working towards a strict budget, reining in the cost of your project’s tiling requirements may help you meet your budget goal. As noted above, there are specific areas noted in the NCC where a waterproof finish must be applied in the bathroom such as the space above your basin, the shower, bathtub and of course, your bathroom floor. If you are looking to reduce costs in your project, there are a few different options you can look at. These include swapping out your selected tiles to a more cost effective option, revisiting your chosen tile pattern or layout and reducing the extent of your tiling. In the bathroom for example, rather than tiling all walls right up to the ceiling, you may instead choose to only tile your walls up to a certain height around the room (with the exception of your shower areas which must be tiled to a minimum of 1800mm in height around the shower rose). Using one or all of these cost saving tips will help you rein in your tiling budget and keep your project on track!

When planning a tiling project, there are many different factors that can affect the final cost. Whether you are renovating your home, your investment property or building a new home, our team at Perini Tiles can offer you advice and guidance at each step of the way when specifying your new tiles. Visit us at our Richmond tiles store or start your journey by shopping for tiles online here!