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Interior Design Trends: Top 10 Tiles of 2022

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As the year draws to a close, we’re taking a look at some of the most popular indoor and outdoor tile options of 2022. These top ten tiles each reflect current and forecast interior design trends, including rustic chic styles to classic mosaic tiles, subtle nods to the past as well as nature inspired colour palettes. You will notice a strong emphasis on creating warmth in the home as each of these trending tiles create a soothing and tranquil atmosphere by introducing rich, earthy colours, textures and patterns into our homes.

Rustic Chic Interior Design Trends

Combining the rustic, earthy qualities of the traditional farmhouse style with modern Scandinavian interior design trends, rustic chic interiors offer a wonderfully tactile atmosphere in the home. Our Italian made Bata porcelain tiles effortlessly emulate the look and feel of a distressed brick finish. These modern tiles provide an exceptionally versatile solution for the home being ideal for use as a laundry or kitchen splashback tile, as a bathroom wall tile and even as an outdoor tile option that can be used externally for pathways or even to clad your home’s facades!

Bata brick tiles_interior design trends

Available in an assortment of rich, rustic colour options, our Bata collection offers an exceptionally versatile tiling solution for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Bata is available in a selection of warm colour options to suit traditional and modern home designs alike.

Terracotta tiles provide another solution for introducing warmth and character into your home’s design scheme, adding a sense of texture and rich colour. Unlike porcelain tiles, traditional terracotta tiles are a porous material and will require sealing however, their immense strength and longevity more than make up for this factor!

Terracotta Tiles

Our Bolzano terracotta tile collection is available in two luscious traditional terracotta tones and in two classic formats with a square option and subway tile option. These elegant tiles are suitable for all interior floor and wall surfaces, creating a warm and elegant finishing touch in any design scheme.

Nostalgic Patterns: Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo was first introduced into the world of architecture and design as a means of repurposing leftover pieces of natural stone and coloured glass. These materials would be set into a bed of concrete to create a new material that could be used throughout the home as an incredibly durable and long lasting surface finish.

New Tech Terrazzo Tiles_interior design trends

Available in an assortment of soft, neutral colour options, the New Tech terrazzo tiles feature an impressive 600 x 600mm size and are suitable for use as a floor or wall tile throughout your home’s interior spaces.

Traditional terrazzo continues to be made using this method, offering new life to materials that would have otherwise been thrown away. Our immense collection of authentic terrazzo tiles includes a range of varying colours as well as assorted chip sizes, allowing you a vast range of choices when creating that perfect designer look in your design scheme.


Our New Tech 2.0 collection is available in a selection of neutral colour options to suit any style of home, from classic to contemporary.

terrazzo teknika_Terrazzo Tiles_interior design trends

The Teknika collection includes a range of elegant colour options in an assortment of chip sizes to complement your selected interior design scheme. These stylish tiles are suitable for use as both a floor and wall tile throughout your home’s interior spaces, making for a versatile design solution in any application.

Inspired by Nature: Stone Look Porcelain Tiles

Drawing inspiration from the colours and textures present in natural stones, modern porcelain tiles offer a near perfect representation of popular materials such as marble, basalt, slate and more. Unlike their natural stone tile counterparts, porcelain stone-look tiles are a non-porous option that can be used throughout the home to offer a hard wearing, durable and long lasting surface finish that will not require the same level of care and maintenance as a porous natural stone would.

Pamir Stone Look Tiles

Available in an assortment of earthy colour options that replicate the look and feel of natural stone, the Pamir collection includes both indoor and outdoor tile options as well as a herringbone tile option to help you create and combine textures and patterns in your interior design scheme.

Hellin Porcelain Tiles

The popular Hellin collection includes a selection of deep grey and charcoal tones. These tiles offer a stunningly realistic representation of natural stones, complete with subtle variations in colour, tone and pattern to enhance their authentic appearance.

Traditional natural stone tiles are porous, meaning that they will require specific cleaning products as well as sealing in order to best maintain their integrity while assisting in the prevention of staining or discolouration. Despite these factors, natural stone products do continue to be a well sought after option for the home as their natural beauty and elegance is simply unparalleled! For those who are looking to source a material that does not require the same level of care however, porcelain stone-look options are indeed the next best solution.

Interior Design Trends: Mosaic Tiles

Kit Kat tiles (also referred to as finger mosaic tiles) have been trending in interior design over the past year and continue to be a strong feature in modern home design. These types of mosaic tiles add a subtle texture and pattern in the home making them a popular choice for use as a kitchen or laundry splashback tile as well as a fireplace surround cladding.

Bastone Mosaic Tiles_interior design trends

Featuring an array of rich, earthy colour options, the Bastone Kit Kat mosaic tile collection is available in both gloss or matte finishes for a luxurious finishing touch in any interior design scheme.

Yubi Finger Mosaic Tiles_interior design trends

The Yubi finger mosaic tile collection includes a stunning selection of vibrant colour options that will bring your design scheme to life! Suitable for use as a wall tile throughout the home, this glazed porcelain collection can be used to create stunning features in your kitchen, bathroom or living area.

Taking a step away from the elegant Kit Kat mosaic tile format, you will also find many other luxurious tile patterns to be trending from classic herringbone tile options to stylish penny round tiles. These mosaic tiles will add a wonderfully tactile experience in any application, once again being a popular choice for use as a feature tile throughout the home’s interior spaces.

Moda Mosaic Tile_Pink Tiles

Our Moda mosaic tile collection includes an assortment of stylish shapes and patterns in an elegant selection of soft, pastel tones in a smooth matte finish. An enamelled glass tile option, Moda can be used as a floor tile as well as a wall tile around the home.

Our top tiles throughout 2022 are a reflection of current and forecast interior design trends with a strong emphasis on rich, earthy tones, subtle patterns and tactile textures. We look forward to seeing even more exciting project coming to life in the new year using our tiles; For assistance in selecting your new tiles and creating the perfect colour palette, visit our Richmond tiles store or shop for tiles online!