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Interior Design Ideas using Herringbone Tile Patterns

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Herringbone tile patterns provide a striking yet timeless feature for any space of the home, from the kitchen to the bathroom and more. This classic tile pattern is created using the traditional rectangular shape of the subway tile which allows for a range of exciting tile layouts to be created that will each add a strong sense of character and charm to any interior design scheme. Using a classic herringbone tile pattern, you can add a glamorous and luxurious finishing touch to your home, with this elegant pattern being a timeless choice that will suit any style of interior.

Herringbone Tile Patterns using Natural Stone

Natural stone tiles offer a rich and timeless touch to your home’s interior design scheme. These tile collections are available in an immense selection of stone types, each with a range of naturally occurring colours and patterns from the soft milky tones of Calacatta marble to the deep, jade veins of Ming marbles. Pairing the classic stylings of natural stone with the timeless charm of herringbone tile patterns truly is a match made in heaven!

Calacatta marble subway tiles_herringbone tile patterns

This playful pink themed bathroom design scheme pairs our luscious Calacatta subway tiles in a classic herringbone tile pattern with soft blush tones and glimmering gold finishes for a magical experience!

Herringbone Kitchen Tiles

Subway tiles have long been a go-to choice for use as a kitchen splashback solution thanks to their simple shape and the many various finishes, materials and colours available. Using herringbone tile patterns in the kitchen creates a striking feature element in the space that can be carried throughout the home to ensure a sense of continuity. For example, your kitchen splashback tiles can also be used to clad the face of your kitchen island for a unique decorative touch; they can be used to create a feature splashback in the laundry room or even as a feature wall tile in the bathroom, providing a strong sense of continuity in your home’s interior design scheme.

Daliri Subway Tiles

Our Daliri subway tiles are used in this modern kitchen to create a stylish pattern on the splashback. Their striking deep green colour is the perfect choice for creating a tranquil atmosphere in the home while also providing a unique and colourful look. These modern subway tiles are available in a selection of nature inspired tones that will help you create that same sense of tranquility in your home, whether they are included in your kitchen, laundry or bathroom design scheme.

3D Effect Herringbone Tile Patterns

3D effect tiles have been steadily increasing in popularity thanks to their unique ability to create a bold, enigmatic finishing touch in any interior design scheme. These types of tiles feature raised and lowered surfaces that can be used in your home’s interior design scheme to create stunning features, whether they are included in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry or even as a feature element in other areas of the home such as the living area, entryway or dining space for a modern look. 3D effect tiles create a stunning play on the effects of light and shadow in your home and can be highlighted with direct lighting to enhance their shape and pattern. This technique will create a bold and dynamic finishing touch in the home.

3d tiles Konvek+herringbone tile patterns

Laid in a classic herringbone tile pattern in this example, our Konvek collection offers a broad selection of bold and neutral colour options to suit any style of interior design. These 3D effect tiles add an irresistibly tactile quality to the home, bursting with character and charm.

Outdoor Wall Tiles

Tiles can be used as a cladding material for your home’s exterior facades. The most popular options include porcelain tiles as well as natural stone tiles. Add instant curb appeal using an outdoor wall tile in a classic herringbone tile pattern on your home’s facades for a truly show-stopping look! The porcelain tiles pictured below offer a realistic representation of distressed masonry, creating a wonderfully authentic touch to your home’s outdoor design scheme.

Bata Porcelain Tiles_herringbone tile patterns

Our modern Bata subway tiles offer a realistic representation of a distressed masonry finish. These tiles can be used to create stylish feature walls both inside and outside of the home and are available in a selection earthy colour options, allowing you to create the perfect complement to your home’s design scheme.

Herringbone tiles patterns can be incorporated in any style of home design from classically styled spaces to ultra-modern homes. This timeless tile pattern instantly adds a touch of character and charm to any design scheme! Our Richmond tiles store houses an immense range of subway tiles you can use to create stunning patterns and styles in your next project.