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Wall tiles offer the perfect solution when it comes to introducing colour, pattern and energy to your interiors thanks to the many exciting options available. With bold new designer tile looks regularly emerging, there are endless possibilities in creating your own unique touch in your next renovation or new home build. These incredibly inspirational wall tile ideas range from bold and dynamic designer murals, elegant and ornate handmade-look varieties as well as stylish shapes and colours that will showcase your own creative flair. 


Create a dynamic visual experience in your home’s interiors using designer mural tiles. These stunning collections are digitally printed onto ultra-thin porcelain sheets, offering high definition images in a range of bold and striking colours, patterns and designs. These tiles are certainly designed for maximum impact! Our Paper41 Pro Collection (pictured below in the Flora design) features an endless range of designer tile solutions, each in a distinct and unique design. From geometric, colourful patterns to exciting florals and tropical murals, these tiles make for an incredible statement in the home. 

Designed to turn heads, our incredibly stylish Paper41 Pro collection includes a range of bold, vivid designs in a super-thin 3.5mm porcelain sheet format. These stunning tiles offer maximum impact in a design, making for the perfect feature tile in any application throughout your interior spaces.


The beauty of handmade tiles is that no two tiles are exactly the same as a result of the hand-making process. Slight variations in shape, texture and depth of colour are present in the tile collections, making them a well sought after statement piece for any style of interior. Glazed, handmade ceramic tiles are one of the most popular options as the glaze is baked onto the surface of the tile, forming a hyper glossy, glass-like finish that emphasises the vivid colour of the tiles while also doing away with the need for sealing. Handmade-look options are also available; these collections offer a similar look to authentic handmade tiles, including organic variations in shape, form and colour in a machine made option, offering a flexible price point.

The spectacular Fern collection offers a machine made alternative to traditionally handmade tiles, offering a similar look and feel for the home. Used in this stylish and colourful kitchen in the Flora option, the Fern handmade-look tiles make for a striking feature wall that injects the space with bold colour while allowing light to travel throughout the interior as it bounces off the tile’s glossy surface. 


When putting together your colour and material scheme for a home renovation or new build, creating a personal touch using bright and exciting colours is an excellent way to show off your creative side! Pastel tones for example, add a playful yet glamorous look to an interior design scheme while also making for the perfect neutral backdrop to a range of trending and timeless materials such as warm concrete, luscious marbles and raw timber. 

The exciting Rainbow Prism wall tiles feature a multi-coloured octagon shape. This collections creates a bold and playful statement, adding a strong touch of creativity in the home. 


Fill your home with energetic patterns designed to inspire! Geometric pattern tiles add a bold, structured element to the home, whether the patterns are created using a variety of different shaped tiles or printed pattern tiles. Popular shapes include hexagons, octagons, triangles and diamonds. The shape of each individual tile can be further accentuated using a contrasting coloured grout that will outline and define the shapes to enhance the patterns. These wall tiles make for an excellent feature element in all space of the home, from the kitchen to the bathroom, once again allowing you to express and explore your creativity in design.

The exquisite Argo Hexagon Porcelain Tiles are available in a wide range of exciting colours, from warm neutrals to bold, deep colour options such as the incredibly vivid Blu options pictures in this elegant powder room design. 

Designer wall tiles offer the perfect solution when you are looking to create a striking feature in the home as they allow you the freedom of exploring your own creativity and showcasing your individual design flair. Each of these exciting styles can be used in various applications throughout the home to introduce pattern, colour and energy to your interior design scheme. Our team at Perini Tiles can recommend the very best and latest in designer tile options to help you create that perfect look! Visit our tiles showroom in Richmond or schedule a free online design consultation to start exploring the latest in interior design trends!