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Hygge Interior Design Inspiration: Are Terracotta Tiles Trending or Timeless?

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Terracotta tiles have recently made a comeback thanks to the popularity of the Hygge interior design trend. These luscious, earthy tiles offer an elegant warmth and charm to a home’s design scheme thanks to their unique characteristics. It is a well-known fact that interior design trends tend to cycle through the decades, with materials and colours that were once popular recirculating again years later. Are terracotta tiles yet another trend or do they provide a timeless design option?

What is Hygge Interior Design?

The term Hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-ga’) has been appearing in interior design trend guides over the last couple of years but what exactly is it? In short, the term Hygge refers to a Danish concept that centres on the feelings of warmth, comfort, being cosy in your surroundings and in one’s self and an appreciation of simple, everyday life. As a result of the tumultuous times we are living in, these principles have become more important in the home and in our day to day lives. We are all looking to create a sense of comfort and security within the home as well as a sense of relaxation.

Prato_Hygge Interior Design

Our rustic Prato Terracotta collection is simply bursting with character! These tiles are hand crafted in Mexico using traditional techniques; each piece is unique from the next, creating a wonderfully earthy atmosphere in any application.

What are Terracotta Tiles?

Taking a leaf out of the Hygge interior design handbook, terracotta tiles provide an excellent addition to your colour scheme when you are looking to create a warm and comforting atmosphere in the home. These tiles are made of iron rich clays that are fired at lower temperatures than that of porcelain tiles, resulting in a warm, earthy tile option that can easily be used as a wall or floor solution in the home.

Terracotta tiles are often used in their raw form without any sort of glaze applied to their face, especially the varieties of terracotta tile that are used as a flooring solution as their distinct texture creates a grip effect. During the firing process, each individual tile will often receive varying amounts of heat which in turn results in the varying depths of colour seen on each tile. The true beauty of these elegant, earthy tiles lies in their inherent variations; terracotta tiles are usually handmade and as such, each will feature variations in thickness, shape and texture as well as colour that all work together to create an organic beauty. It should be noted that unglazed terracotta tiles are porous in nature and as such, will require sealing at the time of installation and then every few years or so thereafter in order to protect the tiles from staining or marking as a result of spills or dirt. Find out more about caring for terracotta floor tiles in our Resources page.

Hygge Interior Design_Split Terracotta Tiles

Fun, playful and full of character, our Split collection offers a slim subway tile solution that is made of earthy terracotta. The collection uses a range of colourful glazes that will add a burst of energy to any interior design scheme. The Split collection can comfortably be used as either a floor or wall tile solution throughout your home’s interiors.

Glazed terracotta tiles on the other hand will include a coloured glaze across the surface of the tile that will act as a protective barrier against moisture and dirt. These tiles will not require sealing and although most varieties are restricted to vertical applications, you will find some options available in glazed terracotta tile collections that can be used as a floor tile in the home.

Creating a Comforting Environment: What Colours go well with Terracotta Tiles?

Warm, rustic and earthy, terracotta tiles make for quite the striking feature element in the home! Their burnt orange colouring and rough, textured surface sets the tone for a nature inspired colour palette, perfect for creating an atmosphere that is soothing and tranquil, providing warmth and security.

Hygge Interior Design_Splice Terracotta Tiles

A glazed terracotta tile collection, Splice is available in three icy nature inspired tones. These wall tiles can be used in a variety of different patterns and styles that will create an element of energy and interest in your interior design scheme.

Warm timbers, rough concrete textures and even white marbles can all be paired well with terracotta tiles in the home. Contrast the warm earthy tones and textures of terracotta tiles with crisp whites or soft creams for an elegant and timeless look in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry area. When using terracotta tiles in other spaces of the home (such as the living or dining area for example) you can incorporate warm timber furniture, white, beige or cream toned soft furnishings for a well-balanced look that is comforting to the senses.

So, is Terracotta Timeless?

The timeless appeal of terracotta is proven in the way this material has been used over centuries! Terracotta has long been a favourite choice for the home however, the materials and colours that are paired with it will make all the difference in ensuring your home’s style is truly timeless. Using the principles of Hygge as an inspiration, terracotta will work exceptionally well when combined with natural materials and finishes as well as soft, neutral tones to create a sense of balance and harmony in your interior design scheme.

Terracotta tiles offer a wonderfully timeless look in the home, especially when used as part of a nature inspired colour palette. Our Richmond tile store is full of tiling ideas and inspiration whilst our friendly team is on hand to assist you in your material selections for your next project.