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How to use Pattern Tiles in your Renovation

Creating a bold and energetic design scheme in your next home renovation is simple with pattern tiles! Patterns can be created in your tiling scheme through the use of shape or colour for a stylish feature element that is bursting with character and charm. There are many interesting ways to use pattern tiles in your next home renovation to create a dramatic touch in your design scheme, from feature walls and floors to splashbacks and more! 

Pattern Tile Bathroom Feature Wall

Patterned tiles in the bathroom provide a sure fire way to instantly elevate your design to the next level by adding shape, colour and of course, pattern to the space. Patterned tiles can be used for a show-stopping feature wall either behind your vanity unit or bathtub or even in the shower for a touch of character and colour. Using patterned tiles paired with solid coloured wall tiles in the space also provides an excellent way to define separate zones in the bathroom to create a strong sense of balance and harmony without overwhelming the eye. 

Pattern wall tiles

Our boldly coloured Argo Hexagon Porcelain Tiles offer a wonderfully saturated colour selection for a striking feature element in the bathroom. Perfectly contrasting the crisp whites and soft greys in this modern bathroom design, the Argo Hexagon collection makes for the perfect feature element!

Patterned Tile Feature Flooring

Encaustic tiles (also commonly referred to as cement or concrete tiles) are an especially popular choice when it comes to selecting the perfect feature floor tiles. These tiles are traditionally made using centuries old techniques; a cement mixture is created using various dyes to create the dusty colour schemes these tiles are so well known for. The mixture is then poured into templates to create the patterns featured on these stylish tiles before being dried out. The end result is a hard wearing and durable product that will truly stand the test of time! 

pattern floor tiles

Greg Natale’s Cubo collection offers an authentic encaustic tile in a variety of designs and geometric patterns that will create a show-stopping look in the home.

Concrete is however a porous material that can absorb liquid or powder spills; in order to avoid any discolouration or staining of the product, specific sealers should be used to protect your concrete tiles and keep them looking their best! Our team at Perini Tiles can recommend the best sealing products as well as the best cleaning solutions that will ensure your new tiles are well maintained throughout their lifespan.

A lasting and ever-durable material, concrete floor tiles make for the perfect feature flooring in the home. Their infamous patterns and vivid colour options provide the perfect option for adding that designer touch to the home and can be used to create a feature floor in all spaces, from the kitchen and bathroom to the living area and everything in between!

how to use pattern tiles

Offering a modern take on the traditional encaustic tile designs, the Atlantic collection includes an impressive range of pattern and colour choices.

Patterned Kitchen Splashback Tiles

For those looking for an alternative option to the traditional concrete tiles, porcelain tiles offer the next best choice with the additional benefit of doing away with the requirement for sealing throughout their lifespan. Porcelain tiles are a near completely non-porous material that can withstand heat, temperature shock, scratching as well as staining making them a well sought after option for spaces such as the kitchen where these benefits will definitely come in handy. 

With the many advances made in tile making technology, porcelain tiles can be created to mimic specific textures and materials ranging from traditional concrete to marble, granite and even timber for a wonderfully low maintenance alternative choice for the home and can be especially handy for areas such as the kitchen splashback where these natural materials are often best avoided.

pattern tile splash back

The exciting Harlow porcelain tiles can be used as either a floor or wall finish in the home. The collection offers a range of stylish timeless patterns to help you create the perfect look in every area of the home.

Patterned porcelain tiles as demonstrated in the example above, will offer the perfect simulation of traditional materials, opening the doors to more creative options in your kitchen splashback. These exciting modern collection allow for a variety of designs to be achieved as the traditional patterns and colour options of concrete tiles can now be replicated in a low maintenance option that will perfectly complement your new kitchen’s design scheme.

Concrete tiles as well as porcelain lookalike products offer a range of exciting and bold patterns as well as colours for the home. Both of these stylish tiling options can be used as a floor or wall option on your next home renovation, allowing for a highly durable yet super stylish design choice for your interiors! Our team at Perini Tiles can recommend the very best pattern tiles in either porcelain or traditional concrete materials to suit your needs, style and budget to help you achieve that designer touch!