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How to use Large Format Bathroom Tiles

Large format bathroom tiles provide a luxurious surface finish, creating the ultimate ‘wow factor’ while also allowing for many unique styles to be created with your use of complementing feature tiles and grout colours. When selecting large tiles for the bathroom however, it is important to consider a few factors to ensure the perfect final look. From paying attention to the tile’s proportion and scale, to grout sizing and colour as well as introducing some variation with a range of feature elements, selecting the perfect large format bathroom tiles for your design can be easily achieved in just a few simple steps. 

Proportion and Scale

With consideration to your new bathroom’s overall dimensions, it is important to select a large format tile that will sit in proportion with the room itself with minimal cutting of the tiles required. If your space measures 2500mm in width for example, using a large format floor tile that measures 500mm will fit perfectly in the room’s dimensions with only minor adjustments being needed to accommodate for the width of your grout lines. Keeping your selected tile sizes in proportion with the space will ensure a clean look, minimising visual clutter which can be especially handy in a smaller sized bathroom. 

Achieving a Seamless Finish with Large Format Tiles

Achieving a luxuriously seamless finish in your tiling scheme can work wonders in further enhancing the space’s overall dimensions while also keeping grout lines at a minimum. This seamless look can be achieved especially well when using rectified tiles that are paired with a complementing (or matching) coloured grout, creating a smooth and sleek finish in the bathroom. Tiles will often have slightly uneven edges which in turn will need to be made straight when laying using grout. A rectified tile however has been machine cut to a precise 90° angle, allowing for a completely straight and crisp edge that will only require a minimal grout line, most often as small as 1.5mm in width. 


Our Asiago large format porcelain tiles feature a luscious natural stone-look for the bathroom. Their sharp rectified edges allow for a crisp and minimal grout line, creating a near seamless finish in your new design.

Feature Tiles: Mixing and Matching Bathroom Tiles

An excellent rule of thumb to follow when selecting your new bathroom tiles is to use a maximum of three different styles in the one space to avoid visual clutter in the design. With the right combination of colours and textures in your tiling scheme, mixing and matching your bathroom tiles can create a truly spectacular and luxurious look. Using a sleek and simple main tile, complement this choice with a selection of feature tiles that will introduce warmth, character, colour, shape or texture to the space, creating a look that is truly unique. 

Feature tiles can mean using a contrasting coloured tile from within the one collection, which will keep all your tile’s sizes and basic design the same but use different colourways to create that feature element. Alternatively, a feature tile can be something entirely different than your main tile choice: a different size or shape for example that will pop against the more simple tiles in the space to create a dramatic touch. There are many different techniques to consider when it comes to using feature tiles in your new bathroom design; you’ll find more tips to consider in our guide on using feature wall tiles.  

Selecting the Perfect Tile Grout

Your tile grout selection will play a crucial role in the overall look and style of your bathroom depending on the colour you choose. Your chosen grout colour can either complement the tile’s colour, blending into the background and making the tile itself the focal point or alternatively, you can opt to contrast the tile colour completely with your selected grouting. This option will accentuate the shape of your bathroom tiles and can work especially well when using unique styles such as fish scale tiles, lantern shapes or the trending paddle designs, creating a bold and dramatic feature in your new bathroom’s overall design scheme. 

Cleo mosaic tiles

Our Cleo collection features a stylish triangular shape in a range of different colours and finishes. These two bathroom designs show just how powerful your chosen tile grout can be in creating different looks: The white Cleo tiles are used as a more discreet feature tile, paired with a white grout and matching large format wall tiles to create a clean and crisp look. The beige and gold toned Cleo tiles however, have been used with a charcoal coloured grout that accentuates the triangular shape, making for a high-impact design.

Large Tiles in a Small Bathroom vs. a Large Bathroom Layout

Large format tiles can work wonders in a smaller sized bathroom as they can help create a near seamless finish, leading to the perception of added space in the room. The key to using large format tiles in a small bathroom design is to be strategic with the specific size of the tile and grouting using the tips mentioned above: Large format floor tiles in a small space should feature a rectified edge that will allow for minimal grout lines while also paying close attention to the actual size of the tile to ensure it will be in proportion with the room’s overall dimensions and require only minimal cutting.

New Tech

Our New Tech natural terrazzo tiles create a timeless and elegant look in the bathroom and can be paired with a vast range of bold colours and finishes to create a unique style. Available in an impressive 600 x 600mm size, these tiles can work well in both larger and smaller spaces alike thanks to their simple square shape.

In a larger bathroom design however, large format tiles will look right at home allowing you the freedom of selecting from a range of larger shapes and formats as both a floor and wall tile while also balancing out the entire design scheme with a selection of feature tiles. Your feature tiles should create a sense of balance and unity in the design while working to fill in any gaps in the space, ensuring that the space itself will not feel overly large or empty. 

Selecting your new large format bathroom tiles is simple and straight forward when taking the key elements of size and proportion into account while also ensuring the perfect coordinating tile grout and feature tiles to create the ideal bathroom scheme. Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you in the selection of your new bathroom tiles and grout as well as your matching vanity top and cabinetry finishes, creating the perfect look in your next bathroom design project.