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How To Use Kit Kat Tiles in your Bathroom or Kitchen Renovation

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Both trending and timeless, Kit Kat mosaic tiles can be used throughout the home to create a sense of pattern and texture in your design scheme. There are many different styles available to choose from, with a variety of colours, materials and sheen levels available to help you create that perfect look in your home. These elegant tiles make an excellent choice for any interior project being especially popular in kitchens and bathrooms where their smaller size and elegant, classic shape ensure a range of design possibilities can be achieved in each space. 


Also referred to as finger mosaic tiles, Kit Kat Tiles are small and slim rectangular shaped tiles that can be used throughout the home to create a feature element. Although these mosaic tiles are most often used as a wall feature due to their decorative nature and shape, there are some options (especially in natural stone tile collections) that can be used as a tile flooring solution, allowing for a world of creativity in your next design project. 

Ditto terrazzo

Kit Kat tiles are available in a wide range of options, from classic ceramic or porcelain tiles to natural tiles such as marble, as well as traditional terrazzo tiles. An authentic terrazzo option, our Ditto Terrazzo Kit Kat Tiles are a highly durable solution that can be used as both a wall and floor tile.


Kit Kat tiles create a wonderfully textured surface in the bathroom, making for an excellent choice in creating a feature wall in the shower or behind a luxurious vanity. The beauty of the stylish Kit Kat tiles is that they offer the flexibility of creating either a bold or more subdued feature wall, allowing you to experiment with colour and texture in the space. Kit Kat tiles can be paired with either light or dark grout colours to either complement the tile’s colour or contrast it completely to create a strong statement in the space. 

houston sticks

Classic, timeless and elegant, the Houston Sticks collection boasts a range of colour options in a slim, glazed porcelain tile that is suitable for wall applications throughout your home’s interiors.

This elegant mosaic option can also be used to clad an inset bathtub for example, creating a timeless feature in the room while also being small enough to comfortably tile in a shower niche for that perfect finishing touch. As there are many different exciting options to choose from in terms or materials, colour, gloss or matte varieties, the possibilities are truly endless. Using glossy tiles for example, you can create a light filled space that allows light to travel and reflect throughout it. Matte finished tiles on the other hand will create more of a modern and casual vibe in the bathroom, being perfect for a variety of different design themes such as Scandinavian or Contemporary styled spaces. 


Kit Kat tiles can also be used in the kitchen to bring life, pattern and texture to your design scheme. Aside from providing an excellent choice as a splashback tile, Kit Kat tiles can be used in other ways throughout the space for a timeless and decorative touch. 


Blush toned marble Kit Kat finger tiles are used as a decorative feature in this elegant and colourful kitchen renovation by House of Harvee – Find out more about this stylish kitchen renovation in our recent blog post!

As mosaic tiles are smaller in size and therefore more flexible in the ways they can be installed, you have the creative freedom of being able to use Kit Kat tiles in a range of different ways in the kitchen. These tiles can be wrapped around a kitchen island for example, making for a show-stopping dramatic finishing touch to the space. Curved cabinetry ends can be clad in mosaic tiles to complete the look where rounded edges have been used in your kitchen design scheme, offering a subtle nod to the classical stylings of the Art Deco architectural period. 

Curve Collection

Designer tiles such as our stunning Curve Marble Tiles can be used in your new kitchen design to create an elegant and timeless ribbed look, an especially attractive feature for a central kitchen island. These tiles offer a three dimensional look that can be highlighted with LED lighting strips for example for a dramatic style.

Kit Kat tiles can be used throughout the home to create an elegant and timeless look that provides texture and pattern in a design scheme. These stylish tiles can be incorporated in your bathroom or kitchen design to create a stunning feature element, whether they are used as a kitchen splashback tile, as part of a feature kitchen island or as a bathroom feature element, these timeless tiles make for the perfect finishing touch in your design scheme. 

Our team at Perini Tiles can guide you through the process of selecting the perfect mosaic designer tiles while also offering their advice on coordinating paint colours, benchtops and even cabinetry finishes for a complete look. Visit our Richmond Tile Showroom or schedule a free virtual design consultation to start selecting your tiles online and create the perfect colour scheme! You can also explore more bathroom tile trends in our blog.