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How to use Glass Mosaic Tiles in the Home

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Glass mosaic tiles offer an incredibly versatile interior design solution for the home. These luscious tiles are available in a vast range of different sizes, styles, colours and even finishes, allowing you to experiment with a variety of textures and designs. Furthermore, glass provides a sustainable design solution (especially when using recycled glass tile options) as this material can be endlessly recycled into new products at the end of its lifespan. If you are wondering how to use glass mosaic tiles in the home to take advantage of their many benefits, you will be pleased to find out that these elegant tiles offer an immense range of design applications.

How to use Glass Mosaic Tiles in the Bathroom

Glass mosaic tiles have long been a favourite choice for the modern bathroom thanks to the product’s non-porous nature which allows for a low maintenance solution that is also incredibly hygienic. Glass mosaic tiles can be used in your new bathroom’s design scheme to create stunning wall murals as a dramatic feature, to create stylish feature floors or as a general bathroom wall tile. Epoxy grout is often recommended when using glass mosaic tiles in the bathroom as unlike traditional cement based grout, an epoxy grout will provide a non-porous finish that is resistant to staining, fading and moisture with correct use. This product will actively assist in the prevention of grime building up in your grout lines, ensuring a simple to clean space.

Bisazza Vintage_Bathroom Tiles

Our Bisazza Vintage collection offers an artistic, tactile quality to any space with each tile being different from the next to create a handmade appearance. These elegant tiles are available in a range of luscious colour to complement any bathroom design scheme.

Glass Kitchen Tiles

Taking advantage of the many benefits of glass, using these tiles in the kitchen will once again provide a luscious finish that will be a breeze to keep clean and tidy! Enameled glass tiles are especially popular in the kitchen as an elegant and timeless choice for the splashback or as a decorative feature on a kitchen island. These tiles will often feature a smooth, velvety matte finish, providing a soft and silky touch to your kitchen design scheme. Traditional glass tile options combined with other materials such as natural stone or stainless steel for example are another exciting option suitable for a modern kitchen.

Lust Mosaic Kitchen Tiles

The Lust collection combines glass tiles with natural slate pieces to create an earthy yet luxurious touch in any interior design scheme, being a popular choice for use as a kitchen splashback tile.

Swimming Pool Tiles

Glass mosaic tiles provide the perfect solution as a pool tile, being able to easily withstand constant exposure to water as well as the elements in outdoor applications. Aside from the more traditional pool tile options of blue or aqua, you have the freedom of experimenting with a range of exciting different colours that will create a stunning and unique look in your new pool. From purple to green or even black, there are many luxurious and stylish options available to choose from when selecting pool tiles. You will also find many custom options are available to you as well, from custom murals or artwork as well as customised blends of different colours, allowing you to create a truly personal look in your outdoor design scheme.

Omnia swimming pool tiles_how to use glass mosaic tile outdoor

The luxurious Omnia collection offers a wonderfully varied combination of shades of green for an earthy touch. These stylish tiles are made of 98% recycled glass, offering a sustainable choice for an outdoor pool.

Feature Walls in the Home

Aside from being an excellent choice for creating feature walls in the kitchen, laundry or bathroom, glass mosaic tiles are also a stylish option when creating a feature wall in other areas of the home such as the entryway or the living room for example. Providing a unique and tactile alternative to traditional wallpapers, mosaic tiles open a world of design possibilities as you are able to create extravagant patterns or murals using a range of colours and textures.

Greg Natale Bisazza_how to use glass mosaic tiles

Greg Natale’s collection for Bisazza offers a stunning range of patterns and colours that can be used throughout the home’s interior spaces to create a stylish feature wall.

How to use Glass Mosaic Tiles as  a Feature Flooring

A unique design solution, many collections of glass mosaic tiles can be used as a flooring solution. These tiles offer a hard wearing and durable option that will require minimal care and maintenance over time, especially when paired with a quality epoxy grout. A glass tile floor offers a wonderfully tactile experience, being especially ideal for spaces such as the bathroom or powder room where luxury and comfort are often desired.

Bisazza Online_how to use glass mosaic tiles in bathroom

Our Bisazza Online collection can be used as an indoor floor and wall tile and even as an outdoor pool tile, providing an incredibly versatile design solution.

Glass mosaic tiles can be used in a wide range of ways throughout the home, providing a wonderfully low maintenance design solution that adds an undeniably glamorous and luxurious finishing touch. Whether you opt to use glass tiles as a design solution in your outdoor scheme or throughout your home’s interior spaces, the creative possibilities truly are endless!

Our Richmond tiles store houses a vast range of designer tiles in glass options, including collections that are suitable for use in outdoor pools as well as interior flooring. Visit our showroom to discuss your next project’s requirements while our staff creates the perfect colour scheme to meet your creative vision!