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How to Use Fishscale Tiles in your Next Design Project

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Fish scale tiles will create a playful and timeless atmosphere in your home’s interiors, looking right at home in the bathroom as a feature wall tile or even as kitchen splashback tiles. There are many exciting options available to choose from, each offering its own distinct character and charm to your overall design scheme, from the deeply saturated colour varieties of handmade and handmade look options to the more subtle patterning of marble mosaics and plenty more!  

Casablanca Fish Scale Wall Tiles

A spectacular celebration of colour and texture, the stunning Casablanca wall tiles are completely handmade in Australia. Featuring a range of boldly saturated colour options, their classic and timeless fish scale design can be used to inject a bright splash of colour into any interior, from the kitchen to the bathroom and more. Our Casablanca wall tiles can be made to order according to your own project’s requirements; shapes and colours can be completely customised to suit your own personal creative vision making them an excellent option when you are looking to add a bold characteristic touch to your interior design project. 

Casablanca Fish scale tiles

The Casablanca fish scale tiles are an Australian handmade tile that can be used in kitchens and bathroom to create a customised wall feature in your design scheme. 

Handmade tiles offer an elegant and distinct look to your project. As with all handmade products, each piece is unique and will show some colour or surface variations that create a spectacular tactile effect when applied as a wall finish in the home, one full of charm and strong sense of character. 

Flounder Fish Scale Tiles

The exciting Flounder mosaic tile collection offers up a stylish array of colour options to help you re-create the handmade look in your next design project. This collection is specifically designed to give you the style and aesthetic of an authentically handmade product in a different price bracket, making this designer look more accessible for residential interiors. Made of a durable glazed ceramic, these tiles provide a lightweight wall tile finish that is softer to drill through in comparison to their porcelain tile counterparts. This quality makes ceramic wall tiles especially favourable in the bathroom or as a kitchen splashback as they allow for the simple installation of wall mounted items such as floating shelves and towel rails for example.

flounder fish scale tiles

Available in an impressive collection of ocean inspired tones as well as soft pastels and more, the Flounder collection offers an excellent alternative to authentically hand made products, making this designer look more widely available.

Piccolo Marble Mosaic Tiles

Offering a different spin on the traditional fish scale look, fan style mosaic tile designs create more of a discrete style while still adding a sense of pattern in your interior design project. Mosaic tiles are often pre-prepared in sheet formats, making them significantly simpler to lay on your walls or floors. These sheets are formed using a type of mesh netting that holds each individual piece in place, making a variety of patterns achievable such as this exciting fan design. Using a luxurious natural marble, the Piccolo Marble Mosaic tiles are the epitome of luxury and opulence, creating the hotel or spa look right at home! Unlike traditional fish scale wall tiles which are most often made using a soft ceramic, this natural stone collection can also be used as a decorative floor finish, adding a sense of movement and pattern to your interiors. 

piccolo marble mosaics

Available in Tumbled Thassos and Carrara marbles, the ever stylish Piccolo Marble Mosaics create a stunning fan pattern that is a perfect alternative option to the traditional fish scale look, offering a similar style that is more discrete and also offers the flexibility of being a floor or wall tile option.

Imperia Fish Scale Wall Tiles

The sleek and modern Imperia Fish Scale wall tiles feature a large range of neutral toned options to choose from. What sets this particular collection apart is that it uses a variety of finishes to create a stunning display of texture, combining matte and glossy pieces for a rich and modern look. The contrast between these two finishes creates a stunning play on light, diffusing and reflecting light simultaneously for a unique style. 

Imperia Fish scale tiles

The Imperia fish scale tiles are made from glazed porcelain, offering a strong and durable wall tile solution that combines glossy and matte finishes to create a dramatic look.

Fish scale wall tiles provide a classic look in the home whether they are used in the kitchen or bathroom. Options vary from stylish handmade tiles that feature bold custom colours to sleek and modern monochrome selections to help you create that perfect look in your next interior design project. Our team of Design Consultants at Perini Tiles can guide you through the process of selecting the perfect wall tiles while carefully coordinating your colour palette, inclusive of floor tiles, benchtops, cabinetry options and even paint colours. Visit our Richmond Tile Showroom or shop for tiles online here!