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How to use Concrete Bathroom Floor Tiles

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Concrete bathroom floor tiles provide a long lasting and incredibly durable surface finish that will be enjoyed for a lifetime! Concrete tiles (also commonly referred to as encaustic tiles) have a rich history with their roots dating back to ancient times. Thanks to their characteristic patterns and colouring, these tiles rose in popularity in the 1800s, becoming a staple in architecture and design of the era. Since then, encaustic tiles continue to be a popular option in both residential and commercial applications with a vast range of impressive solutions available to choose from.

Why Choose Concrete Tiles?

Concrete bathroom floor tiles will add a dramatic touch of character, charm and elegance in your new design scheme with their rich and stylish colours and patterns creating a stunning feature element. These tiles provide a durable surface finish that is hard wearing and simple to care for in the bathroom. Although concrete tiles are porous and do require sealing, their incredible durability and longevity in the home more than make up for this! Find out more about caring for your concrete tiles in our Resources page.

Molokai encaustic tiles

Our stylish Molokai collection includes a selection of bold and striking colours and patterns as well as solid coloured options, allowing you to mix and match tiles from the same collection for a cohesive colour scheme in your next bathroom renovation.

Concrete bathroom floor tiles are an ideal solution for renovating period style homes as their style and characteristics are perfectly suited to the architecture of the property. They can also be incorporated in modern or contemporary styled homes where a vintage touch is desired or, you have the option of choosing from modern interpretations of these classic tiles. Modern iterations of encaustic tiles feature stylish geometric patterns and shapes, combining the old with the new to offer a subtle nod to the past while sitting right at home in a contemporary setting.

How to use Concrete Tiles in the Bathroom

Concrete tiles are often used to create a feature element in the bathroom, whether this is a feature floor or feature wall. As these tiles often include a vibrant display of colour, shape and pattern, you can create a sense of balance in your bathroom design scheme with the use of matching solid coloured tiles. Most concrete tile collections will include patterned options as well as solid colours with no pattern, allowing you to combine tiles from the same collection to create a well-balanced and cohesive style in your new design scheme.

Concrete_Concrete bathroom floor tiles

Our Concrete collection offers a modern and playful spin on these classic designer tiles with fresh and contemporary patterns and shapes to choose from. These tiles can be used in your new bathroom to create a stylish feature floor or wall for a dramatic finishing touch to your bathroom design scheme.

Are Concrete Bathroom Floor Ties Safe for use in the Shower?

Although concrete tiles can be used as a bathroom flooring solution, they are not recommended for use as a shower base. This is because certain ingredients found in soaps and shampoos for example can damage and discolour their surface, even if the tiles are sealed. Concrete tiles will naturally develop a patina over time, adding to their exquisite charm and character however, if used as a shower base, their finish can be damaged and as such this application is not recommended.

Argo Green_Concrete bathroom floor tiles

Available in a selection of bright and cheerful colour options, the Argo Concrete collection offers an elegant option for use in the bathroom as a feature floor or wall finish. These elegant hexagon tiles are made entirely by hand and feature subtle variations in colour between tile to tile for a luxurious look.

Concrete bathroom floor tiles will add a glamorous and charming finishing touch to your new bathroom design scheme, whether you are creating a modern style or traditional style in your home. These tiles possess a range of impressive strengths and qualities, offering immense durability as well as character to any home. Our Richmond tiles store houses a vast range of designer tile options from traditional looks to modern interpretations of the classic encaustic tile. Shop for tiles online or visit us in person to start working on your next bathroom renovation!