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How to Use Colour in your New Bathroom or Kitchen

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There are many ways of introducing a touch of colour in your kitchen or bathroom, from combining patterns and feature tiles, using your benchtops or cabinetry to add colour or using a range of accessories and decorative items in the space, colours can be included in your design scheme in many ways. Focusing on floor and wall tiles, you will find there are many different options that will allow you to introduce colour and texture in the space, with different varieties allowing you to create as bold or as muted of a design statement as you like.  


A fantastic way to include more colours in your interior design scheme is to experiment with different patterns as well as colours to create a well-balanced look. Terrazzo tiles for example, feature a range of different colours in their distinct speckled finish, making it simple to match up a colourful tile to complement their patterns. Use solid coloured tiles to complement more vibrantly patterned tiles in the bathroom or kitchen to create a sense of harmony and balance in the space. Complete the look with a range of more dialled back neutral tones to keep your design scheme easy on the eye, ensuring your colourful and patterned tiles are the key area of focus in the space. 

Galleria terrazzo look tiles

The stunning Galleria Terrazzo Look Tiles offer a perfect representation of traditional terrazzo. These porcelain tiles can be used as a floor or wall option in the kitchen or bathroom and can easily be combined with a range of colourful feature tiles for a well a balanced look. The terrazzo pattern tiles are combined with a sage green subway tile in this bathroom design scheme to create a luxurious and colourful style, achieving a well-balanced look.


Concrete tiles (also referred to as encaustic tiles) are well known for their distinct dusty colour options, bold patterns and intricate designs. These tiles have long been used in interiors to introduce colour, texture and pattern in a space while also providing a strong and durable surface finish that can be used to create a tile flooring or tiled splashback in the home. Their use of pattern and colour allow you to combine them with a range of complementing materials and finishes as demonstrated in the example below where the warm beige tones used in the floor tile’s design pick up the warm timber seen throughout the kitchen, effectively unifying the entire design scheme.

The Atlantic concrete tile collection includes a range of patterns and colours to choose from to help you create the perfect look in your new kitchen or bathroom. This vintage industrial styled kitchen combines the rustic textures of handmade subway splashback tiles with distressed timber. Concrete tile floor patterns bring the entire look together by combining a deep charcoal colour with the a soft beige to complement the dark and light elements of the space.


Mosaic tiles can be found in a vast range of options with various shapes, colours and materials available to choose from. Glass mosaic tiles for example can be found in a rainbow of colour options that can be used in a single colourway or in a range of exciting combinations to create colourful blends of tiles as well as patterns and even murals, allowing for a world of possibilities in your next bathroom or kitchen renovation project. Mosaic tiles collections will include a range of different materials, from natural stones such as luxurious marbles for example to porcelain, ceramic and even metals, allowing you to experiment with texture, colour and shape in your next kitchen or bathroom design project. 

Perini Tiles marble tiles

The stylish Patagon mosaic tiles are used in this colourful bathroom as a feature wall tile, providing the perfect backdrop to the crisp white freestanding bathtub and glimmering gold tapware. These hexagon mosaic tiles are available in a range of delightful colour options to help you create the perfect balance of colour and texture in your next interior design project. Find out more about this stunning project by Norsu Interiors in our case study!


Another way to introduce more colours in your next bathroom or kitchen design project is to make use of natural stone tiles in creative ways. Natural tiles such as marble for example, are available in a range of different colour options aside from the traditional black or white stones; you will find blush tones available as well as varying shades or green or blue, allowing you more freedom in your choices of colour and materials in your new design. Natural tiles can be used to create a stunning visual feature in your design scheme, whether you opt to use them as a kitchen splashback, a bathroom feature wall or floor tile or to add an element of texture and interest to a central kitchen island. 


The timeless Rosetta natural stone collection has been used in this elegant kitchen design scheme to add a touch of colour, pattern and texture to the central island. The Rosetta collection boasts a natural occurring variation of soft blush tones that are highlighted with deep ambers and pale pink for a wonderfully earthy look. Find out more about this exciting kitchen renovation project by House or Harvee in our recent case study!

There are many different options available to you when looking to introduce a touch of colour to your new kitchen or bathroom design scheme. Floor and wall tiles can be used in creative ways to add an elegant and timeless touch to your interiors with a vast range of different colours, shapes and textures to choose from that will help you bring your design vision to life! 

Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you in the creation of the perfect colour scheme for your next project, guiding you through the process of selecting your new tiles, paints, cabinetry and benchtops for a perfectly curated look. Schedule a free online tiles and colour consultation to get started on your next project!