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How To Use Ceramic Tiles at Home

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The term ceramic tile refers to specific collections of tiles that are most often used for wall applications. These tiles differ from other forms of tiles (such as natural stone tiles or porcelain tiles for example) in that they are often thinner, lighter and softer than other options, making them an exceptional choice as a wall finish for the home. As their design is not restricted by slip resistance factors (as would be the case with floor tiles) you will find that ceramic tile collections include a vast range of highly decorative design solutions that will instantly add life, character, pattern and colour to any application. 

These classic tiles can be used in all areas of the home, from the kitchen and bathroom to covered outdoor spaces, allowing you to include a creative finishing touch in each area of your home. 


A popular choice as a bathroom wall tile solution, ceramic tiles are available in an endless range of options ranging from intricately etched patterns to glossy and rustic handmade tile options. Glazed ceramic tiles make for an excellent choice in the bathroom, providing a surface finish that is simple to keep clean. 

The delightful Taffee Wall Tiles present a range of soft, delicate pastel tones in a unique double glazed tile, creating a stunning almost translucent hue. Sleek and glossy, these tiles provide a smooth and simple to maintain surface finish for the bathroom, especially handy in the shower!

The glazed finish of these tiles is baked on, resulting in an almost glass-like quality that is resistant to water for an easy to clean and maintain surface finish in the bathroom and even on shower walls. These tiles are softer than other tile options and also much lighter; these qualities ensure that ceramic tiles are simple to install, keeping your labour costs in check when renovating a bathroom. These qualities also allow for better ease of installation of wall mounted bathroom accessories such as towel rails and ladders, robe hooks or wall shelves.  


Ceramic tiles make for a popular choice in a home’s kitchen and laundry as well as the bathroom. Once again, they are most often restricted to wall use only which makes them an ideal choice as a kitchen or laundry splashback tile. Their extensive colour options, shapes, patterns and designs ensure there is a perfect ceramic tile option to suit any style of interior design, from classic to contemporary.

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Ceramic tiles are available in luxurious handmade options as well as handmade-look styles such as our Vincenza Collection. These tile collections offer a handmade appearance in a different price point and are available in a wide range of shapes and colours. Each tile will show unique imperfections and undulations, both of which are the key characteristics of authentically hand made products.

Once again, these tiles will provide a sleek and smooth surface finish for both the kitchen and laundry, allowing for easy clean-ups as well as a water resistant finish that will stand up against stains without the need for sealing. 

These tiles will hold up exceptionally well against humidity (ideal for both the laundry and the kitchen!) as condensation from steam and heat will not penetrate through a ceramic wall tile’s glaze making them an excellent choice as a long lasting wall finish in these areas.


Although most ceramic tile collections aren’t suitable for completely exposed outdoor applications, you can still take advantage of the many decorative and colourful options available by using ceramic wall tiles in covered outdoor areas. In applications where the wall tiles will not be exposed to direct sunlight, rain or hail, ceramic tiles can be used to create a stylish feature wall that is full of colour, pattern and energy. Use decorative ceramic tiles in covered outdoor spaces such as alfresco areas or lounges for a unique and personal finishing touch. 


Thanks to the many stylish and decorative options available in ceramic wall tiles, you can also create stunning feature walls in other areas of the home; wall tiles are not only for use in the kitchen and bathroom! Your living room or dining space for example can be spruced up with a tiled feature wall that is full of colour and pattern. 

Many collections of ceramic tiles are designed to simulate the look and feel of traditional materials such as pressed tin panels for example, allowing you to introduce a decorative feature element in all areas of the home. 

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Sorbet Ceramic wall tiles need not be restricted to wet areas of the home! These stunning wall tiles can be used throughout your interior spaces to create a dramatic feature wall that infuses your overall design scheme with a sense of pattern, colour and texture. 

Although often restricted to wall applications only, ceramic tiles offer a range of uses and benefits in the home from providing a water resistant finish in wet areas that is simple to keep clean to adding a strong sense of colour, texture and pattern throughout your home’s overall design scheme. These tiles are incredibly versatile in their use making them a classic and timeless design solution. Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you in selecting the perfect tiles and colour schemes for your next home renovation or new home build project with in-showroom and online consultations available to help you on your design journey.