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How to use a Timber Tile Finish Around the Home

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A timber tile finish will add a rustic, earthy and rich quality in your home’s overall design scheme. These types of tiles are designed to emulate the luxurious look and feel of real timber, complete with variations in colour, tone and texture to enhance their realism. A high quality timber tile finish will offer a range of unique benefits, both inside and outside the home, adding a rich and sophisticated look that is a breeze to keep clean and tidy! In this post, we explore the benefits of a timber tile finish and look at the many varied benefits that this tiling solution has to offer.

Create Rich Look with Timber Tile Flooring

Traditional timber flooring options can be prone to staining and scratching, requiring sanding and polishing in order to be best maintained. This can be quite an arduous task, involving a significant amount of hassle, time and effort to complete properly. For those looking for more of a low maintenance solution for the home, a timber tile flooring will provide an excellent alternative. These tiles are made using durable porcelain, a material that is well known for its incredible longevity. Porcelain tiles are a non-porous option and are resistant to staining, scratching, heat and moisture, making them an excellent choice for busy homes.

Dante Timber Tile

Available in a selection of timber style options, the elegant Dante collection offers a timeless plank tile format that can be used to create a range of designer looks. These tiles can be laid in a traditional timber look staggered pattern or in a modern herringbone tile layout, adding a sense of pattern to your home’s interior design scheme.

Options for Wet Areas

Timber is usually avoided in wet areas of the home such as the bathroom or laundry room as the higher amounts of moisture and humidity in these spaces can cause traditional timber to swell, rot or be otherwise damaged over time. This in turn can lead to costly, invasive and tiresome repair or replacement work being required in the home. If you do want to include a timber finish in these spaces however, a timber tile will allow you to combine the rich aesthetic of a traditional timber with the immense durability of a porcelain tile.

Huski Porcelain Tiles

The stylish Huski timber tile collection offers a rich and decadent alternative to traditional timber finishes, allowing you to introduce this timeless material in wet areas of the home such as the bathroom and laundry room.

These water resistant tiles are the perfect alternative solution to traditional timber in these spaces, being ideal as either a floor or wall finish, allowing you to create a wonderfully rich and luxurious look in your home. Timber tiles are available in a wide range of luxurious options from warm honey tones to lighter grey or whitewashed timber options, ensuring a suitable style for each different design aesthetic.

Incorporating a Timber Tile Finish in Outdoor Areas

Floor tiles are one of the most popular solutions when it comes to creating and defining areas in a home’s outdoor design scheme. Outdoor tiles are often used to create pathways and walkways, as well as a substitute to pavers in alfresco areas, outdoor kitchens and pool areas. Floor tiles for outdoor areas are available in an endless range of luxurious options ranging from natural stone, concrete tiles and of course, lush timber tiles! Timber porcelain tiles that are specified for use in outdoor spaces will feature a roughly textured surface finish that will create a level of slip resistance underfoot. These types of tiles make for a low maintenance alternative solution to traditional timber decking, providing a surface finish that will not require the same level of ongoing care as traditional timber would. Unlike timber, these tiles will not require sanding or polishing, requiring nothing more than a quick clean every now and then to keep the tiled surface clean and fresh.

Dante Timber Tile

Outdoor tiles will feature a roughly textured surface that will allow for a high level of slip resistance. Timber tiles such as our Dante collection, are a popular solution for outdoor spaces, being an exceptional alternative option to traditional timber decking. These types of outdoor tiles are made of ultra-durable porcelain, ensuring a surface finish that will stand up well against staining, scratching, moisture and heat.

A quality timber tile can be used in a variety of different applications throughout your home’s interior and exterior spaces, offering a wonderfully low maintenance alternative option to traditional timber finishes. These types of tiles will eliminate the need for sanding and polishing while offering a surface finish that is resistant to moisture, staining, scratching and heat. Our Melbourne tiles store houses an immense collection of luxurious timber tiles in a variety of different options; visit us or shop for tiles online here to get started on your creative journey!