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How to make your Small Bathroom Renovation Shine

The best way to create a small bathroom renovation that will truly shine is to select a range of high quality finishes, especially those that will accentuate the space’s dimensions. Using a carefully selected combination of colours, reflective surfaces, light and texture, your small bathroom design will come to life, showcasing your own unique style and creative flair.

Selecting Bathroom Finishes

The very best way to achieve a spectacular shine in your small bathroom renovation is to spend the time to carefully consider your selected finishes, such as your cabinetry, vanity top and bathroom tiles. Quality finishes will always standout, creating an air of luxury and style in any design while also ensuring your bathroom’s longevity. Paying close attention to these finer details will also assist in enhancing the room’s overall dimensions, allowing for a smaller sized bathroom to truly shine. 

Ideally, a smaller sized bathroom’s design scheme should use light to its advantage in order to enhance the space’s tighter measurements. Your design scheme can include a selection of polished and reflective surfaces that will allow light to travel about the space while also drawing the eye around the room. 

Speciale handmade tilesUse brightly coloured handmade tiles to inject your new bathroom design with a sense of character and charm. Our delightful Speciale collection is made right here in Australia and features a delightful glossy glaze that will allow light to travel throughout your small bathroom design.

Glossy benchtops can be balanced out with low sheen or matte cabinetry finishes (or vice versa), allowing light to move about the space while also introducing a sleek and smooth surface that will diffuse the light. Polished floor tiles or wall finishes will once again create a luxuriously light filled space while bright chrome or similarly metallic touches will also play their part in enhancing the overall glow and atmosphere of your design. When it comes to selecting your new shower screen however, it is best to use a clear glass rather than an opaque or textured surface as these options can often act as a barrier in the space, disrupting the view of the bathroom and blocking light from moving about which can in turn, create a closed-off feeling in the layout. 

Unique Bathroom Tiles for a Small Layout

Your selected bathroom tiles will create the bulk of the space’s colour story so it is crucial to invest the amount of time and careful consideration necessary to ensure the perfect choice. Use a selection of unique floor or wall tiles to create a show-stopping feature in your new small bathroom design, experimenting with unique shapes or patterns, contrasting grout colours, glimmering mosaic pieces and other creative options that will assist you in achieving a distinct look to reflect your individual personality and creative flair. 

Retro collectionOur Retro Porcelain Tiles create a stunning visual effect in the bathroom, featuring an array of stylish patterns and colours to choose from. They can be used as a feature wall or feature floor in your small bathroom and can be perfectly balanced out with glossier surfaces to create a stunning contrast.

Using bright, playful and pattern tiles in your bathroom design scheme creates an exciting and adventurous vibe, one that will allow your own taste and style to shine through. In a small bathroom design scheme however, it is often best to use bolder tile selections sparingly such as a feature wall or feature flooring that is then balanced out with brighter tones on the remaining surfaces. This tactic will still allow you to introduce your favourite colours and patterns without overcrowding the design, making for a creative and stylish space. 

Small Bathroom Lighting Solutions

Lighting your small bathroom renovation is crucial in creating the perfect design scheme. There are many different options to consider when it comes to creating the ideal lighting plan for a bathroom, with the key being to create the perfect balance of artificial and natural light. 

Basalt tile collectionOur Basalt mosaic tiles create a modern and characteristic look in this bathroom design, injecting the space with shape and pattern for an energetic style. The design makes excellent use of lighting solutions, with LED strips casting a soft glow beneath the wall mirror, while central diffused lighting balances out the natural light brought in from the outdoors.

Natural light from a window or skylight will create a diffused light source while strategically placed artificial light sources will allow for better use of the space as more focused task lighting is introduced. There are many ways to feature artificial task lighting in your new bathroom design from LED strips installed beneath a wall hung vanity or mirror, luxurious pendant lights over the bathtub or in a central location, motion activated options that can act as a subtle night-light or carefully targeted task lighting hung over the vanity mirror, each of these solutions will assist in the creation of the perfectly functioning small bathroom. An effective lighting plan will also create a luxurious glow in a smaller space, assisting in creating the illusion of space and weightlessness that is desired in the bathroom.

Designing a smaller sized bathroom can be a challenge however, using the right finishes and patterns while also strategically planning your lighting will ensure a lusciously light filled space that is full of character. Our design team at Perini Tiles will assist and guide you through the process of selecting the perfect bathroom tiles for your design, creating the perfect balance that will accentuate your own personal style and taste.