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How to Make the Most of a Small Bathroom Layout

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Although designing a small bathroom layout may seem like a challenge at first, there are many creative ways you can make the most out of your space. Many collections of modern bathroom fittings are available in a wide range of options that are specifically designed to suit tighter spaces. Finish off your bathroom design scheme with well-planned storage options and the perfect bathroom tiling scheme to create the ultimate in bathroom luxury!

Plan an Efficient Bathroom Design

The first place to start when designing any new bathroom is to carefully consider the layout of your fittings and fixtures. This crucial planning stage is especially important when it comes to planning a smaller bathroom as you will need to ensure there is adequate space for each fitting to be used comfortably and for the user to be able to move around the room freely. There are many creative solutions available when it comes to selecting your new bathroom fittings that will allow you to make the absolute most of all the available space; these include mini bathtubs that are a great choice for apartments, back to wall bathtubs that will comfortably nestle into the corner, versatile storage solutions and plenty more. If you are planning a bathroom renovation, look at your existing bathroom layout and take note of which areas are working well and which are not comfortable to use. Consider what types of bathroom fittings you wish to include in your new design and together with your Builder and Interior Designer, create a plan that will ensure each element you need is included in a way that will allow for simple and safe circulation through the space.

Washington collection__Small Bathroom Layout

The modern Washington collection offers a sleek and stylish large format porcelain tile solution for the bathroom. Large format tiles will minimise the appearance of grout lines, making them an ideal choice in smaller spaces.

Storage in a Small Bathroom Layout

Storage space is always required in the bathroom, whether it be for spare towels, toilet paper rolls, grooming needs or cosmetics. When planning your new bathroom, consider which items you want to have stored within the bathroom itself and ensure you have included adequate storage solutions to cater for your needs. A great way to make the most of available storage space in a smaller sized bathroom is to use vertical storage solutions on available wall space. This may include robe hooks, towel rails or wall shelves as well as wall hung cabinets. You may also want to consider building storage into available wall cavities (such as a shower niche or wall hung unit that is built into the wall for example) so as to prevent your storage areas from protruding too far into the available walkways of the bathroom.

Stone Penny Round Tiles_Small Bathroom Layout

This luxurious bathroom includes a ledge running behind the basin to form a storage shelf. This space can be used to house soaps and cleansers and can even be run right through into the shower to provide much needed storage space in this area as well. Bathroom ledges can be clad in your chosen feature tiles to create a dramatic finishing touch; this design uses out elegant Stone Penny Rounds to add a tactile quality in this bathroom design scheme.

Choosing Tiles for a Small Bathroom Layout

Your bathroom tiles will make up the bulk of the space’s colour and materials palette, making this choice an all important task especially when designing a smaller bathroom. Contrary to popular belief, large format tiles can actually help make a room feel larger, making them an ideal solution for tiling a small bathroom. As large tiles will not show as many grout lines as smaller tile options would, these types of tiles will reduce the amount of visual clutter in the room, enhancing the overall perception of space. If you would like to introduce more colour, shape or texture in the space, you may consider selecting a feature tile that can be used on a single bathroom wall (such as behind the bathtub, in the shower area of behind your bathroom vanity).

This will allow you to create a focal point in the space while introducing a more personal touch in your overall design scheme. When selecting the balance of your bathroom’s wall tiles, you may want to consider using a glossy wall tile option that will allow light to travel throughout the space. This type of tile will further enhance the perception of space in a small bathroom as the reflective surface finish will create a sense of depth. For more tips on choosing tiles for a small bathroom design, see our guide here.

Sea_Blue Tiles_Mosaic Tiles

Our luxurious Sea collection is used as a tactile feature wall tile in this modern bathroom design scheme. The colourful feature tiles are complemented with simple, modern gloss white wall tiles to create a sense of depth in the space while allowing the colourful mosaic tile to take centre stage in the space’s overall colour scheme.

A small bathroom layout can often pose a challenge at first however, there is plenty of room for creativity in the design process! There are many exciting modern options in bathroom fittings and fixtures that are specifically designed to make the most out of smaller spaces for example. Pair these elegant fittings with well thought out storage solutions and a selection of bathroom tiles that will enhance the perception of space in the room to create the perfect look and feel in your new bathroom design scheme.

Our team at Perini Tiles can assist and guide you through the process of curating the perfect colour palette in your new bathroom, offering expert advice at every step of the way to ensure that perfect designer touch! Visit out Melbourne tiles showroom or shop for tiles online here to get started on your dream bathroom!