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How to Make Chevron Tiles the Star of the Show

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Chevron tiles have been used in interiors for many years, making for a timeless and classic look that creates a sense of pattern and energy in a space. These unique tiles feature a distinct shape that creates a zig-zag or arrow style pattern when each piece is placed together, for an elegant style with endless appeal and charm. Chevron tiles can be used as the perfect standout feature in any space, from the kitchen and bathroom and even throughout your home’s interior living spaces. Today’s post answers some key questions while also introducing a few exciting new options available in our ever growing collection of chevron tiles!


Using a parallelogram shaped tile, the traditional chevron tile pattern is created by laying each piece in a zig-zag formation, with each tile interlocking with the next. This tile pattern can be used throughout the home to create a stylish and timeless feature, whether you choose to create a chevron tile pattern in your new tiled floor or wall.


Combining the classic charm of natural stone tiles and the endless appeal of the chevron tile pattern, our Arrow collection is available in four elegant marble options that are suitable for both floor and wall use throughout your home’s interiors.


Chevron tiles can be used in all areas throughout the home to create a sense of pattern, energy and movement in your interiors. From bathroom feature floors and walls to kitchen splashback tile solutions, the chevron tile pattern can also be introduced in your home’s interior design scheme in your property’s main flooring. This elegant tile pattern can be used from the home’s entryways right through to all interior spaces to create continuity for a perfectly unified theme. Living spaces and bedrooms can be warmed up with area rugs, offering both a simple to clean and maintain surface finish in the tiled flooring with a warm surface underfoot with strategic combination of area rigs and floor tiles, offering you the very best of both worlds! 

You will find many exciting options available in chevron tiles collections with many different styles, colours and materials to select from. Natural tiles such as marble for example, will offer a classic and timeless look in the home, especially when paired with an elegant chevron tile pattern. More modern or contemporary looks can be achieved with tile designs offering updated interpretations on this classic style using texture and line work on the tile’s surface itself to create the chevron pattern in your design scheme rather than the tile’s shape. 

Offering a modern take on the traditional chevron tile pattern, our Pietre41 collection features a limestone inspired look that uses line work to create a chevron style pattern in rectangular tiles. These Italian made tiles can be used as either a floor or wall solution, providing a hard wearing option for all areas of the home. 


Laying chevron tiles will require careful planning beforehand in order to ensure a symmetrical finished look. Ideally, the pattern should start in the central point of the wall or floor being tiled, working outwards towards the edges of the space for a balanced and symmetrical pattern. When creating particular designs and patterns using tiles, it is always recommended that a ‘dry lay’ be performed prior to installation of the tiles themselves. Using a drop sheet, “lay” your tiles by simply placing each individual tile on the sheet in the desired pattern – this technique will allow you to plan out the pattern prior to installing your tiles on your floor or walls to ensure the pattern meets your expectations with minimal cutting required. 


The luxurious Del Marmo collection offers a hyper-realistic representation of natural stone, making for a highly durable and hard wearing surface finish. The floor tiles have been laid in this laundry room with the central point starting in the middle of the room and each tile running off it towards the edge of the space, creating a perfectly balanced and symmetrical layout.


As far as pricing in concerned, you will find that there is an additional labour cost involved in the laying process of chevron tiles as a result of the need for careful planning prior to the actual placement of the tiles in order to achieve a symmetrical pattern. The tiles themselves can also fetch a higher price tag in comparison to standard square or rectangular options due to their shape or format and the manufacturing process involved in creating the perfect angles in a range of materials. There are however, many different varieties of chevron tiles available in a range of different materials and sizes, ensuring there is a style to suit just about every design aesthetic and budget. 

When selecting your new chevron tiles, it is important to communicate your layout and design preferences to your Tiler to ensure a quality outcome that meets your expectations. These stylish tiles will provide endless charm and appeal in the home, creating a strong sense of pattern in your next interior design project. 

Our team at Perini Tiles can recommend the very best chevron tile options that will suit your style pretences and budget to help you create that perfect look! Visit our Richmond Tile Showroom or schedule a free online tile selection appointment today to start working on your design!