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How to keep your Bathroom Squeaky Clean

Keeping the bathroom squeaky clean at all times can often be quite the task!  With so many elements to maintain, from glass shower screens to bathroom tiles and of course, the usual bathroom clutter, ensuring the space is regularly maintained is key in ensuring it stays clean. Our top tips and cleaning hacks will transform the way you maintain your bathroom, creating a wonderfully low maintenance space in the home. 

How to Clean a Glass Shower Screen

Keeping a clear glass shower screen clean can often be tricky! Soap scum can build up on the glass, making for an intense clean up job in the bathroom. Thankfully, there are many simple ways to ensure your bathroom’s shower screen stays squeaky clean with minimal effort. 

carnivale collection

Clear glass shower screens can be easily kept clean by ensuring any residual soap is rinsed off after every shower. This will avoid any build-up from accumulating on the screen itself, requiring only a simple wipe down every so often to keep a streak-free finish. Carnivale collection featured in this beautiful bathroom by Jasmine Mccleland Design

If you have a handheld shower in your bathroom, use it to quickly clean off any residue after each and every wash. You can also keep a small squeegee handy in the bathroom for quick clean ups after the shower which will avoid soapy residue from building up on the screen. For more intense cleans, a mixture of water with an added splash of white vinegar provides an excellent (and eco-friendly) glass cleaning solution. Gently rub the solution over your glass shower screen using a soft microfiber cloth and buff out with a dry soft cloth for a wonderfully streak free glimmering finish. This solutions can be used on all glass products, including your bathroom mirrors.  

How to Clean Bathroom Tiles

Ensuring proper maintenance of your bathroom tiles is crucial in ensuring their durability and longevity in the home. Each different material from porcelain tiles to terrazzo tiles or glass mosaic tiles will require different cleaning products and methods of cleaning to keep them looking their absolute best. 

Our luxurious Carrara marble tiles in herringbone pattern create a sophisticated pattern in the bathroom and can be used on all interior wall and floor surfaces. Natural stone tiles can be easily maintained using a selection of specific cleansers – Our friendly team at Perini Tiles can recommend the very best products that will suit your bathroom tiles.

Natural stone tiles for example, will normally require sealing. This process will help prevent the tile from absorbing any liquid spills and thus minimising staining or damage to the tile itself. Porous tiles will require sealing at installation as well as every few years thereafter to ensure the finish is properly maintained. There are many tile cleaning products available that included an amount of sealant within them; these products will reduce the amount of time in between professional sealing while also keeping your bathroom tiles super-clean. 

Non-porous materials such as porcelain tiles or glass for example, will not require sealing but will require regular wiping down with a soft cloth in order to remove any water or soap in the bathroom. You will find more detailed tile cleaning tips in our tile cleaning and maintenance guide. 

Water & Humidity

Keeping water droplets and humidity levels in the bathroom is also crucial in keeping your wall and floor tiles squeaky clean. Keep a soft and comfortable rubber based bath mat beside the shower and bathtub to catch any water droplets upon exiting the washing zones; using mats will minimise the spread of excess water which can lead to dirty spots throughout the bathroom as it is tracked around the space. Ensuring excellent air circulation in the space is also key in keeping the bathroom clean: The humid environment of the bathroom causes water to condensate on your walls and ceilings, which can leave behind water spots and could even lead to mould if not properly ventilated. Ensuring the space is well ventilated will eliminate this issue and further help your bathroom remain super clean and tidy. 

Keeping the Bathroom Organised

The key to ensuring your bathroom remains squeaky clean (and requires minimal effort to keep it that way!) is to include a few key pieces that will assist with organisation. Shower and bath caddies can be included in the space to keep shampoo bottles and the like up off the floor while additional robe hooks can be used about the space for not only robes but spare towels too. Bathroom storage areas (such as the vanity unit or tall bathroom storage cupboards for example) can be fitted with additional accessories to ensure a tidy and organised space. 

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If you are in the process of planning a bathroom renovation, including a built-in ledge in the shower provides an excellent spot for storing shower gels and hair products, keeping them off the floor and at hand when needed. Featured shower tiles: Studio Wall Tiles.

Drawer organisers, dividers and trays can be used to keep smaller bathroom necessities well-arranged while small bathroom bins and laundry hampers can also be included in the space to keep mess at bay. Ensuring there is also a dedicated spot for bathroom cleaning products within the bathroom itself will further ensure a clan and tidy space as any cleaning necessities are close at hand, allowing you to quickly and easily clean up any spills immediately. 

Bathrooms can get messy quite easily! Ensuring your bathroom is well organised with an assortment of bathroom accessories is the best way to ensure a clean and tidy space that is simple to maintain over time while also keeping your bathroom floor and wall tiles and shower screens are kept in tip-top shape for a lifetime of use. Our team at Perini Tiles can guide you through the process of selecting not only your new bathroom tiles, but also your paint colours, stone benchtops and cabinetry finishes for a complete and cohesive look in your project.