How to get the Material Crush bathroom look


Your bathroom is a place to escape the stresses of the day. It’s also a fresh canvas for creative expression. It stands to reason that if you create a place that realises your vision and expresses your personality, you’re going to produce an environment conducive to rejuvenation and relaxation, no matter what look you’re going for.

One of the visual trends we’re seeing in the bathroom space is Material Crush, which is all about experimenting with textures, material and colour.

Whether you’re looking to splash out completely, or working within a strict budget, here’s how you can achieve the Material Crush look.

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First, find your centrepiece 

A statement product will be the star of the bathroom, no matter the budget.

“Decide what’s going to be your hero piece and what’s important to you in the bathroom – whether it’s the vanity, tapware or bath. Work from there, as you want to make this area stand out,” says interior design expert Shaynna Blaze.

When a variety of materials enter the bathroom space, the elegance of a unique bath, like the Kado Arc , will draw the eye and embrace all supporting elements.

But, if a bath won’t work as your centrepiece, due to budget or space, you can make a statement with other products. Think about incorporating gorgeous matte-black tapware and accessories, like theMizu Drift Single Waterrail.

Layer up

Don’t be afraid to add different materials to your bathroom – just ensure you’ve got a clear idea of the entire design. Layering is a great way to achieve a bold effect, whether you choose to layer in several areas of the bathroom or just one.

Think detailed wall tiling as a base, a timber wall-hung vanity as the second layer, with the final touch of a white ceramic basin. The end result is a multi-textural vanity area.

Layering can offer a complete sensory experience of touch, feel and visuals.

Must-have metallics

Metallics are the hottest trend right now, delivering a unique statement through fashion, fixtures and furniture. For a hit of ultimate luxury, incorporate tones of Rose Gold. You don’t have to go all out – including glossy metallic tapware, as seen in the Milli range, adds a striking visual layer.


Decorate your bathroom with luxe accessories, such as feature lighting, high-quality candles and ornaments. Accessories paired with detailed tilings such as mosaics, deliver a dazzling visual effect, and bring in new textures to the bathroom space.

Keep it affordable

Get tile savvy

Tiles are often an absolute staple to a bathroom interior, but are particularly effective when used as part of a Material Crush look, delivering a unique and versatile textural element.

If you’re inspired to incorporate natural stone tiles, ceramic tiles, glass tiles or porcelain tiles, you shouldn’t have to think twice. With a little comprise, it’s always possible.

Shaynna provides a snippet of advice on the subject.

“You can save money through things like only tiling the wet areas rather than the whole bathroom.”

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Capture this look with Perini Tiles Fabrix collection.

Fine accents 

You can achieve the ‘wow factor’ without big-ticket items or luxe materials. Using subtle accents filtered through the bathroom can help to achieve your dream Material Crush theme.

“Using small elements of dramatic colour spread throughout a space can make it feel much vaster. Thin lines and profiles in vanities and basins also add a luxury feel,” says Shaynna.

Think about woodgrain textures, such as the Rifco Acqua Blackwood Timber Top Vanity, which adds an earthy accent against crisp white cabinetry.

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Florence Isola Tiles in Grey

Everyday textures

Instead of investing in expensive decor, mix and match staple accessories. Items such as soap holders, towels, tooth brush holders and even a stool, all add small touches of texture that can really bring together the whole look. Think chrome soap holders, timber-look stools like the Mizu Bloc Stool in Walnut and already owned vintage ornaments.

After all, the Material Crush look is about capturing that sensory experience, whatever the budget.

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