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How to Cut Natural Stone Tiles

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The process of cutting through all natural stone tiles, including marble is a little different in comparison to other options such as ceramic tiles for example. It is important to use a Tiler with experience in using natural stone tiles to ensure the best quality outcome in your project as there are certain key steps to follow when it comes to knowing how to cut marble tiles and apply them correctly.

Planning a Tile Layout

Ceramic tiles are often softer than other tile options and can usually be scribed and snapped to the required size. Marble tiles on the other hand can shatter using this method so a more specialised approach is needed. The best way to start the process is to carefully plan out your tile layout prior to laying in order to accurately determine which tiles need to be cut and to what specific size they need to be cut. This process will ensure a smooth and fuss-free approach that will minimise waste in your tiling project. Make sure to also account for the thickness of your grout lines when creating a tile layout plan for the most accurate results.

Stone Milton_How to Cut Marble Tiles

Our elegant Stone Milton marble tiles are available in six timeless natural marble options for a glamorous look in your next interior design project. It is important to note that all natural products can vary in colour, tone and pattern with each tile being unique from the next. These patterns and variations occur naturally and add to the endless appeal, character and charm of a high quality marble tile.

A simple and effective technique when tiling your floors or walls is to start with a full size tile in the centre of the area being tiled and carry your tile pattern outwards towards the boundaries of the space from there. This technique will ensure a symmetrical tile layout that will in turn minimise waste in your project and create an aesthetically pleasing and well balanced final look.

What Type of Blade do you use to Cut Marble Tiles?

A quality diamond blade will need to be used to create a smooth, clean cut in a natural marble tile. These blades have a super hard cutting edge making them ideal for natural marble tiles. We recommend seeking advice specific to your cutting hardware to ensure the correct blade size is used; this information can usually be found in the machine’s user manual.

arrow_How to Cut Marble Tiles

The Arrow collection offers an elegant chevron tile format in a range of naturally occurring marble colours. When using a chevron tile, carefully planning out your layout prior to laying is essential in creating a perfectly symmetrical design.

Once you’ve created a tile layout plan you are pleased with you can then start marking out the tiles which need to be cut. Mark each tile lightly with a pencil which can easily be wiped off the surface of the tile when you are done with the cutting process.

You may also include a strip of masking tape to clearly show your cutting line which will in turn assist in minimising the risk of chipping your marble tiles. Ensure correct safety precautions are taken when cutting through tiles with the use of suitable equipment and safety gear, protecting eyes and ears as well as allowing for proper ventilation during the process.

Ensure you follow the directions outlined in your tile saw’s user manual, whether you are using a bridge saw or a wet saw. Each machine will have its own recommended guidelines and require different methods to ensure a quality cut in your marble tiles.

Once you’ve ensure your diamond blade is properly mounted to your cutting equipment, ensure you are cutting the tile in the correct direction; once again, this information is normally included in the user manual of your cutting equipment. If you are unsure though, a great way to determine the correct direction to cut in is to first ensure your equipment is in the off position and checking inside the blade housing. If you are using a water blade then you should be able to see the water outlet that is used for cooling the diamond blade when it is in use. The side the outlet is on will be the front most side of the blade; this side is where your marble tile should start being passed through the equipment making this the front side.

When passing your marble tile through the tile saw, it is important to proceed at a steady and consistent pace without placing any excessive pressure on the tile itself. This will once again ensure you are minimising the risk of chips in your marble tiles while giving you a smooth, clean cut.

Perini Tiles recommends that an experienced Tiler cut through natural stone tiles such as marble as a specialised touch and equipment must be employed for a quality outcome in your tiling project. For more information on how to cut marble tiles, our team at Perini Tiles can offer their best tips and advice based on the tile manufacturer’s specifications.