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How to Create the Perfect Colour Scheme for your Bathroom Renovation

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There are many decisions that need to be made throughout the process of a bathroom renovation from the overall layout of the space to selecting your materials and colour scheme. Creating that perfect combination of colours and materials can often be a challenge however the process can be simplified in just a few easy steps! If you are working with an Interior Designer, they will be able to assist and guide you through the process, making recommendations that will tie in with your creative vision and budget. Our team at Perini Tiles is also on hand to assist with the process of creating the perfect colour scheme for your bathroom renovation.

Determine a Bathroom Design Scheme

The best way to start putting together a colour scheme is to determine a design style or theme for your bathroom renovation project. Are you looking for a modern or contemporary bathroom design scheme? Do you prefer a glamorous, vintage touch or are you after a tranquil, nature-inspired retreat?

Studio Wall Tiles_Bathroom Colour Scheme

A modern or contemporary design scheme will often include rustic, industrial textures such as concrete for example and can include a feature colour (such as our pink Studio Wall Tiles shown in this example) to add a pop of colour and personality to the design.

Thinking of each different style of bathroom design will instantly conjure up a range of colours and materials that tie in with these themes, allowing you to narrow down your options and create the ideal starting point for your colour scheme. Vintage styled interiors for example may use rustic timber finishes, handmade products and warmer colour tones while modern or contemporary styles will often feature cooler colours, geometric patterns, smooth concrete finishes and sleek glass materials.

Bathroom Renovation Colour Scheme: Start from the Ground up!

An excellent way to then start collating a cohesive colour scheme for your bathroom renovation is to begin by selecting your floor tiles. This technique essentially ‘grounds’ your entire colour palette and allows you to then continue with each element from the ground up to make the process a little less overwhelming! Starting with your floor tiles, move on next to your bathroom wall tiles, feature tiles (if any) and finally, your bathroom cabinets and benchtop.

Select a Feature Element for your Bathroom Renovation

Feature elements in a bathroom renovation can be any number of areas; you may opt for a feature floor tile, a feature wall tile, a feature vanity or bathtub. Select one area to be your main focal point in the bathroom and then balance out the entire look with a range of more discreet or subtle colours and patterns for a well-balanced colour scheme.

Hola Pattern Tiles_Bathroom Colour Scheme

This modern Hampton’s bathroom design scheme by Perini Renovations uses our Hola bathroom tiles to create a stunning feature of the space’s flooring. All the other design elements in the space effortlessly complement the sot grey and white of these ornate pattern tiles to create a well-balanced look.

Creating a Colour Scheme: Finishing Touches

Finally, finish off your bathroom colour scheme with a range of finishing touches. These will often include your choice of metallic finish for your bathroom fittings and cabinetry handles: Aside from traditional chrome and stainless steel fittings, you also have the option of choosing from a range of finishes such as bright gold, copper, black or white. Some bathroom companies will even include custom colour options, allowing you to completely customise all of the metallic finishes in your new design scheme for a truly personal touch. Once your bathroom renovation is complete, other finishing touches to the space will include your choice of soft furnishings as well as décor and accessories. These pieces should complement the overall colour palette of the space without distracting from your key design features to create a harmonious look.

Patagon Hexagon Tiles_Pink Bathroom

Our pink Patagon hexagon tiles are perfectly complimented by the luxurious gold bathroom fittings used in this space to create a rich and elegant vibe.

Creating the perfect colour scheme for your next bathroom renovation becomes a simple process when following these straight forward steps, from defining your design style to selecting a feature element and finishing off your design with accessories and metallic finishes. Our team at Perini Tiles will assist you through the process of selecting your perfect bathroom tiles, whether you are buying tiles online or in our Richmond tile showroom.