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How to Create an Impressive Laundry Room Renovation

A laundry room should include an efficient layout paired with handy features that will help you use the space better while also ensuring a more organised interior. Using your home’s colour palette as an inspiration, creating the perfect colour scheme and material selection is simple using the perfect combination of wall and floor tiles along to complete your laundry’s new look!

Laundry Room Layout

Creating the perfect laundry room starts with the perfect layout. Your designer or builder will recommend the very best layout options that will suit your requirements however, a general rule is to include a washing machine with an optional dryer, a laundry trough and tap (ideally installed directly beside the washing machine or as close to it as possible), some storage and bench space. 

During the design process, consider which activities you will be performing in the laundry room and make sure to allow for these. Aside from the usual washing, folding and ironing of clothes, what other activities would you need this space to accommodate? This can include added household storage, additional bench space that can be used for small appliances you’d prefer to keep off your kitchen counters (slow cookers, bread makers, etc.) and plenty more. Take note of these requirements and make sure to communicate the to your Designer who will create the best layout that will accommodate your needs. 

Laundry Design Features

A well-functioning laundry space can include a range of custom features from built-in laundry hampers and drying racks to pull-out ironing boards and small appliance cupboards. A popular item to include in the laundry room is a pull-out sink mixer; this item will come in handy for many different uses, from allowing you to easily fill up mop buckets without having to lug them down from the sink when full, wash pets and more. 

Drying racks or drying cupboards are another design feature that is especially popular in the laundry room. Clothing can be removed from the washing machine and hung up to dry right in the laundry, keeping items smooth and crease-free. 


Our NYC herringbone tiles provide a soft and elegant touch to this classically styled laundry renovation. The addition of a simple hanging rail creates the perfect space to hang shirts for drying, keeping your clothes crease free straight out of the wash!

Picking a Laundry Room Colour Scheme

As a laundry room is most commonly situated near a home’s kitchen, an excellent way to ensure continuity throughout your interior design scheme is to carry the same or similar colours and materials from your kitchen design through to your laundry room. Of course, there are many different techniques of achieving this, from using the same materials as your kitchen to inverting your kitchen’s colour scheme to apply in your laundry layout. If you are looking for more cost effective options that will compliment your kitchen’s design scheme however, there are many exciting alternative materials to consider for the laundry. Your Designer or Builder will be able to recommend suitable finishes that will perfectly tie your home’s design scheme together.


Our Del Marmo porcelain tiles provide a wonderfully luxe finish in this white on white laundry design, offering an ultra-realistic representation of natural marble stone.

Floor tiles provide the perfect underfoot finish for a laundry room, providing a strong and durable (as well as water resistant!) option. Once again, tying in your laundry space with your home’s main colour scheme is essential in creating a harmonious look with a strong sense of continuity throughout your interiors. 

Laundry Wall and Floor Tiles 

Tiles are perhaps the most popular flooring and splashback choice for the laundry room, providing ease of maintenance as well as style to your overall design. As wall tiles are available in an extensive range of shapes, colours and patterns, finding the ideal match to your home’s main colour scheme is simple. Wall tiles in the laundry can be easily maintained with a simple wipe down every so often and is there is a considerably reduced risk of staining in the laundry, you do have more freedom to choose from a range of exciting materials such as porcelain, ceramic, glass and even natural stone products such as marble and limestone. 


Featuring varied soft pink and grey tones, the Rose Stone penny round mosaic tiles perfectly complement the gold tapware and light grey benchtop in this modern yet timeless laundry design.

When selecting your laundry floor tiles however, it is important to use a more hard wearing surface finish that will offer the durability of handling a lifetime of wear and use. Porcelain floor tiles are the most popular choice for the laundry room floor thanks to their incredibly resistant to moisture, staining and scratching, making them the perfect flooring solution for the busy laundry room. 

A well-functioning laundry should include an excellent layout, standout features that will make your space simple and efficient as well as an enjoyable colour scheme that will tie in with the entire home’s look. Working closely with your Designer or Builder, you can create the ideal space that will work best for your household’s needs while our team at Perini Tiles can guide you through the process of curating the perfect colour palette that will complement your home’s interiors.