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How to Clean Tiles

Cleaning and maintaining your tiles using products that are specific to the material offer the best solution in keeping your tiles in their best possible condition. Each material, from porcelain to ceramic, marble and concrete, presents varying characteristics that must be taken into consideration when selecting suitable cleaning products. This guide includes our top recommendations to help you find the very best products to suit your new tiles.

Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles

Porcelain tiles are renowned for their strength, durability and ease of maintenance, making them an excellent choice for both floor and wall application. Ceramic tiles however, are softer in nature, making them a much better fit for vertical use only. Preventing the build-up of dirt and grime on the surface of your porcelain or ceramic tiles is key in ensuring the long life span of the product as this build-up can lead to erosion of the grout as well as cause permanent damage to your tile’s surface finish or sheen. 

Esagono collectionDue to their softness and decreased density, ceramic tiles are best suited as a wall tile which in turn opens the way to more decorative and stylised tile shapes and patterns. Our Esagono collection makes for a truly show-stopping feature tile in the bathroom or kitchen, creating both character and movement thanks to their unique shape.

A dry daily mop of your floor tiles or wipe down of your wall tiles is an excellent way to remove surface dust and dirt, followed by a slightly more intense wet mop or sponge with the addition of a mild soap. Perini Tiles recommends the use of Lithofin KF Active-Clean for regular use on porcelain and ceramic tiles which will assist in cleaning any calcium build-up, dirt deposits, soap scum or greasy residue on your tiles and grout.

Colori collectionItalian made porcelain tiles provide an enduring surface finish for both floors and walls with their world renowned standard of quality and workmanship. Our Colori collection mimics the natural nuances of real concrete using a durable porcelain material, available in a wide selection of colours and bold geometric patterns.

Occasionally, your ceramic or porcelain tiles may require an intensive, deep cleanse. In situations where your tiles are more susceptible to heavy wear and tear (such as in high traffic areas) or where there is an excessive build-up of grime, stubborn dirt, rubber, polymer or wax left on the surface of the tile, Perini Tiles recommends the use of Lithofin KF Intensive Cleaner. This cleaner is diluted in a 1:10 solution of cold or lukewarm water that is then distributed evenly over the surface of your tiles with a brush or scrubber. Allow the product to sit for 10-20 minutes (depending on the level of cleanse required) while brushing occasionally to avoid the product from drying up, before removing with a cloth or wet and dry vacuum cleaner and thoroughly rinsing the surface with clean water. It should be noted that this product is specifically recommended for use on porcelain and ceramic tiles and not intended for use on natural products such as marble or terrazzo where a more delicate product is required.

Natural Stone: Marble & Terrazzo Tiles

Natural stones such as marble and limestone possess naturally occurring properties and characteristics which make them more sensitive to certain cleaning products, especially those containing acidic ingredients. It is recommended that harsh and abrasive household cleaning products such as bleach, vinegar and other all-purpose cleaners be avoided when it comes to natural stone tiles. Being porous materials, natural stone tiles will require specialised cleaning products as well as regular sealing and thorough maintenance to ensure the surface remains stain-free and maintains its lustre throughout its lifetime.

Pez collectionNatural marble tiles create a luxurious air in any design, with the more boldly coloured varieties making for the perfect feature element in a kitchen or bathroom. Our Pez wall tiles have been used as a feature in this elegant bathroom design, perfectly complementing the soft grey finishes and rose gold fixtures of this space.

Our Stain-Proof® Daily Floor Cleaner (formerly known as Dry Treat Rejuvenata) is a hard-hitting stone cleaner that is sensitive enough for delicate natural products while still providing a complete and thorough clean, appropriate for removing general grime and staining caused by grease, oils, mould, food and liquid spills. Another excellent cleaning product that is suitable for use on natural stone is Lithofin MN Easy-Clean which contains high-quality natural soaps, cleaning and care additives that will revitalise your tiles. These products provide an intensive clean without compromising the product or the sealant used on your natural stone tiles.

terrazzo tilesThe New Tech collection of stunning Terrazzo tiles is made of random chips of marble embedded in concrete to create the perfect neutral toned piece that can be used in all areas of the home for the ultimate in luxury. 

Being a combination of concrete and natural stone chips and pieces, Terrazzo tiles require a more specialised treatment that will not damage the porous materials or the protective sealant.  As with all natural stone products, the use of harsh household cleaning products (such as bleach, vinegar and all-purpose cleaners) is again not recommended for use with Terrazzo tiles. Instead, Perini Tiles recommends the use of Lithofin cleaning products to keep your terrazzo tiles looking their best throughout their lifetime. Start with the Lithofin MN Power-Clean after installation, followed by Lithofin MN Easy-Care for general daily cleaning and care. Use Lithofin MN Stain-Stop at semi regular intervals thereafter to assist in protecting your terrazzo tiles against oil and water. This unique cleaner assists in simplifying your tile’s maintenance requirements in the long term, ensuring a long lifespan for your terrazzo tiles.

Concrete Tiles

Cement based tiles are renowned for their extreme durability, strength and longevity. Concrete floor tiles for example, are specifically designed to withstand high amounts of foot traffic while also providing a surface finish that is simple and straight forward to maintain. 

concrete tilesSuitable for floors and walls, our on trend Concreto concrete tiles are available in an immense collection of colours and patterns that will suit both modern and traditional interior schemes alike. 

Properly sealed concrete tiles are a breeze to clean and maintain, usually requiring nothing more than a dry mop for a daily clean and a damp mop with a mild soap for a deeper regular clean. Perini Tiles recommends Fila Detergent for general cleaning of your concrete floor and wall tiles; this gentle, biodegradable product provides a deep and thorough cleanse of your concrete tiles without damaging the surface or disturbing the sealant. For more stubborn soils or staining in your concrete tiles however, ask our staff about the super-tough Fila PS87 Degreaser. It should be noted that this product is extremely intense and as such, sealant must be reapplied after use (our recommended sealer for concrete tiles is Fila Natural Wax sealer).

Using the right products to clean and maintain your new tiles is crucial in ensuring a quality finish for many years to come. All of the cleaning and sealing products mentioned in this article are stocked at Perini Tiles where our friendly and knowledgeable team can advise you on the very best solutions for your requirements.