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How to Clean Tile Grout

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Messy grout lines in your floor tiles can bring down the aesthetic appeal of an entire room. The methods and products you use to clean tile grout will vary depending on not only the type of grout you are cleaning, but also the types of tiles that have been used in your home. When cleaning tile grout, it is important to ensure you are using products that will not erode, discolour or otherwise damage your tiles and grout. There are different types of cleaning products available to choose from with each being suitable for specific types of materials. In this post, we share our tips and product recommendations to help keep your tiles and grout clean and tidy.

The Different Types of Grout

There are many different types of tile grout available, from traditional sanded or un-sanded grout to polymer cement grout, epoxy grout and more. Each different type of tile grout is used for different applications and requirements however, these different grout types can generally be placed under two distinct categories: Cementitious grout and Epoxy grout.

Cementitious tile grouts are created using a combination of cement, sand and water. These types of grouts are the most popular for use around the home as they offer a cost effective and versatile solution that is simple to work with. Furthermore, these types of grouts are an excellent choice for tiles that will require large or irregular joints. These types of grouts will offer a durable and long lasting finish however, they are porous and as such, can be susceptible to staining as well as mould or mildew growth. Regular sealing of your cement based grouts will assist in protecting them product over time.

Delta Nero Marble Tiles_How to Clean Tile Grout

Natural stone tiles such as our elegant Delta Nero collection, will usually use cement based grouts. These types of tile grouts pair well with the organic shapes and textures of natural stones, allowing for a simple and straight forward grouting process that will not affect the edges of your natural stone tile.

Epoxy tile grouts are those created using a combination of aggregates, epoxy resins and hardeners. These types of grouts offer a non-porous alternative solution to traditional cementitious tile grouts, assisting in the prevention of staining while also discouraging the growth of mould and mildew. These types of grouts are incredibly popular for a range of different uses around the home thanks to the many benefits they provide however, it is important to keep in mind that epoxy tile grouts are often pricier than cementitious grout types. An epoxy grout will also need to be applied by someone who is experienced in using this type of grout as it can be more difficult to work with than other options.

Greg Natale Mosaic Tiles Pink

Epoxy grouts are a popular choice for use with glass tiles such as the luxe Greg Natale glass mosaic tile collection. Create an effortlessly simple to clean surface finish by combining the exceptional qualities of glass tiles with a quality epoxy grout!

For more tips on choosing the right grout type and colour for your project, see our guide here!

How to Clean Tile Grout & Different Tile Types

When cleaning your tiles and grout, it is important to consider the material that your tiles are made out of. In general, all types of tiles and grout can be kept tidy with a regular mop or wipe with warm, soapy water. For more intensive cleans that will also clean your grout, there are many cleaning products available that will not compromise your tile’s material or sealant.

Porcelain, Glass & Ceramic Tiles: These types of tiles each offer a simple to clean surface finish that is often kept tidy with warm, soapy water. Whether your tiles include a cement based or epoxy grout, you can include our Lithofin KF Active-Clean product in your regular cleaning routine to ensure any calcium build-up, dirt deposits, soap scum or greasy residue is cleaned off both your tiles and grout. These types of tiles can often be laid using either an epoxy grout or a cement based grout product; it is recommended that cement based grouts are sealed regularly in order to be best protected. Most epoxy grouts will not require sealing and will actively assist in the prevention of dirt, mould and mildew build-up, offering a simple to clean surface finish requiring nothing more than a wipe down with warm, soapy water.

Bastone Kit Kat Tiles_Splashback Tiles

Porcelain tiles such as our Bastone Kit Kat tiles (also referred to as finger tiles) can be paired with either cement or epoxy grouts depending on their shape and the type of finish you are looking to create. These small format tiles will benefit from the use of a quality epoxy grout as it creates a more uniform colouring while also providing a low maintenance finish.

Natural Stone & Terrazzo Tiles: Both of these types of tiles are porous and can be sensitive to acidic and harsher cleaning solutions. While some home remedies for cleaning tiles and tile grout often recommend the use of vinegar or baking soda, it is recommended that this be avoided when it comes to caring for natural stone or terrazzo tiles as it may interfere with the product’s sealant and cause the tile’s surface to become dull. Instead, the use of our Stain-Proof® Daily Floor Cleaner or Lithofin MN Easy-Clean solutions will provide an effective clean while being more sensitive to the materials and the tile sealant. These types of tiles will often use cement based grout products rather than an epoxy grout which in turn will also benefit from these types of products as well as regular sealing in order to be best maintained.

blush marble tiles_How to Clean Tile Grout

Timeless and elegant, natural stone tiles such as our Blush Marble collection, will add a sophisticated touch to any project. These tiles will require sealing in order to be best cared for over time and will also require the use of cleaning products specific to natural stones.

Concrete Tiles: Similar to natural stone and terrazzo tiles, concrete tiles are porous and will also require sealing. Once again, it is recommended that harsh, acidic cleaning solutions are avoided on concrete tiles, as well as abrasive cleaning pads as they can damage or dull the tile’s sealant. Instead, a regular clean with warm, soapy water is recommended for regular cleaning of concrete tiles as well as the cement based grouts that are most often used with these types of tiles. For a better clean, you may also consider including Fila Detergent in your regular cleaning routine or Fila PS87 Degreaser for a deep and thorough cleanse of the tiles and grout.

Molokai Concrete Tiles_How to Clean Tile Grout

The sleek and smooth surface of a classic encaustic tile (or concrete tile) is best maintained with a quality tile sealer and cleaning products specific to the material. Our Molokai collection features a luxurious array of stylish options including elegant pattern tiles as well as matching coloured tiles.

For more details and information on how to clean tile grout and different tile materials, see our quick guide here and our Resources page here.

If you are looking for ways to clean tile grout, it is always important to keep both the tile’s material and the grout type in mind in order to find the most suitable cleaning solutions and products. Our website features a wealth of information to help while our team at Perini Tiles can offer the best advice specific to your chosen tiles and tile grout; Visit our Melbourne tiles store to see our endless displays of modern tile and grout options for your next design project!