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How to Choose your Bathroom Basins

Modern bathroom basin designs have taken a step away from traditional porcelain to include an impressive range of options from industrial styled concrete basins to glass varieties, Italian basins and even custom made options crafted using stone or acrylic based products for a truly unique touch in your next bathroom design project.

The easiest way to choose your new bathroom basin is to narrow down your options by clearly defining your preferences in terms of materials, size, the actual type of basin to be used and finally, completing the look with matching tapware.

Bathroom Basin Materials

Aside from the traditional porcelain bathroom basins, there are many modern materials to choose from when selecting your basin, ranging from glass and concrete. See our Basins HERE

Porcelain and glass bathroom basins provide an exceptionally low maintenance option, requiring nothing but a simple wipe down to keep clean while also being resistant to staining. Porous products such as natural stone or concrete however, will require sealing at installation as well as every few years thereafter to ensure liquids do not penetrate the material which can then lead to potential staining or discolouration of the surface.

houston sticksIndustrial styled concrete basins create the perfect contrast against softer natural materials such as timber while also allowing bolder finishes (such as the gold tapware used in this luxurious bathroom design scheme) to standout. Featured Tiles: Houston Sticks mosaic tiles.

See our concrete tiles HERE

Synthetic stone or acrylic based products (such as Corian) can be used to create a custom bathroom basin and vanity unit in your new design; as can be expected however, custom made products do attract a higher cost so this is another factor to keep in mind when making your selections. Where natural stones will require sealing in order to avoid any potential corrosion of the material as well as to avoid staining, synthetic or engineered stone products do away with these issues, making them an excellent choice for a custom bathroom basin. Acrylic based products on the other hand, are much softer and as such, are much more susceptible to scratching and marking. They can however, be professionally sanded in order to rejuvenate the surface finish when necessary.

Armani tilesThis custom made bathroom basin is constructed using an angled slab of stone that allows water to freely run back into the drain without splashing onto the usr. Featured Tiles: Armani natural marble wall tiles.


As you can see, each of these options possesses its own unique range of care and maintenance requirements so it is important to take these factors into consideration when making your final selections. Your Designer or Builder will discuss the best options for your specific project, taking into account your own style preferences, budget and needs. 

Size and Types of Bathroom Basins

Next, you will want to consider the overall size and type of your new bathroom basin to ensure the perfect fit for your layout. The size of your basin will of course, be determined by your own individual preferences, the amount of space you have allocated in your bathroom layout and the space’s overall dimensions in order to ensure a selection that is in proportion with your design. 

The different types of bathroom basins include:

Above Counter/Vessel Basins: Perfect for creating a dramatic touch in your bathroom design, these basins sit on top of your vanity with either a wall mounted spout or a tall water spout that also sits on the benchtop. It is important to keep in mind that a vessel basin will require that your actual vanity unit be installed at a lower height in order to accommodate for the height of the actual basin itself. 

Semi-Recessed Basins: A semi-recessed basin sits partially on top and below the benchtop with a section of the bowl hanging out in front of the vanity unit. A semi-recessed basin is especially suitable for narrow vanity units. It is also an excellent option for wheelchair accessible bathroom designs as the user can comfortably use the basin without having to strain forward. 

Inset Basins: An inset bathroom basin sits with the bowl beneath the vanity top and the lip of the basin sitting on the benchtop, sealing the gap. This style of basin is an excellent choice for large and medium sized vanities with the spout being installed either on the benchtop or the wall above the basin.

Under Counter: Basins: An undercounter (or undermount) basin’s bowl sits below the benchtop’s surface, leaving the stone benchtop’s edges within the cutout of the bowl exposed while the basin’s edges remain concealed. This style of basin is usually quite heavy and as such, will usually require a stone benchtop to support it.   

penny round tilesAn inset basin sits beneath the vanity top, with the edges of the stone top exposed to create a sleek and modern look in the bathroom. Featured Tiles: Houston Penny Round Tiles.

Wall Mounted Basins: Mounted directly on the wall of the bathroom, this style of basin can be used with a small storage unit installed directly beneath it, or none at all for more of a minimal look. This flexibility makes this style an excellent choice for all types of bathroom design styles however, it is important to allow for storage space elsewhere in the bathroom where necessary.

Floor Mounted or Freestanding Basins: This style of basin sits on a pedestal that is mounted directly to the floor. It is especially popular in period style homes where an authentic touch is desired and usually features a dedicated area for built-in tapware. Once again, it is important to consider alternative storage options when selecting this style of bathroom basin. 

Bathroom Tap Placement

The final step in selecting the perfect bathroom basin is to ensure your chosen tap will suit the style, size and placement of the basin. For example, a deeper basin will usually require a shorter tap in order to avoid strong splashing from occurring as the water falls into the bowl with excess force. A narrow bathroom benchtop on the other hand, may not have space enough for tapware to be installed at all; in such cases, wall mounted spouts provide the perfect solution, ensuring both a comfortable and stylish option. Certain larger types of basins as well as floor and wall mounted options will often include a designated space for a built-in basin mixer or set of taps so once again, it is important to take these factors into consideration when making your final decisions to ensure all the bits and pieces of your new bathroom design scheme work well together!

By narrowing down your options in each of these categories, you are sure to find the perfect bathroom basins that will tie your new design together. Going through the process of designing your new bathroom and selecting the perfect colours, bathroom tiles, materials and fittings is especially exciting! Our team at Perini Tiles continues to be available for online design consultations where we can provide you with a virtual showroom tour while assisting in the selection of your new tiles and coordinating finishes. You can also shop online for tiles and submit any queries you may have or contact our team to arrange for samples to be delivered straight to your home!