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How to Choose Tiles for a Small Kitchen

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Choosing tiles for a small kitchen can seem like a challenge at first as there are so many incredibly varied options available to choose from. The key to creating the perfect look in a small kitchen is to ensure there is minimal visual clutter so as not to overwhelm your interior design scheme which in turn will help you create the illusion of more space. Kitchen tiles will provide a long lasting, easy to clean and incredibly durable solution as a floor, wall or splashback finish while offering an endless range of luxurious options that will perfectly suit your home’s dimensions and style.

Kitchen Floor Tile Options

Kitchen floor tiles will provide a durable and easy to maintain surface finish. There are many luxurious options available to choose from including terrazzo tiles, natural stone tiles or concrete tiles, with the most popular option being porcelain floor tiles. Porcelain floor tiles are a non-porous tiling solution which will not require sealing. Their popularity in the kitchen is thanks to their many unique qualities: these types of tiles are resistant to staining, scratching, heat and moisture, making them an ideal choice for the busy kitchen area.

Sari Kitchen Floor Tiles_Tiles for a Small Kitchen

Our Sari porcelain tiles are available in a variety of larger sizes with 600 x 600mm options as well as an impressive 450 x 900mm option. Available in your choice for three luscious soft grey colour options, Sari’s stone-look patterning offers depth and tone variations for a realistic appearance.

Using smaller sized floor tiles in a small space may seem like the natural choice however, a small room will greatly benefit from the use of medium to larger sized floor tiles. This technique will ensure the minimal appearance of grout lines in the room which in turn will significantly reduce visual clutter in a small kitchen design scheme.

Kitchen Wall Tiles & Splashback Tiles

Once again, wall tiles provide a long lasting and durable finish as a feature wall tile or as a kitchen splashback tile. With the many varieties available in wall tiles, there are stylish options available to suit every taste and budget! Although it is possible to reflect the same floor tiles used in the kitchen as a wall or splashback tile, opting for a brighter finish on the walls of your kitchen will enhance the space’s dimensions, offering the appearance of a larger area. Glossy wall tiles are an excellent choice for a smaller sized kitchen as their shiny surface finish will allow light to bounce and travel through the room while also offering a sense of depth in your overall design scheme. These qualities will help create the illusion of a larger room and brighten up your home’s interiors.

Arabian Handmade Tiles_Tiles for a Small Kitchen

Authentically handmade in Morocco, our Arabian glazed ceramic tiles are available in an endless selection of neutral tones as well as vivid colours. Both matte and glossy tile options are available, allowing you to experiment with different types of surfaces in your new kitchen.

Grouting Tiles in a Small Kitchen

Grout colours in a small kitchen can play a large role in creating the appearance of a larger room. When selecting a grout colour for a small kitchen, the best way to enhance the perception of space in this area is to select a grout colour that will either match or at least closely resemble the tile’s colour. This will create a near seamless look that will enhance the perception of space in a smaller sized kitchen as there is less visual clutter in the space. If you are hoping to use white wall tiles but are concerned about cleaning a white grout however, there is no need to stress as there is an excellent solution available to combat this issue!

A quality epoxy grout is often recommended in these sorts of applications (which can be used with most tile types or materials). This is a non-porous alternative to traditional cement based grouts that will actively assist in the prevention of dirt and grime build-up in your kitchen splashback tiles, allowing for a simple to clean solution in the home.

Bastone Mosaic Tiles_White Tiles

Available in a selection of soft neutral tones as well as rich, bold colour options, our Bastone finger mosaic tiles provide a luxurious and tactile finish in the kitchen. Pair with a quality epoxy grout when choosing tiles for a small kitchen to ensure a seamless finish with brighter colour options.

When choosing tiles for a small kitchen, the key to creating the perfect look is to ensure there is minimal visual clutter in the space so as not to overwhelm your design. There are many different ways of achieving this including using larger format floor tiles in the kitchen as well as bright, glossy wall tiles that will reflect light throughout the space and add a sense of depth to your overall kitchen design scheme. Visit our Melbourne tiles store to see our latest in designer tile collections, from luxurious mosaic or handmade tile options to shockingly large format floor tiles that will complete your new kitchen’s look!